Friday Night Scoring Desk – State Finals Football – Basketball When We Get’em – 12-02-11

Update #10 – 10:15 PM

State 3AA Championship – Chapel Hill – FINAL
Northern Guilford (13-1) – 31
Boiling Springs Crest (12-3) – 7

Boys Basketball

Western Guilford – 84 FINAL
NorthWest Guilford – 83

HP Andrews – 55
HP Central – 46

HP Christian – 62
Charlotte Country Day – 50

   HPCA   16  15  16   15 - 62
   CCD    10  13  11   16 - 50

HPCA (6-0):
Diante Baldwin 4, 8 assists; Jackson Kent 12, 14 rebounds; Isiah Gill 3, Chuck Ogbodo 3, Michael Obacha 22,21 rebounds; Stevie Williams 5, Rick Mack 3, Joey McLean 7, Ryan Dula 3.

Spears 6, McLaurin 8, Berman 2, Barnhill 4, Barrow 2, B. Simmons 14, Z. Simmons 12, Mason 2.

HPCA’s next game is at home Tuesday against Forsyth Home Educators

Wesleyan – 61
Rabun Gap – 42

Solid D against a decent Rabun Gap team

   Wesleyan  16   14   16   15 - 61
   Rabun G.  11   11   11    9 - 42

Wesleyan: Montay Brandon 19, Theo Pinson 18, Jaquel Richmond 15

Kind of a slow paced game. Wesleyan held the ball if Rabun Gap wasn’t pressuring the ball. Rabun Gap played a decent amount of zone as well. That gave a few chances for some solid alley oops for Theo Pinson. I think Wesleyan will be hard to beat once they get there defense down. Tonight was just a glimpse at how good they could be defensively.

Caldwell – 83
Kerr Vance – 48

It was the second time around for these cross county foes. This time the Cowboys made the trip over to face off against the Wildcats of Eastern Guilford. The game was started of very similar to their first matchup going back and forth with the visiting Cowboys holding a slim 20-19 lead after the first. The second quarter started with a quick SW 5-0 run to push the lead to 6. The teams traded baskets the rest of the half to make it 36-30 at the break. In the third, the Cowboys came out more aggressive and gained the momentum and forced several turnovers pushing the lead to as many as 14. The Wildcats responded and ended the third with a 4-0 spurt to make it 54-44. The fourth was a shadow of the fourth as the Cowboys once again turned up the pressure and got several easy baskets and cruised to a 75-63 victory. Eastern was once again lead by Brandon Hairston’s 23 points. Southwest was lead by the steady combo of Terrell Leach and Jordan Hanner’s 25 and 13 points respectively. The Cowboys remain undefeated at 3-0 on the early season.

                   1st   2nd  3rd   4th   Final
   Eastern         19    11    14    19     63
   Southwest       11    16    18    21     75

Eastern: Hairston 23, Evans 10, Gunn 3, Caudle 2, Moss 4, Beard 11, Whitsett 2, Chavis 8.

Southwest (3-0): Terrell Leach 25, Ray Bridges 3, Herbie Bridges 3, Jordan Hanner 13, Brandon Clyborn 8, Drake Murphy 2, Saxton Cotton 5, Anton Morgan 5, Braxton Daye 6,
KJ Langley 8, Tyliek Brister 1.

Girls Basketball

   Ragsdale   9   4   2   7 = 22
   Page      10  12  15   8 = 45

Page: Kayla Johnson 12, Paris Kea 12, Aletta Smith 5, Hannah Pegram 4, Vivian Polite 4, Tiana Sherman 2, Jenele Terry 2, Debrisha Barnes 2, Chelsey Coleman 2.

Ragsdale: Mikayla Petty John 9, Ally Darnell 5, Emma Sonnricker 3, Jasmine Williams 3, Jasmine Comer 2.


  1. Wesleyan 16 14 16 15 – 61
    Rabun G. 11 11 11 9 – 42

    Montay Brandon 19
    Theo Pinson 18
    Jaquel Richmond 15

    Kind of a slow paced game. Wesleyan held the ball if Rabun Gap wasn’t pressuring the ball. Rabun Gap played a decent amount of zone as well. That gave a few chances for some solid alley oops for Theo Pinson. I think Wesleyan will be hard to beat once they get there defense down. Tonight was just a glimpse at how good they could be defensively.

  2. That’s right Nighthawks…..make NO QUESTION about this win tonight! Run the score up (if your coach let’s ya!)
    Bring the first championship back to Guilford County and we’ll bring the other tomorrow.
    We’ll make book ends! YES!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a game. Western won on a free throw. Girls team won by one pointt as well. Terrible calls both ways

  4. Both of Westerns teams were up by 8 to 10, let NW come back wiith crazy 3 pointers and then won by making only 1 of two aatempts from the line with seconds left ( 6 for girls and 1 for boys). EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations to the Northern Nighthawks on their second 3AA Championship! Looking for the Pirates to bring home the stae 4AA title today! Enjoy your well deserved championship!

  6. Oh no.southern lost 49-47 in graham high school.2A school in a non conference game.A regulation summer league.Andy this is what we were saying earlier.Let the season play out.dont get on here putting pressure on shayla or even her teammates.she is a very good player and she is only going to get she want need the added pressure

  7. GDS won 82-42. Quayshad Williams had a huge game for the Bengals. They slept walk through the first half only leading by 10. Their depth is going to give people all kinds of fits.

  8. Don’t be so bitter Congrats. They are a solid team built by a strong coaching staff. They earned what the received.

    Good Luck with that adventure.

  9. Went to GDS game last night to see for myself what the Bengals had. They were a little off in the first half but their depth wore Cannon School #down in the 2nd half. Cannon had a point guard that was terrific burt he tried to do much himself. Rumor was that he is being gecruited by D1 schools as a junior. Reggie did not score a lot but played great defense. GDS point guard is quick and dishes off well. # 44 had a huge game on the offensive boards. GDS may lose a game or two just because they are kids and are human, but they have a very good team and are well versed on the defensive end of the court. The thing that sets them apart from other teams is their depth. They can go 10 players deep. They seem to wear teams down in the 2nd half. Smith, Wesleyan and Ravenscroft will probably be their toughest games along with UNC Jayvee team who they play next Wednesday night at Carmichael in Chapel Hill. Freddie Johnson, Jeff Smith and Steve Shelton do a great job coaching that team. They are more like a family.

  10. Come on Andy, where’s a write up on the Nighthawks State Championship!! Good coverage all year, but the News & Record is putting you to shame on the championship coverage!

  11. Pirate, HPCA may get some motivation from you thinking they won’t be a challenge for GDS. It is between them and the Bengals for the best team in the area. They are ranked #2 and #3 in the privates. HPCA has depth, speed, and something no one else really has in size. Ravenscroft has had GDS’ number for awhile it seems, but I think GDS is different this year. Wesleyan doesn’t defend well enough or have the depth to beat GDS and Smith won’t be disciplined enough. GDS and HPCA could be some great games. If you compare common opponents to this point both teams are pretty similar.

  12. Amen to that Yo. Watched both HPCA and GDS beat Caldwell. I’d even dare to say there are many similarities between the 2 teams, starting with depth. I think Coach Clifford’s Cougars will match them 10 for 10 deep. WIll be 2 really fun games to watch.

  13. Not knocking HPCA because they are well coached but the difference is GDS coaching staff. I am not sying GDS will win,because anything can happenin high school sports, but coaching experience should be the difference. Look who GDS has on their bench, soooo much coaching experience from assistants as well. Smith and Shelton could be head coaches and dovery well.

  14. Never seen HPCA play so I really do not know much about them. I have seen the other teams play that I mentioned. HPCA hopefully is for real and gives our area another powerhouse basketball teeam. I want all our local teams to do well. I did see HPCA last year and they were pretty good then. The game I saw, I think the coach got 2 technicals.

  15. I know that both GDS and HPCA are good but I wouldn’t just go ahead and give them the title as the two best teams in the area. I agree that Wesleyan’s defense has been lacking or almost even non-existent. But in last night’s game they played solid defense, nothing spectacualr, but solid. If they can continue to build on that defense, and I think they can, then they will have something to say about who the best team in the area is. Also, I know we don’t have combined rankings in states for public and private schools but SWG has to be considered one of the best in the area. They are just as deep and probably faster and more athletic then either HPCA or GDS. I think GDS and SWG square off on the 17th of December and it will show us how well the teams stack up. But honestly, I think SWG is the best public school team Guilford County has had for some time (kind of hard to include the state championship northern guilford team a few years considering all the wins that were taken away and the problems with illegal players and such).

  16. Sounds like you might have seen them play Westchester last year @ HPCA, though I believe he only got 1 technical and never stood up the remainder of the game – though I may be wrong. I’m not saying (nor sying) HPCA will win either, I just find it a bit interesting that then follks mention GDS ‘tough’ games, HPCA is not mentioned. And when the Christ School coach was quoted talking about their tough schedule, he neglected to mention their 12/17 trip to the Cougar Den. WIll be some interesting games. Think the HPCA – Wesleyan games should be played at High Point University.

  17. I agree that those games should be at HPU especially the one scheduled at HPCA. Their gym is just way too small for the size crowds that are gonna be in attendence for that game.

  18. HPCA is flying under the radar, and I think that’s the way they’d prefer it. They’re a low key team with a lot of talent. While WCA may not be playing great defense right now, the team has a ton of talent on it. If they can learn to play together on both ends of the court, they’ll be hard to deal with.

  19. If you think Sw is more athletic than HPCA I would have to disagree. HPCA beat Sw last year and this team is much improved. The starting five (especially their bigs) are fast and then they have two very fast guards coming off the bench. I watched them play, and when they bring those guards in they lose nothing. I will be there to see the show.

  20. SW is a good team. The problem they will have against other good teams is that not everybody is going to turnover the ball over like some of the other teams that they play. They are good and talented, but the way they play doesn’t always work against teams with good guards but we will see. You have to be able to be successful in the half court to beat the private school powers, just look at GDS over the years.

    I agree that HPCA is a low key team, they have a good thing going right now. Little bit of everything and they play really hard. Really good defensively. Will be interesti g to see the Christ School game in a couple weeks.

  21. Observation

    Oh so your going by last year’s results for your basis of a team’s ability? Well have you ever thought that Southwest might have gotten better as well? You usually don’t see players trnsfer TO public school but Southwest got some doosies this year. Brandon Clyburn went from starting center at Dudley to starting center at Southwest. His 6’8″ frame along with his ability to shoot makes him pretty tough to match up against. KJ Langley is a freshmen and came from Oak Ridge after their fallout. He plays solid minutes and scores a decent amount for a freshmen. You know he is legit because he saw some minutes on Oak Ridge’s team last year as an 8th grader. A team that beat your beloved cougars on three separate occasions might I add. Jordan Hanner was arguably the best local player last year and he has only gotten better. Terrell Leach is having a breakout season, scoring 20 or more points on multiple occasions already this season. They are eleven players deep and are very fast and very scrappy. You need to educate yourself before making such bold comments. I am not going to say that Southwest is better, but to say that they don’t even deserve to be considered as one of the best local teams would be crazy. Hopefully both teams are in the Holiday Tournament so we can see the matchup because if they are, they are almost gauranteed to meet.

  22. You had me until you used the Oak Ridge comparison. They would have blown Southwest out also. Chris Jones and company was on a different level. By the way I never said Southwest wasn’t a good team.

  23. If you comparing Oak Ridge transfers, then HPCA will winthat one fairly easily along with a big man battle. SW wouldnt beat HPCA on talent alone HPCA has at least 4 guys that will play division 1. They would have to beat them by making it their type of game and by forcing a ton of turnovers. Only problem there is that is how HPCA likes to play too. I saw them play Cannon because they were the only game in town and they made their pg miserable. He is a d1 recruit like someone else said. He scored all of his points against HPCA last players because it was almost a 70 point game at one point. So they can bring some heat too. They also held the kid going to Clemson to 2 points from Charlotte Christian, though I didn’t see that one. That alone tells me they really defend the perimeter which is SW strength. It will be a great game if they matchup. For SW to win though they would have to play to play really smart and keep HPCA off the glass.

  24. observation

    The fact that Oak Ridge would have won is my point. Southwest picked up their youngest players meaning he has more room to grow than any other player on that team. Not to mention the fact that he already has really good experience because of the teams he played last year and he is only a freshmen. But like I said that was last year. This year’s team is what we are talking about.

    You may not have said Southwest was a bad team but you implied that HPCA is on a whole other level by disagreeing with me saying that Southwest was one of the elite local teams. I am not even a Southwest fan but I have give talent repsect where it is due and Southwest has a lot of it. I could be wrong (although I doubt it), but I would bet you haven’t seen this year’s Southwest team play. I have seen both Southwest and HPCA play twice and they look very similar in skill and in their style of play.


    The whole thing about who got the better of the transfers is all in the eye of the beholder. HPCA got a better player but they only have him for one year. Southwest got a player who is not as developed but will have four years to do so. Langley is going to go some where better than Appalachian State by the way (I am not just saying recruiting experts have the same opinion). So who did get the better deal? Like I said, It is in the eye of the beholder.

  25. I can promise you Southwest won’t keep HPCA off the glass. You can forget that. I don’t know where you were going with the transfer talk, but I can guarantee a freshman guard will not be a factor. On that note, that is my final comment on the topic.

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