Shining Light Academy vs. United Faith Christian Academy

United Faith was too much for Shining Light as Florida Gator recruit Brandon Obgueze scored a game high 29 points. Ryan Crumpton led the Knights from Shining Light with 14 points.

   Teams                            1    2    3    4    Final Score
   Shining Light Academy            21   15   12   11   59
   United Faith Christian Academy   22   32   35   27   127

Shining Light (3-4) – Ryan Crumpton 14, Caleb Jeffries 13, Andrew Owen 9, Caleb Robinson 8, Chase McNeill 6, Matthew Jeffries 6, Christian Gravely 3.

United Faith Christian Academy – Braxton Obgueze 29, VJ King 23, Zach Davis 22, N. Madson 16, Peter Jurkin 14, T. Gadsden 11, A. Milovanovic 6, J. Vaughn 4, Bradley Fisher 2.


  1. why in the world would Shining Light play United Faith? Shining Light needs to stick to playing there conference because they cannot keep up with the independent league this was a stat booster for United

  2. Shining Light is not on United Faiths level, we know this but our kids need to see this talent level. United Faith may have gotten their stats but believe it or not it really helped our guys. Sometimes not JUST about winning its about preparing guys and getting them ready. We had a couple guys that held their own. No answer for 7’0″ kids we are undersized. They (United Faith) also shot 70% or better from 3 point range.

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