Northwest Guilford-Page Boys Report/Summary


1st	2nd	3rd	4th							
NORTHWEST	14	17	23	24							
PAGE	23	17	31	17

NORTHWEST GUILFORD 2-2; 0-0 Hunter Clary 21; Keaton Haack 21; Drew Coble 12; Nick Powell 9; Ryan Doerr 8; Cody Hylton 4; Matt Pawlowski 3

PAGE n/a F. Eaves 21; J. Conner 19; B. Fonville 17; B. Spain 16; L. Brown 9; J. Gavin 3; D. Dillard 2; T. Morrison 1

GAME NOTES: -The Pirates got off to a fast start to begin the game holding an 23-14 lead end of the 1st quarter. Northwest found themselves fighting an uphill battle the entire game and could not string together enough stops to slow down the Pirates.
-F. Eaves scored 21 points along with J. Conner and B. Fonville who scored 19 and 17 respectively.
-Hunter Clary scored 21 points and Keaton Haack had 21 to go along with 9 rebounds.
-Matt Pawlowski handed out 8 assists for the Vikings.


  1. Couple of notes: The quarter scores are switched. Also, Lance Brown (instead of Brocon) and Jalen Gavin (Instead of Graven). Cheers!

  2. Good call and I made those changes….This was coming from the NWG format/book…..Got a lot of info last night, from my score sheets, from Page and NWG…Plenty of good numbers to go around…..Tnanks Joe and good to see that you and Emily had the chance to catch the game….

  3. No problem Andy. Page looked very good for only their 2nd game of the season. I could only imagine how much better they would be with Jackson Kent and James Summers on the team. Also would like to point out how Brian Spain was able to be a major contributor, not only with his lockdown defense but on the offensive side of the court as well, he played great.

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