High School Basketball Tonight for 12/20/11

All games set to start at 6pm girls and 7:30pm boys…

Page at Smith….Major ramifications on both girls’ and boys’ ends in the Metro 4-A standings….Brian Spain(Page) on Tracy Gathings(Smith) could prove to be the defensive matchup of the year to this point of the season, when the boys contest gets under way(7:35-ish)….Who from Smith will check Paris Kea(Page) and who from Page will play the ‘D’ on Smith’s Brandi Robinson, are two questions that will be answered at 6:01 pm tonight….

Southeast Guilford at Dudley….Gonna be tough for the SEG girls to win at Dudley….Dudley will bring it at you in the same manner that Nolan Richardson’s Arkansas Razorbacks used to do….Hard to overcome that ‘Panther Pace’ and the Panther boys will have to get a hand in the face of the Falcons’ Malik Wright….

Southwest Guilford at High Point Andrews….Game of the year for HP Andrews…SWG beat HPA boys two times last year and the Andrews girls are at (5-5) and have a full head of steam, as they try and upset the Cowgirls….

Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford….Only about 7 miles or less separate these two schools and it would be an uprising if the EG Wildcat boys could win this game tonight….EG girls should win by 10 or more, but don’t discount the play of NEG’s Gabbi King….King can play, only problem is, she needs some help to give NEG(girls) their first win of the year….In order for the EG boys to win, Brandon Hairston will need to score at least 30 points and who knows???

High Point Central at Southern Guilford…First win of the year for HPC boys last night in their game at WG…SG gave Trinity their first loss of the season last Friday night, so both of these boys teams now know how to win…..SG girls need this one in a bad way and HPC girls did not look bad last night at WG, even though they lost by 15 points and Jones plus the PG for HPC, can help make them winners….

Northern Guilford at Eastern Alamance…Both NG teams are playing great basketball right now….

Western Guilford at Southern Alamance…WG girls have to win to keep pace with Dudley, Smith and Page….WG boys will win, if Jeff Moseley does not foul out…He has to be in the game for the Hornets and the ball has to touch his hands on every possession..This kid will draw a crowd and he can produce…Clency vs. Burnett will light up the girls’ scoreboard and scorebook…..

Caldwell Academy at Southlake Christian..PLEASE let the Caldwell boys win tonight….They need a win in such a BAD way…..


  1. I guess Southern Alamance is back to reality in this conference? Now its Western Guilford time to represent this county as they head up to Sothern Alamance.

  2. If you witnessed the Southern Alamance Vs. Dudley girls game, then you know that the reality is that you “escaped” with a win….nonetheless a win.This season has only just begun and SAHS is not the push over that you guys are accustomed to. We will be there when all the smoke clears…..play ball! Western Guilford….we welcome you to Southern Alamance!

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