High School Basketball Tonight for 12/6/11:FINALS

Can somebody send us the Dudley girls score? Got their late and couldn’t grab it….WG, SEG, T Prep and we think Dudley all still unbeaten for the girls…..Page boys and girls at North Davidson tonight….
Dudley 78
GW Danville 54

Dudley scoring leaders….Sam Hunt 19 pts…Devan Gregory 17 pts…DJ Alston 10 pts…Jamar Weathers 7 pts…Alvah Phillip, Daris Workman, Yaua Shol and Bol Bol with 4 pts. each..Anthony Hamlet with 3 pts. and Marquelle McIntyre and Emaunel Mosley had two pts a-piece…Richard Hayes and Khalil Vance played and did not score….Daris Workman led the Panthers with 7 rebounds….Alan Smith led GW Danville with 13 points.*****Stats courtesy of Clarence Waddell.*****

GW 16 6 19 13 54
Dudley 18 17 24 19 78

Southern Guilford by four points over Ragsdale, 60-56….

Southeast Guilford 71
East Forsyth 58

Malik Wright with 31 points for SEG….He had 37 in game last week for the Falcons…

Northeast Guilford 72
Western Guilford 40

Bryce Benjamin with 16 points and Muhammad Tijani with 13 pts. were the RAM leaders and Mark Petitt was the top WG Hornet scorer with 10 points….

End of 3rd Q:
NEG 56
WG 27

Northeast Guilford 35
Western Guilford 17

2nd Q…3:51 NEG 30, WG 12
2nd Q…5:19 NEG 27, WG 11…..

End of 1st Q:
NEG 17
WG 11

Southern Guilford 55
Ragsdale 50

Myra Henderson with 18 for SG and Aloni McFarland with 16 to pace the Storm…

SEG 44
East Forsyth 24

SEG(6-0)….This was the second time this season, that coach Shawn Newton’s Lady Falcons have knocked off East Forsyth, taking the season series, 2-0….
High scorers were Kenya Hailey 21, Kara Shutt 12, Kayla Upshaw 4 Sydney Smith 4 and Meredith Dunker 3. They will host Grimsley on Friday night at 6:00 pm for their first conference game of the season.

Western Guilford 68
Northeast Guilford 12

WG(5-0)….Brittany Clency with 26 points to lead Western Guilford….She maintains her 24.5 ppg avg.

Thomasville Prep 75
GDS 56

T’ville Prep(12-0)/GDS(7-1)
Thomasville Prep:
Jannina Koivunen 20 points
Sarah Beal 15 points
Caitllan Tuala 12 points
Moengaroa Subritzy 10 points

4th Q 5:55…T Prep 61, GDS 49

End of 3rd Q:
Thomasville Prep 56
GDS 40

Thomasville Prep 39
GDS 24

2nd Q 1:34…T Prep 33, GDS 22
2nd Q 2:37…T Prep 29, GDS 22
6:02 2nd Q:T Prep 23 GDS 19
1st Q:
Thomasville Prep 21
Greensboro Day School 13

River Mill – 77
South Granville – 31

River Mill defeated host South Granville 77-31, in Carolina 12 Conference girls basketball action.

South Granville started strongly, to lead 7-2 at the four minute mark of the first quarter, The Lady Jaguars scored 15 unanswered points however, to forge ahead 17-7 by the end of the period. River Mill pulled away in the second quarter and coasted to victory.

Lenaira Ruffin led River Mill with 19 points, 14 rebounds, and eight steals. Ashley Spivey scored 16 points (including 4-3’s) for the Jags, and point guard Marla Crawford added 14 points, nine assists and five steals.

Allison Bell led South Granville with 15 points.

   River Mill 2-0 (1-0)      17   22   21   17   =   77
   South Granville 2-2 (2-1)  7   10    4   10   =   31
  1          2          3          4         Total
Thomasville Prep        21        18        17        19        75
Greensboro Day        13        11        16        16        56


  1. Three successful stops tonight at GDS, NEG and DUDLEY…..We could use that Dudley girls score…..

  2. Anybody know how many points Brittany Clency had for the Western Guilford girls tonight?????

  3. Dudley girls previously lost to Thomasville Prep so they are not undefeated.

  4. Brittany Clency had 24pts

    Also, Dudley girls have lost to Thom Prep in the Thanksgiving Tournament

  5. Wow!! 68-11. I hope the subs got plenty of playing time, if not, it was a missed opportunity.
    I also hope they did not leave their best player in just to keep up the average. This season I have seen
    coaches pull all the starters for the entire 4th quarter once the game was out of reach. It hurt some
    of the players averages, but it is a team game and the young players get some PT.

  6. One of the JV Boys at the Dudley game said that the girls travel to Danville to play GW Wednesday night. So they didn’t play Tuesday

  7. Yes to Be a Sport, all players for Western played, in fact they did noteven start Brittany in the second half, and the point guard set out most of the game. FYI……. They play the whole team anyway (very deep bench, 9 out of the 11 could start anyday)

  8. So that explains the 68-11 score. Just so you know I’m not a Hornet hater. Glad to see the program has improved since last year.
    Conference play is starting this week, be prepared for some close games. There are several teams in the Metro 4a that are as deep
    or deeper. Good luck, I wish them continued success.

  9. I was off by a point on the WG-NEG girls game and I got that score adjusted with NEG with 12 points instead of 11 and added a few more notes in as well….

  10. Hornet

    A team beating a team 36-4 at half and playing their best player to keep their average up does not prove anything. I know I have seen teams that may let their best player play maybe one quarter on a team that cannot dribble, pass or shoot and that is no offense to NEG. That game was never close or Western was never challenged. I guess that is why most of the good coaches that are used to winning 20 or more games nearly every season understands. Check and see if many of their marquee players are already enrolled or have some that are already signed for 2012.

  11. I just want to know where everyone got this keep best player in the game to keep her average thing up from. Not once has it been mentioned that Brittany Clency was kept in the game to keep her average up. Now I know many people on here are not knowegable in basketball and I know many of you were not at the game. From watching the game last night the coaches were not trying to run up the score nor were they trying to make sure Brittany kept her average. I do know they have a big conference game coming up against Page on Friday and (no offense to Northeast) an extra time to practice and work on some things or see how something will look against a defense or offense other than your own than why not try it. I even noticed how coach polk played all her seniors to start the 4th and took them out but also as someone stated before took out her point guard to rest her for Friday also. Sometimes you people need to stop taking things so seriously on here and look at the overall picture. And side not just because someone wins 20 or more games does not make them a good coach….not all schools have academic magnet programs where they can funnel kids in on the regular so they work with what is districted to them. So next time come outside the box and think because many of you are still in the box and refuse to get out. Keep it up Hornets and Coach Polk.

  12. Right now Coach Polk of Western Guilford and Shawn Newton of Southeast are favorites for Conference Coaches of the year with Smith’s Will Perry close by.

  13. What happened last night don’t mean nothing now….You have to bury that away and get ready for the next game….What you did last night will not get a win on Friday….WG vs. Page on Friday and it will be big for both the boys and girls…..Clency needs to keep on scoring because that is who her team looks to and Marks, Smith, Harrison and Witherspoon are right there tough too….Coach Polk is part of the Angie Polk and George Polk family and I know them and they are top-notch people and great sports people, so if she is part of them, she is going to do just fine and keep on doing fine at WG…..If she wasn’t winning, we wouldn’t be hearing anything about her….She has her team playing at a strong level and that is what you are called to do….Keep up the good work Coach Polk….Angie, George and many others are very proud of you and you don’t need us telling how to run your team….Keep doing what you are doing……

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