10th Annual MLK Day NC Scholasitc Classic coming to the Greensboro Coliseum on Monday January 16

Coming Monday January 16……from the Greensboro Coliseum site at www.greensborocoliseum.com:


11:30a.m. Forsyth Country Day vs. Body of Christ
1:00 p.m. Wesleyan Christian vs. Greenfield
2:30 p.m. Christ School vs. Norfolk Christian
4:00 p.m. Greensboro Day vs. Smith
5:30 p.m. Oak Hill vs. Dudley
7:00 p.m. High Point Christian vs. Quality Education Academy

The Greensboro Coliseum will host the 10th Annual MLK Day North Carolina Scholastic Classic on Monday, January 16, beginning at 11:30 am. The event will once again bring the best in amateur hoops to Greensboro for a six-game holiday hoops extravaganza!

Tickets are on sale now! Seating is general admission.

Want to get an early look at the future collegiate and professional stars of tomorrow? The N.C. Scholastic Classic will feature a host of Division I basketball prospects.

The Classic’s most anticipated match-up will pit one of the nation’s perennial top teams, Oak Hill (Mouth of Wilson, VA), versus local powerhouse Dudley. Oak Hill will feature UCLA-bound forward Jordan Adams, guard Tyler Lewis, a NC State signee, 7-0, 275-pound center A.J. Hammons who has committed to Purdue and 6-3 point guard D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, who is headed to Georgetown.

The 1:00 pm tilt (Wesleyan vs Greenfield) will feature Wesleyan’s Theo Pinson, one of the top sophomores in the country who is being heavily recruited by Duke, North Carolina and UConn. Wesleyan also boasts Florida State recruit Montay Brandon, a 6-4, 180-pound guard. Greenfield will counter with a squad led by Aaron Roundtree, who averaged 17.1 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and three blocks for the Knights as a junior in 2010-11. Roundtree committed to Wake Forest in March 2011.

The 4:00 p.m. contest for local bragging rights will match Greensboro Day versus Smith. Greensboro Day is led by 6-6 junior forward Christian Hairston and 6-3 shooting guard Reggie Dillard.

The Classic finale will pit High Point Christian taking on Quality Education (Winston-Salem) in a game with a host of Division I talent. Quality Education’s roster is loaded with Brandon Bolden, a 6-11 center being recruited by Georgetown, 6-4 swingman James Ford and guard Jevon Thomas, who has committed to Dayton.

In its first year (2003), the North Carolina Scholastic Classic brought future NBA superstar LeBron James to the Triad, drawing a crowd of 16,220, a North Carolina state record for a high school basketball game. Other future NBA stars who have appeared in the Classic over the past nine years include Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder), Josh Smith (Atlanta Hawks), Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks) and Ty Lawson (Denver Nuggets).


  1. Gonna be a busy busy weekend at The Ol White Elephant on Lee!

    Monster Trucks!
    MLK Day Classic
    January Jumpstart Meet at GAC hosted by The Greensboro Swimming Association
    (855 swimmers, 4 days, 6 sessions, all 20 lanes) Stop by and see us and the new GAC in action.

    Gonna be some lessons learned this weekend! Let’s see how it goes.

  2. Somebody please tell me why in the world
    is playing Oakhill the #2 team in th country. Wait a minute it must be the B team

  3. ESPN

    2011-2012 POWERADE North Carolina Boys’ Basketball Rankings: Week 5

    1 (1) Olympic- Charlotte, NC 15-0 Grinded out comeback win against Harding to strengthen hold on top spot in state.

    2 (2) Northside Christian School-Charlotte, NC 14-0 Easily downed First Assembly Christian and Covenant Day. Big matchup against Davidson Day looms this Saturday.

    3 (3) High Point Christian-High Point, NC 16-0 Cougars started off new year with two easy wins. Must try not to look ahead to big matchup with Quality Education on Jan. 16.

    4 (4) Christ School-Arden, NC 15-2 Play first game of the new year against Veritas Christian on Tuesday.

    5 (NR) Greensboro Day-Greensboro, NC 15-1 Bengals coach Fred Johnson notched his state-record 819th win with victory against Providence Day. Tough battle with Charlotte Christian is set for Tuesday.

    6 (6) Ravenscroft School-Raleigh, NC 13-2 Pushed win streak to seven games with victories against Forsyth Country Day and Cannon.

    7 (8) Garner Senior-Garner, NC 12-1 Dominique Reed continued his strong play, dropping 17 points in 65-61 win against Knightdale.

    8 (9) Concord Senior-Concord, NC 12-0 Spiders won first two games of new year by an average of 27 points.

    9 (7) Harding-Charlotte, NC 12-3 Rams have lost two straight, falling to state contenders Charlotte Catholic and Olympic. Will face another solid opponent this week in Berry Academy,

    10 (5) West Charlotte-Charlotte, NC 11-5 Lions continued inconsistent play in double-overtime, 69-67 loss to Lake Norman on Friday. Will look to bounce back against Mallard Creek and Vance this week.

    On the bubble: Apex, Berry Academy, Charlotte Catholic, Charlotte Christian, Chapel Hill, Davidson Day, Freedom, Greenfield, Millbrook, Middle Creek, New Hanover, North Mecklenburg, South Mecklenburg, Winston-Salem Prep, Quality Education

  4. Everybody get to see what a great PG in Tyler Lewis. Too bad they dont get GDS as it would be more competitive.

  5. GDS sets up the games at the MLK. Look back over the years and you will see they never challenge themselves at the MLK or during the regular season. Smith is a slight challenge but it will be the boring game of the day. GDS is very protective of their win/loss record. It is a myth that private schools play better competition than public schools. Look at their “big” game with Charlotte Christian. A few weeks ago when HPCA beat them GDS supporters downplayed the game and said Charlotte Christian wasn’t very good. Now GDS beats them and it is because they played amazing defense and are such a great team. In reality it is because Charlotte Christian is not very good just like most of the private schools they play. It is amazing that kids flock over there to play in three or four minute shifts and beat up on crapy teams. They have a great coaching staff at GDS and teach the game the right way but I wouldn’t want to play there. They are obligated to play too many players, no one gets many minutes and no one scores many points. It would be more fun to compete every night like public schools do and get more game time. I wonder how many GDS players get there, re-class and then realize they screwed up and wish they were back where they came from. I’ll bet one who came this year and averaged 20 points a game last year, was first team all state and is now averaging 6 points a game is having second thoughts. His parents screwed up.

  6. @yappy Say what you want about GDS and other private schools. But the bottom line is the kids get as much or more out of the “school” as they do the basketball. I am guessing you know at least one kid who went from public school to GDS. Ask him or his parents what the academic transition was like. I think you will be shocked. I know one of those kids. He was an A-B student in honors classes at public school. He couldn’t do the math at GDS. He had to basically go back almost two math classes because of the lack of learning or preparation he had at public school. We can sit here and argue about the basketball all day long. We obviously are not going to agree on that. But you have no argument on the type of education that they are getting compared to public school. I am guessing the kid you are talking about being all-state and scoring 20/game is the Dillard kid. I have been to most of the home games and a few of the away games. Everytime he has walked out of the gym he has a smile on his face along with his parents. That kid is learning to play with a group of guys that will all play at the next level instead of playing with one or two good players. He doesn’t have to score 20 every night to win. That is what he is about. Winning. He is a class act and plays hard every play. He doesn’t need people like you telling him he made a mistake. He made a life decision that goes far beyond basketball. It is a huge adjustment going from public school to GDS. Academically, athletically, and socially. Every kid that has made the change will tell you that. He will be fine. And you will see him be a very successful man.

  7. I don’t think Mr. Dillard, would like that his business in class is broadcast on the World Wide Web, like that…Wow !!! On a side note, I would love to see GDS play some top notch teams like Oak Hill, Dematha from D.C., or even State powerhouses like West Charlotte verses playing local teams and padding their records. However, when it comes to Academic & Social atmosphere, I bet GDS is a Great Place to send your child, if you want to get away from peer pressure of Public School Drama.

  8. Social Atmosphere is great? For who? Peer pressure is at public and private schools. Just b/c there is a lot of $ at GDS doesn’t mean there aren’t “crazy” stuff going inside those walls. I would bet there is more pressure trying to keep up with the “Jones”. Kids with little $ have a difficult time fitting in with the “upper” class. Academics are great, but socially, this place could be/is a monster.

  9. Just to make it clear, I do not know the Dillard kid or his parents other than just saying hello and congratulating them in the hallway. I have no idea what his grades are or were. I would never mention a kid and his personal academics on this site. And as far as the social aspect goes, I am saying it is an adjustment. Not saying it is better or worse. There are certainly plusses and minuses to being in a public or private school socially. I am just saying that there are differences and it is a major adjustment. To say that there is no social adjustment to be made would be ludicrous.

  10. It is always best to keep the kids’ best interests in mind….We want their memories of this site to be good ones when they get older and move on to college…We want to make them look good and not bad in any way and that is the right way…..The game with GDS on Monday with Smith should be better that last year’s game…Last year, Tracy Gathings and Drew Williams did not play in Smith at GDS….Busy time for the Bengals….Charlotte Christian last night, Wesleyan on Friday, New Garden Friends on Saturday, Smith on Monday and down the road, High Point Christian one week away from next Tuesday(Jan. 24)….To go (4-0) in that new stretch would be huge……..

    I like the concept of keeping this talk on the athletic and not dealing with others social business….That is not your business or ours either….I sure it will come up on occasion, but the athletic end of things is enough/plenty to keep us all busy……

    Teams and families have to stick together and I would not to expect to see or hear any different…….Can GDS go (4-0) in the upcoming stretch? They can, but will they??? Too much digging can get you in a deep hole, but this seems like a reasonable subject……

  11. I heard from multiple people that HPCA was pushing to play Oak Hill at the MLK even mentioned to some other coaches I know. Dont think they could beat them but it wouldve been cool to see them go at them with that undefeated record. Dudley just isnt what they were, dont see why they chose that matchup. And GDS played Christ School last year, so don’t say they don’t play anyone in the event. Smith was very higjly regarded before the season as well. i do think QEA will be very tough for HPCA to beat as well

  12. @ yappy. You reference playing time and points. Not team success. Basketball is a team sport not an individual. No wonder why basketball has gotten worse bc people should only care about points and playing time.
    In reference to the competition, GDS won the pizza but. Forsyth won the Frank Spencer. HP Christian won the high point tournament.

  13. I understand the Friday night game is sold out at HP Wesleyan. Do you know if that is true? Predicting an exciting and intense game with GDS prevailing in the 4th quarter because of their depth. However, if WCA is making 3’s then depth may not matter. They roll over NGFS and then playing their 4th game in 7 days take care of Smith in a closer than expected contest. Setting up what should be the first of two great games with HPCA.

  14. GDS-Wesleyan game is SOLD OUT…..We will have updates during our radio game from Page on Friday night…Page-SEG girls big game and then the boys to follow and GDS-WES will tip-off at 7pm…Updates at the site thoroughout the night and during he radio broadcast….

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