Guilford Orthopaedic Polls:High School Basketball Polls for the week of 12/9/11

*****We need our coaches to get all of your boys and girls records updated at MaxPreps…We use them as much as possible and also the N&R….Some of your schedules are not even correct at MaxPreps and you need to fix those if you can, ASAP….Check them all out and you will see what I mean….*****

Here is what we have for our first week and could be subject to chanage after tonight’s games and really change fast after next Tuesday’s meetings….

Boys Public School Poll:
1)TIE Southwest Guilford(3-0)/Northeast Guilford(3-0)*****SWG at NEG next Tuesday 12/13*****
6)High Point Andrews(5-1)
8)Western Guilford(2-3)
9)Northwest Guilford(2-2)
10)Southeast Guilford(4-2)
*****Looking in[Northern and Eastern both(1-2)]*****

Girls Public School Poll
1)Southeast Guilford(6-0)
2)Western Guilford(5-0)
6)Southwest Guilford(3-3)
7)Northern Guilford(2-2)
8)High Point Andrews(2-3)
9)Southern Guilford(2-3)
10)Northwest Guilford(0-3)

Boys Private School Poll
1)High Point Christian(7-0)
2)Greensboro Day School(7-1)
4)New Garden Friends School(6-4)
5)Caldwell Academy(1-4)

Girls Private School Poll
1)Thomasville Prep(12-0)
2)Bishop McGuinness(5-0)
3)Greensboro Day School(6-1)
4)High Point Christian Academy(3-1)

*****First combined polls of the season will be out next Friday…..*****


  1. Wesleyan is 5-2

    Cary Academy W
    Ravenscroft L
    Cannon W
    Smith W
    Rabun Gap W
    Village Christian W
    Northside Christian L

  2. What!!!!!! Smith is 1-3 and ranked 4th. Is this a Basketball poll or a who I think is good poll

  3. I am interested to see how good High Point Christian actually is this year. So far they haven’t played a team that would give us much indication. They play Body of Christ Christian Academy on Saturday in Raleigh. That will be their first “real” game.

  4. ummmmm why is Smith so high in the poll to start off with????? do they have talent? yes!! has it shown in the production of wins vs loses?? no!! ….. so why are they ranked higher then teams who have winning records and their record is 1-3?? not trying to put smith down or anything im just looking for some reasons

  5. This is the type of input that we are looking for….We have to remember that Smith is the defending Metro 4-A Conference Tournament Champion and they pretty much everybody back from last year’s team…..Our panel is listening and want to hear more….

  6. Andy
    That was last year, 1-3 is a losing record drop them down until they win a few more games

  7. Interested, they handled Charlotte Christian pretty easily who is a pretty good team. Not sure why people keep discounting that win for them, when they dominated a good team. Think they play Christ School next Saturday, so that will be a big one. You can ask anybody that knows a flip and very few if any will argue that HPCA isn’t very good. Are they the best? That remains to be seen. I know them and GDS will be some battles as with Wesleyan. Surprised Andy threw them at the top though, curious to see what led to that?

  8. Justafan- Who do you like and who have they played this year. You need to look at the teams Smith has played this year, and see what it looks like when they play your team.

  9. Local

    I wasn’t saying HPCA wasn’t good, I just want to see them play someone good for once. And no, I don’t give much credit for the Charlotte Christian win because I don’t think are that good. Sure Patrick Rooks is good and they are 6-1 but who have they played? HPCA was their only competition to this point and they lost. If they get some good wins then I will reconsider but until then I don’t see them being very good. I saw them barely escape Forsyth Country Day and they are just horrendous. So yes, I would like to see them play some competition just to see how good they are because like I said, I have no indication of how good they are.

  10. I can respect that. Certainly think Charlotte is better than they were against Forsyth. Teams have bad nights. Time will tell with all this stuff.

  11. I’m trying to get Jackson Kent an NBA contract if that Chris Paul to the Lakers deal falls through….

  12. I am a Page bball fan. The loss of Kent really hurt but with the football players on board the Pirates will do Ok. Now as for Smith I am not saying they are a bad team but if they are a top team why are they 1-3. You can’t rank a team on what they did last year. If so UConn would be ranked #1 in college bball

  13. Has anybody who is bashing Smith actually seen who they have played? First game of their season was against a very talented and pretty deep Wesleyan Christian team, in a game they only lost by eight. Then they played Reagen who is very talented and should do well in their division. Third loss was to Mount Tabor, which is a team that is always tops in Winston Salem. And then they beat Davie who has two of the best sophomores in the country in Caleb and Cody Martin. They are a good team who has played better teams, but when they get in league play will do just as good as last year. You can’t do a poll based on a record, you also must include the competition the team has played.

  14. justafan – I am glad that you are a Page fan. We beat you two times last year with the same team we have this year. You lost a few players so I think your teams ranking should be a big question. Why is Page ranked 3rd !!!!!! We will see.

  15. I think western is ranked way too low. Their only losses are from teams that you ranked #1…

    Tonights game against Page will prove a lot (however Western might have to forfeit, as a lot of their players for the Page game tonight are in-eligible. Rumor today was that they only had a starting 5 with no subs…no idea if that will hold out)

  16. Smith – You beat Page one time, in the conference tournament final. That’s why you guys keep declaring yourself champions. The Metro 4A championship and number one seed in the playoffs is awarded to the regular season Champion which was PAGE. Page swept Smith in the regular season and lost by one in the tournament final. Smith has a very good team and their record doesn’t show it. I wouldn’t worry about stupid rankings. it will all play out in the end. Page might be good too, you never know.

  17. Thanks Pirate I was trying to remember Smith’s second win last year. I am not bashing Smith and I know they will be a good team but 1-3 is still 1 and 3

  18. Interesting to see that SE Guilford is the top team right now. I am expecting them to lose out in the first round of the Newbridge Christmas Classic to Central Davidson

  19. Not taking anything away from HPCA but not sure you can convince me they should be ranked ahead of GDS. Not that it matters, but GDS lost at Christ School by 3. Beat Ravenscroft, Greenfield, and UNC JV ( I know that shouldnt count). They will settle it on the court. GDS, HPCA, and WCA. The way it should be settled.

  20. That’s why they play the game. HPC is definately well coached. However, the staff at GDS is far and away as good as it gets.

  21. We can speculate all we want and honestly the regular season doesn’t even matter. If GDS sweeps HPCA but HPCA wins states (or vice versa, and even throw Wesleyan in the mix), then that sweep is pretty insignificant. However, they are going to be great and exciting matchups. Here are the dates of the games I am ready to see.

    12/17 Christ School @ HPCA
    12/21 GDS @ SW Guilford
    1/13 GDS @Wesleyan
    1/16 Wesleyan vs. Greenfield
    HPCA vs. Quality Education Academy
    (MLK Showcase @ Greensboro Coliseum)
    1/24 HPCA @ GDS
    1/27 Wesleyan @ HPCA
    2/3 Wesleyan @GDS
    2/10 GDS @ HPCA
    2/11 Christ School @ Wesleyan
    2/14 HPCA @Wesleyan

    All three teams are playing in tournaments over Christmas as well
    Wesleyan: holiday invitational (formerly the Glaxosmithkline)
    HPCA: High Point Christmas Classic
    GDS: The Little Four

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