40 years later, ‘Brian’s Song’ still resonates with sports fans and those that love great sports movies

Brian’s Song might just be the ‘the best sports movie of all-time’ and this is one of those movie moments that seems like it was only yesterday, when you saw this movie and you heard that music for the very first time….Be sure to hit the click here below so you can experience that feeling one more time and you will appreciate it and you’ll get feelings like you haven’t had in a long, long time…(I’ll put fifty bucks on that)….Cancer took down Brian Piccolo and take the time today, to visit with Brian and Gayle Sayers one more time……

from www2.journalnow.com:

“I love Brian Piccolo. And I’d like all of you to love him, too. And tonight, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him.”

When Billy Dee Williams, in the role of Gale Sayers, uttered those words in the climactic scene of “Brian’s Song,” millions of Americans, from little girls to brawny men, sniffled and sobbed in front of their TVs.

The classic sports movie, which chronicles the unlikely friendship between Sayers and Wake Forest University graduate Brian Piccolo, first aired as the ABC Movie of the Week on Nov. 30, 1971.

CLICK HERE to watch the movie trailer and to read all about Brian’s Song…..To hear that music again, it will tear you up(a feeling you get with crying) and tear you up(rip you apart emotionally one more time)……


  1. You mean it came out on my tenth birthday (11-30-71)? I don’t remember when I first saw it but I always had a soft spot for the movie. I remember thinking it was neat that they played the WF fight song in the movie since I had grown up going to WF games. I am sure I would tear up today if I saw it again…what a softie I am.

    I also remember “Bang the Drum Slowly” also having a similiar effect on me.

  2. I heard that Brian Piccolo was the guest speaker at a Western Guilford football banquet many years ago. Anyone around that rembers that?

  3. I hate I never got to see “Bang the Drum Slowly”….I have always heard very comments about that movie….

    It is just me, but I would rank Brian’s Song and Hoosiers as the alll-time best sports movies….There have been other good ones, but I would say that those two are the best….

  4. On the Western Guilford speakers, I remember Bill Dooley the UNC football coach back in the day speaking there at WG, plus Jack Jensen and Herb Appenzeller were also in as guest speakers and I believe that Jensen and Appenzeller were Wake Forest men and they may have helped to bring in Brian Piccolo…Bill Dooley was also a Wake Forest man, but that came after Piccolo had been taken away due to the cancer…….

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