Some interesting high school basketball games coming up this week

Page at Dudley on Tuesday…..Boys and girls must-wins for all the teams….And don’t forget this on Tuesday…..Unbeaten High Point Christian(16-0) at Forsyth Country Day(15-3)….

Greensboro Day School(17-1) at Wesleyan(15-3) on Friday….Plenty of talent on the court from both schools…
Southeast Guilford at Page on Friday…The way things are going, the girls game could be for first place in the Metro 4-A….
Dudley at Grimsley(Friday)….The Grimsley boys topped Smith this past Friday night and they are right back in the Metro hunt and watch out for Hunt(Sam from Dudley), he had 42 points, this past Friday night…


  1. GDS girls have a big game against Charlotte Christian this Tuesday at GDS. Charlotte Christian is ranked #3 in the combined poll for the state (behind Carolina Day, Providence Day and just in front of Thomasville Prep). GDS lost Saturday to Providence Day by 3 pts with 2 opportunities to win the game in the final minute. Providence Day is ranked #2 in the state and #16 in the ESPN national rankings. GDS will play the #1 ranked team in the state Carolina Day on Jan 16th at the MLK Showcase tournament at Forsyth Country Day. Considering that GDS girls have been able to play this well even without its leading scorer out with an injury, GDS will be a team to watch the rest of this season and into the state playoffs.

  2. Saw where that Providence team was real tough…Is Tamera Thorpe out with the injury and how did it occur? Thanks and good luck to the Lady Bengals….

  3. Tuesday night: Caldwell @ Westchester Country Day. Don’t know the last time the Caldwell boys beat WCD, but it wasn’t any of the last 7 games I’ve seen. Thinking the Eagles break the streak Tuesday.

  4. GDS will help to “open” the new facility at New Garden Friends School on Saturday. There is a great deal of excitement at NGFS in anticipation. I have heard that the new gym is beautiful and I know the future is very bright for the Bears. Right now, there are just not quite enough good players but the ones that are there put up a fight every time out. There is a lot of interest from prospective students for next year.

  5. Hoops123…. I’ve been in it and agree. Think you’ll really enjoy it. Good luck Saturday.

  6. Tamera got her ankle rolled against Durham Academy earlier this week by a defender attempting a charge. Hopefully back within 2 weeks. Other GDS girls have stepped up big time. The GDS schedule is 2nd only to Thomasville Prep and that has prepared this team to deal with short term losses. Hopefully, this is the year that GDS can make a solid run in the state playoffs with the conference schedule starting this Friday at Wesleyan. Go Bengals!

  7. Eagle Dad, that was a fun game Friday night. The Bears put up a tremenduos fight against a much bigger and deeper team. I really thought they would win once they started the comeback. Their team has a lot of heart.

  8. Hoops123, Back at ‘cha. Your guards can sure shot the ‘3’. Will be an interesting rematch 2/10; especially if Adam Coble is back in the middle for you guys. We were missing Emeka, but don’t think us missing 1 of 3 big men could compare to you missing Adam.

  9. These guys are not big but they are just tough as nails. Did you see one of the Bears take that charge from the big man?

    I would not expect to see Adam anytime soon.

  10. Don’t forget the GDS-Charlotte Christian game tuesday night. Christian has a terrific team. Think they have a Jr. guard that has committed to Clemson.

  11. if GDS wins against Charlotte Christian it is not a good win. Just ask the other GDS fans on the site.

  12. nope……, good point. If GDS wins, it will be interesting to see hear how much Charlotte Christian has improved since HPCA beat them early in the season.

  13. I read the post on this web-site and noticed a bias towards certain players. Based on the games that I personally observed, the two best guards in the area are: Eaves and T.J. Logan. They get very little credit for being elite players. Eaves will destroy Dudley on Tuesday and Logan will continue to be the tough guard he has always been. Some time you have to look at other players who were not super stars from the age of 9 or 10. I believe most of those players are way over-rated for what ever reason.

  14. We had Frank Eaves as our Player of the Game on the radio just two weeks ago and we do get caught up in the player hype, but that’s just part of the basketball talk and the game discussions….That’s the way it leans and the true best teams will win out in the end…..

  15. To Nope and Eagle Dad: Both of you need to get your heads out of each others butts and breathe some fresh air. I am assuming that both of you are fans of the High Point Christian boys and girls teams. Everything mentioned above was about the GDS girls playing against the Charlotte Christian girls which have not lost to a NC team this year. Their only losses were in a Tennessee tournament. They are ranked #3 in the state and only lost to Providence Day by 3 pts in the semi-finals during the state playoffs last year. They believe they should be the rightful state champions and they are playing good enough basketball to beat GDS and any other team in this state. Their girls beat HPCA girls by nearly 30 pts and the HPCA boys only won by 16 pts at home. So why didn’t HPCA boys win by more and why did the girls lose by 30? I don’t understand why the HPCA fan base is sitting back and letting “nope” and “eagle dad” keep running off at the mouth about how dominate their teams are and how they are going to crush little old GDS. HPCA should learn to do what GDS already does with Dale Fulton and others – shut down crazy talk about a team until you actually play a team and don’t act like you are the best team until you prove it on the court. GDS will do its talking on the court and I would suggest that HPCA do the same.

  16. uhhhh what? No one talked crap about GDS, just that when HPCA played Charlotte Christian there was an adamant GDS supporter that said they weren’t any good, and then a GDS supporter (appy) says it’s a big game with a guard that has committed to Clemson. Pretty sure that is the boys team.

    I hardly ever post on here, so not sure how I am up anyone’s butt, but apparently I struck a nerve with you. Perhaps you were the one downplaying HPCA’s win earlier as personal as you seem to take it and that you know offhand how many points HPCA won by… No one said anything about GDS’ team and especially not their girls team vs HPCA so relax.

  17. Frank Eaves is really nice player. He really does shoot a lot and then some but he is a good player. But, there are a number of good guards in this area. Just ask the scouts.

  18. Nope said above “if GDS wins against Charlotte Christian it is not a good win. Just ask the other GDS fans on the site.” If HPCA only won by 16 pts at home and says that it is not a good win if GDS wins, then I think that qualifies as a back handed shot at GDS. I have not paid any attention to the HPCA games or scores this year. All that information was on the website. We did not know that HPCA had a girls team and could not name anyone from the boys team. Obviously the boys are the real deal and they will be a factor in the conference and during the state playoffs. You should let your HPCA team prove their worth on the floor. You don’t need to come on this site and degrade GDS’s performance just to make HPCA look better. It will all go down soon enough and bragging rights will be handed out.

  19. Two things from me:

    I am neither a GDS or HPCA fan so this coming from someone without bias. A win against Charlotte Christian (guys) doesn’t hold the weight it used to hold. They do have a D1 commit in Patrick Rooks who is currently a Junior and will be playing at Clemson. They did however lose some key role players as well as last years best player for them, Anthony Gill, who is starting at South Carolina. They are still good, in fact I believe they are currently 6th in the state, but the top 5 teams in Private 3A are just dominant in comparison. Their record is 10-3 and all their losses were to good teams whose combined records are 39-4. However, none of those games were really that close and all of their wins have been against below .500 with the exception of Forsyth Country Day (who is listed above a 15-3 but my reocrds have them at 10-6). What I am saying is that they are very beatable and have fallen to every challenge thay have faced this year.

    Also, where did you get FCDS record because I have them with 6 losses and not near 15 wins?

  20. The point was that when HPCA beat Charlotte Christian there was an adamant GDS supporter insisting that it was not a good win because Charlotte Christian wasn’t any good. Ironically, another GDS supporter thinks it is a big game for them. Never did I mention GDS’ team nor HPCA’s team. Reading comprehension is an important tool.

  21. whats the deal with number 20 on New Garden? he looks like a young reggie miller despite his weird way of shooting..

  22. I didnt get the privelage to watch him light it up. Rumor on the streets is the kid can play

  23. The young mans name is Keemon Ingram and he is a real player. He is a shut down defender and a force on offense. This team also has Kanayo Obi-Rapu and Nolan Morgenstern who can both really light it up and are tough kids.

  24. Was there Friday and saw it. Agree. Think all 3 hit for over 20 points. Got the chance to speak to Kanayo. He seemed like a nice young man.

  25. The win by HPCA over Charlotte Christian was a big win for them. With the way the seedings work this year there looks to be six pretty good teams that you dont really want to play in the quarterfinals. Therefore any win over one of those six is a huge win as far as seedings go in the state tournament. I would tell you that all of those teams would do anything to be in the top 2 so they could avoid one of the top 6 in the first round. So from that standpoint it is a big game. Doesn’t matter if GDS wins by 1 or 40. All they have to do is win. HPCA and GDS will get two shots at each other soon enough. And you can’t forget about Wesleyan either. Going to be a fun month of basketball.

  26. A concerned pirate fan,I had a chance to catch the Dudley Page girls game and congrats to Dudley,the coach kept a fresh body in the game at all times as far as the Pirates, not enough rotation the starting 5 good but you could see they were getting tired,and as for a former panther coach, it should have been expected that Dudley was going to Run… I think the bench could have offer some points or fouls to help secure a win,Kea went out with 2.9seconds before the half,in come Pegram,what was she really going to do in that little time? I think that Pegram kid with more playing time could really help this team as well as others,a team with out Goins,not to take nothing from the other ladies,the Rouses were great,but at the end of the day you need some scores in the game to Win..

  27. Dudley girls are very fast, very aggressive and they get off a ton of shots…Very good offensive rebounders in transition…..Dudley is also deep enough to stay fresh throughout the entire night and PAGE does not seem to be as deep…..If Dudley gets in that fast-paced ball control flow, they are tough to stop/handle…..

  28. I have seen the Page coach for 2 years and neither year did she play more than an average of 6 girls in mid to big games. If she would develop her players better, then she would have the resources needed going into a game against a team like Dudley. I saw a game earlier this year when she only played 5 girls 95% of the game. I heard she told the players that she was going to go with the starters the entire game instead they fouled out. I don’t carry what you think about the “other” players on your team but I think it is stupid or reckless to put players on your team that you cannot play at any point during the game. Why would a kid want to play for a coach with this belief in high school ? These are the type of reasons that so many kids are transferring from school to school and especially the private school setting. Play someone other than your top 5-6 girls – Coach !

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