HS Basketball Today/Tonight for 1/7/12:GDS Bengals and coach Freddy Johnson get record-setting win

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Greensboro Day School 87
Providence Day School 47


*****Coach Freddy Johnson and the Greensboro Day School Bengals got record-setting win #819 today, with their 87-47 road victory over Providence Day School, in Charlotte….Congratulations Coach Johnson and the GDS Beganls…..*****


  1. Congrats to Coach Johnson. This is the most talented and deep GDS team I have seen in probably ten years.

    Wesleyan also went to Virginia today and beat the second ranked public school team in the entire state of Virginia regardless of division.
    They won 70-66

    HPCA is still undefeated.

    The triad is showing off how much talent is produced in this area.

  2. Congratulations GDS
    A true team. Dont see them blogging about the players and each other when they lose. Can’t wait to see them play wca and HP CA

  3. the comment above mentioned GDS playing Wesleyan. That game is this coming Friday and to anyone who wants to go it should be known that Wesleyan is selling tickets in advance. You can not show up and just get in, a ticket must be presented. I guess they are expecting a full capacity crowd and don’t want to be in violation of fire code or something. I don’t know how tickets can be purchased but I assume you could just call the school. I am sure GDS has a certain allottment of tickets so people from GDS might know. I just don’t want people showing up and not getting let in.

  4. Great job! Could not go to a more deserving and humble person. He teaches the game the right way! His teams play as a team and are fundamentally sound. Always a pleasure to watch the Bengals play.

  5. This is great for the local basketball community. It is an amazing accomplishment for a very humble and great coach.

  6. Congrats Coach Johnson ! The way things are today we may never see such achievements again within the high school ranks. Today kids go from school to school chasing the latest “hot” coach and some programs cannot keep good coaches in place long enough because of crazy parents around the program. The odds of another Freddy Johnson or other coaches that have been in place for 20 or more years at the same school will be rare in the future. Hopefully, we will all support not only the Coach Freddy Johnson’s of the world but all coaches that voluntary long hours and support for our kids and our community. Ask yourself “Have you thanked your local coach for anything that they are doing for your kid currently or in the past?”. If not, then it’s time to exleast say “Thank You”. Thank you Coach Johnson !

  7. It is a pleasure to watch his teams plays. He teaches fundamentals and teamwork which leads directly to victories. No doubt he will be around to reach 1000 victories.

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