Nothing fancy about Clency and there is no way to Dis-arm Coach Tina Gunn

We will be writing more on these two subjects(Brittany Clency[WG] and Coach Tina Gunn[Eastern Guilford girls basketball coach] over the course of the rest this season and with our intentions to always make the players and coaches look good and sound good; that is easy to do when you are talking about these two….

Clency, senior girls basketball player for Western Guilford, just hit for her 1500th career point this past Friday night, in a game versus Dudley played at Western Guilford and Clency has been scoring right at 22.5 points per game for most of this 2011/2012 season….She can handle the ball out front and she has no problem going into the lane and taking the tough shot….Clency can do so much and her team needs to make sure she is healthy and that she stays out of foul trouble, for the key stretch of the Metro 4-A Conference season….Clency should get the college call, but right now the phone has not been ringing off the hook, so that means that all of the college recruiters that still have their eye out and they are looking for top-notch talent that can do it and improve at the next level, Clency could be your steal of the year….There is nothing fancy about Clency, just good solid fundamental basketball skills and the desire to help her team reach their goals…Clency is a real smart player and the key to her game is, you have to watch her entire game to fully understand what all she can do….Don’t come in, watch the first quarter or the first half, make a few notes and then leave….Stick around for the complete game, so you can see what she does in all the important situations of the contest…Take it all in and then you may want to take her into to your college, for next season….I was watching the Notre Dame-Connecticut game on Saturday and this is what Clency would want to be doing next season….Playing at the next level and maybe not as high up as ND or UCONN, but somewhere in a setting where they take their women’s basketball seriously….

We’ll have more on Clency’s development coming in over the next few weeks…

As for Coach Tina Gunn at Eastern Guilford, what more can you say….She lost her top player off of last year’s team, in Miranda Jenkins and Coach Gunn still has her Eastern Guilford Wildcats firing on all cylinders here in 2012…They won 20 games or more over the past two campaigns and this season the Lady ‘Cats started a bit slow, but they are now over .500, at (7-6) for the year….7-6 and that is true testement to the job that Coach Tina Gunn has done all these years at her alma mater, Eastern Guilford High School….She is very dedicated to the cause and she has stuck with the cause and just because everyone thought she would be down this year, she has gone out and proved us all wrong again….Coach Gunn is shooting for excellence and I don’t know if she is ever going to miss her target…She can do more with what one would think is less talent, than anyone you will ever see….I’d like to see Coach Gunn on the 4-A level one day, but it looks like she has found her home there at Eastern Guilford…..Karima Jackson and Whiteny Parks have been her top players so far this season, but all of the Lady ‘Cats have been doing their job, to make this another playoff season….You have to give Coach Gunn a shout-out, cause you know you will be in a shoot-out, when Coach Tina Gunn brings her fully loaded team into the building and they are certainly loaded with more ammunition again this season….

Good work Coach Tina Gunn and Western’s Brittany Clency and we will be checking up on them again soon…..


  1. Andy, Tina Gunn is a great person to go along with her coaching ability. Eastern Guilford too is my alma mater and Tina was one of my teachers while I was there and she deserves all the attention you have given. GREAT JOB Mrs. Gunn!!

    Danny Robinson


    2003-04: 23-6: Conference Champs: Confrence Tournament Champs: Regional Quarter-Finals
    2004-05: 17-10: Conference Champs: Advanced to second round of State playoffs
    2005-06: 22-6: Conference Champs: Advanced to Regionals
    2006-07: 14-12: Advanced to seond round of State Playoffs
    2007-08: 21-7: Conference Champs:Advanced to Sectional Championship
    2008-09: 17-11: Conference Champs: Conference Tournament Champs:Advanced to Sectional Championship
    2009-10: 24-4: Conference Champs: Advanced to Sectional Championship
    2010-11: 23-6: Conference Tournament Champs: Advanced to second round of State playoffs.

    Since 2003-04 season Gunn is 161-62 for a winning percentage of 72% .

  3. Danny, you and EGHS make some very good points…..Coach Gunn is a straight-shooter…….

  4. Man this is really nice. Isn’t this the school that got burned down and did not have a gym for three years? If it is, it just goes to show the character of the coach and the program as a whole .

  5. Wow ! I don’t even know Tina Gunn and would not know who she is if I passed her on the street. But if she is that good of a coach and even a better person, then it sounds like she is the perfect woman. Loves sports, great person and pillar of the community – boy I hope her husband knows what he has in this Tina. All joking aside – it is great to hear the community supporting their coach instead of the normal crap people want to toss out on any coach that is not blowing out their conference. Good job Coach Gunn.

  6. Great person, great coach, great player. I used to work with Tina before she became a teacher. We used to play pickup ball at lunch. This woman could really play the game. If you didn’t have your head up when Tina had the ball, you were in trouble because she would fire a pass at you if you were open. She was obviously taught the game the right way because she was fundamentally sound. She is passing along what she knows to her players and Eastern Guilford is lucky to have her.

  7. A consistent winner over a long period of time with players that are suppose to be at their designated school tells me a lot about the school and its program. I hear a lot about other coaches and their programs in this area, but her record speaks for itself. I had no idea that her teams had accomplish this type of success over the years because you rarely hear of it. But the proof is in the puddin and it looks like she wins with what ever shows up for opening practice. These are the type of stories that are more refreshing and desreves merit.

  8. To WOW: I have assisted Tina with the Lady Wildcats for 10 years. We have been fortunate over the years to have some really good talent…but moreover, whe have been blessed to have some really great kids! Tina has an amazing nack of being able to gel what we have into a team that strives for excellence. Some years have been more of a challenge than others, but we have always been proud of our girls! She also strives for the kids to excell in the classroom. She places academics first, not only with her team, but also with every one of her students. She is a very grounded, down to earth woman with deep faith in her God and Savior. Her successes are not just in the classroom and on the court. She has also raised 4 outstanding children who have been successful in their own way. You see, I am not just her assistant coach, I am also her husband. I could write on and on about my wife. It’s not hard to do when you have been with someone for nearly 30 years. I have been and will always be proud of her and I thank God every day that we get to share our lives together. Thank you for your comments! And thank you, Andy, for giving her the accalades she so deserves.

  9. Yes, Coach Gunn has done a marvelous job with that program and is respected by coaches throught out the conference. She has never tried to run scores up on teams when she has had a very decided egde by keeping her better players in the game. Yet she has probably had more 1000 point scorers and rebounders than any other program that also involved winning. Her players wer never real high profile type players in this area but their productivity was. She has always had a team that run plays and knows how to shoot the basketball.

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