Brandon Banks(Southwest Guilford HS) looking to take the ‘ride’ to Charlotte

Brandon Banks(Southwest Guilford High School), DE/OLB, has verbally committed to play football for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has accepted a full football scholarship.

UNCC will begin NCAA Division 1 FCS competition in 2013. Brandon is a two-time Piedmont Triad 4A All-Conference performer, and was voted 2010 Piedmont Triad 4A Defensive Player of the year. He led Southwest Guilford in tackles over the past three seasons.


  1. Its Pretty sorry that him and his supporters thought he was going D-1. Charlotte is not too bad though.

  2. @ timmyB, it is a FULL SCHOLARSHIP! What else could a parent want? Congrats Brandon and the Banks family. Going to school for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  3. To play college football at any level is nothing to be disappointed about. What percentage of high school players will get a chance to play college football?
    Congrats and good luck to Brandon Banks. TimmyB your an idiot.

  4. TimmyB…

    Before you post you should get the facts correct! It really makes you seem SMALL! UNC-Charlotte is D-1! So as predicted…… his supporters Brandon going D-1! I agree with the others ” any kid that works hard and is recognized by any school is a WIN! Congrats Brandon…just remember in life you’ll always have people that want to see you fail or fall short!

  5. Congratulations to Brandon Banks on earning a full football scholarship. He had more than 10 division 1 offers (from both FBS and FCS schools). In fact, several schools have recently increased their recruiting efforts to get this young man. Do not diminish a full scholarship to a division 1 school at any level. He chose Charlotte over several other quality programs. Brandon selected the program that he felt was the best fit for him (over some FBS schools). Before you start making statements, please get all of the facts. This is a great honor and privilege for a good kid who comes from a good family. His hard work (as well as the contributions made by his family) has earned him the opportunity to play at the next level, while earning his college degree. Good luck and congrats.

  6. There is people in this area that have offers from Charlotte that just made all-conference and have average grades. I never heard of a person turning down a FBS school for a d1aa but i guess you cant call Ball st. a FBS its a joke too!!! I just think its funny that he thought he was #1 and hes not going very big.

  7. A free ride sounds pretty good and it is with a brand new school and they will be the cream of the crop in the Charlotte area…..Good deal too to get the free ride and not have to travel all the way to Indiana(Ball State) to get it……Good deals for Brandon Banks(SWG) and Larry Ogujobi(Ragsdale) both headed to Charlotte……Brand new team with a brand new cause and new money…..Sounds like a good deal and we wish both of them the best and congratulate them on their accomplishments……

    Even better if you get the five years of education and four years of football….The extra year of education is nothing to sneeze at and better than what many of our friends will be getting for the next four years…..

  8. Andy Durham is the man! love that Guy! no sarcasm, serious mean it. mayb i was being too bitter with Banks, im over it.

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