HPCA vs. QEA:MLK Day last game of the day/BEST GAME of the Day

High Point Christian 59
QEA 58
MVP’s Diante Baldwin HPCA and Dominique Williams QEA….

Misses second free throw and HPCA gets rebound and runs out clock to win game…..HPCA 59-58 over QEA….

One free throw for HPCA’s Diante Baldwin, now 59-58 HPCA…..

Two free throws for QEA and now 58-58 with just 4.1 seconds left in OT….

Time out HPCA and with 44.6 seconds left in OT it is HPCA up 58-56…..

One free throw by Diante Baldwin for HPCA and now 58-56 HPCA in OT…

James Ford for QEA on a break-out layup and now 57-56 HPCA….OT 1:14 left…

Free throw Baldwin…HPCA UP 57-54…..1:52 to play….

Diante Baldwin layup and HPCA up in OT 56-54…..

He missed first and Mack made second free throw….OVERTIME…54-54….

Dominique Williams with one free throw for QEA….54-53 6.1 seconds left…Missed second free throw…HPCA fouled with 0.7 left…..Rick Mack with two free throws for HPCA…..Missed first FT…

Made three-pointer by QEA….Tied 53-53 with 7.5 seconds left…

Rick Mack one made free throw….53-50 HPCA….24.9 LEFT…

39.5 seconds left and one and one for QEA….They miss and another HPCA foul…..QEA make on first and then make on second….52-50….32.8 left in game…

52-48 HPCA with 1:11 left in game…..

Michael Obacha with 1 free throw and now 50-46 with 2:37 left….Diante Baldwin with another two for HPCA and now 52-46 HPCA…2:18 left in game….

Diante Baldwin with two free throws for HPCA…HPCA in front 49-46 with 2:55 to play…..

47-46 HPCA with 3:27 to play…..

Diante Baldwin with a layup on the break and HPCA leads by two…..One free Throw by Stevie Williams and a two by QEA’a Ford on the other end and now 47-46 HPCA with 4:09 to play…..Very tight game…..

One free throw by HPCA and now it is 44-44 with 6:05 to play…..

Two by QEA and a layin by Diante Baldwin and a three by QEA and one free throw by Obacha of HPCA and a long three by QEA and two from HPCA….44-43 QEA with 6:20 left in the game….Best game of the day so far……

End of 3rd Q:
High Point Christian Academy 38
Quality Eductation Academy 36

Two free throws by Jackson Kent and HPCA moves in front 38-36….First time in a long time that they have led and may be the first HPCA lead of the night….

Big-time three by HPCA’s Jackson Kent….We’re tied up at 36-36…..1:39 left 3rd Q….

Reverse by HPCA’s Joey McLean and a layup by Diante Baldwin…36-33 QEA……2:25 left 3rd Quarter……

Two free throws for QEA and then a put-back for Jackson Kent…..QEA goes on a 4-0 run and now 36-29 QEA…..4:16 to play in 3rd Quarter……

Chuck Ogbodo with a reverse and then run is 6-0, now 30-27 QEA….

Diante Baldwin playing big early second half for HPCA….Two-point play and then two free throws make one, miss one and HPCA playing beast on the boards…..Kent hits a FT…..30-25…4-0 HPCA run to start the second half….

Halftime score:
Quality Education Center 30

Jackson Kent and Diante Baldwin late for HPCA….End of first half…

Diallo for QEA and then Hakeem Coney for QEA…QEA leads this one 26-15 with 2:26 to go in the first half…..

Jordan Robinson for QEA and the run by QEA takes it up to 22-15 QEA….

A couple of free throws by QEA and then one FT by HPCA’s Jackson Kent, now 18-15 QEA with 4:30 to go in the half…..

3-pointer by HPCA and now lead down to just two points at 16-14

Jackson Kent with two free throws for HPCA now 16-11 with 6:21 to go in the second quarter…..

Dominique Williams for three for QEA….QEA leads the HPCA Cougars 16-9….2nd Q with 7:05 remaining……

End of the 1st Quarter:
QEA 12

James Ford with a two for QEA and Jackson Kent with a three for HPCA….12-9 QEA in front with 25 secs. left in the first period…..

Joey McLean with two for HPCA and now 7-6 QEA…..Findlay from QEA hits again and now 10-6 QEA……

6-3 now with QEA on top…..Two free throws for QEA’s Tevin Findlay…

1st Q:High Point Christian trails Quality Education Academy 4-3 real early in this game….4:52 left in the first period….Isiah Gill with a three for HPCA….


  1. Was very impressed with the way HPCA came back in this game….This ended up being one of the best HS games that I have seen in a while….Lots of back and forth action in this one and even though HPCA missed several free throws, they were money when it mattered the most….These HPCA Cougars have to get my respect and I look forward to seeing them again, when they come over to GDS next Tuesday night, January 24….This was a hard-fought game tonight and HPCA kept on fighting and they came back and won it….BEST game of the day by far, at the Greensboro Coliseum on this MLK Monday…..

  2. Guys/kids from HPCA that I remember really stepping up….Rick Mack, Diante Baldwin, Jackson Kent, Chuck, Ogbodo, Michael Obacha, Stevie Williams and there were probably some more, and Isaiah Gill goes in there too and maybe others….Good team and they did not quit…..Something like (19-0) now…

  3. This was not a great game. It was a very exciting game, but far from a great game. Both teams were terrible late in the game. They were both playing hard but they were throwing the ball all over the gym and couldn’t make a free throw. It was very sloppy. Glad to see HPC win. They have a good team. Both them and GDS should win out this week setting up a great game next Tuesday at GDS.

  4. Very exciting game, that is for certain……There were missed shots, but this was a fast-paced game and it did get up and down the court in a hurry…..

  5. Thought QEA’s strength bothered HPCA a lot on the perimeter. Lots of shoving and holding going on which favored QEA. HPCA isn’t all that big once you get past the 2 starters and this was probably the biggest team they had faced all year. It was a physical war most of the night. Both teams struggled to finish, in another venue I could see this being a 99-98 type of game, but for whatever reason couldn’t finish tonight. HPCA is scrappy and very tough, that is the only reason they won. They went with a smaller lineup that sped the game up and defensively they were really good in the 2nd half. Baldwin just flat out took over the game late, he was really impressive. QEA is pretty good, surprising win in a lot of ways for HPCA. If they were going to drop one, many would pick this one.

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