Former Northern Guilford assistant football coach arrested on drug charges

The old tune used to blurt out, “Ain’t that a shame” and it is….Junior Troutman was an assiatant football coach at Northern Guilford most recently and at Grimsley High School prior to NG, and he got arrested on drug charges last week and was charged with trafficking cocaine…

Not good news for all involved….You hate to see somebody mess up and with the charges it looks like JR Troutman did…..Ain’t that a shame and it is a mess and this is almost like dying, when it all ends up going this way….

Troutman came up through the Grimsley football program as a player back in the time when coach Jeff Smouse was there with Greg Franklin, Shawn Brown and Bernard Farrington…..Those were some pretty good players/names back in the day….And Troutman was one of those who came up through the system and you hate to see one of your own go bad…..He was a part of the Guilford County Schools System and a part of our Guilford County Schools’ athletic programs and it appeared that he took part of what he was taught and was trying to give part of that back to the kids….

Bad news on the arrest front, always bad news when you read about something like that….CLICK HERE to read the details from the News and Record……

It almost makes you sick to read about stuff like this, because you hate to see one of your own, from the Guilford County programs go bad….

But where are we going and where are we coming from with all of this….Is there reason for concern and do we need to be alarmed?

I would say yes….There may not be drug sales going on right there in your schools, but where are we going with the access to drug culture these days….You have a ‘Hookah Head Shop’ on just about every major corner these days…..’SmokeRings’ is expanding and they now have two Greensboro locations….The ‘Hookah Hook-up’ shops are popping up everywhere and it comes across like they are catering to the college sector/crowd, but this has to be trickling down into the high schools too…..The News and Record ran a photo today of a young man working with his new ‘Water Pipe’ and that was not his water pipes, he was taking a long draw off his ‘Hookah’ pipe and it said he was enjoying a nice Turkish Blend or something like that….

That’s all and good and a good time to inspect all of his blends and make sure he hasn’t been using other ‘Hookah’ items of ‘Blunt’ force……

This is getting crazy and it is right out in front of you, in front of your own eyes and the culture is sure changing and not for the better and that is a shame….Recreation, relaxation and re-invention….Those are the ‘Three R’s’ that the ‘Hookah’ crowd seems to be pursuing and the key ‘R’ will be restitution, when it comes time to pay your legal fees and the court costs…..

It is not worth the ‘Price’ you will have to pay in the end, and “Ain’t That A Shame”…….


  1. Wonder what is next. I know they have parents coaching the hight school baseball team, JV’s I think.

  2. I do not understand why Northern can not get on staff coaches and have to go out and get parents or others.

  3. Every football team in Guilford County and in NC has non Faculty coaches……There is no way a school can hire 8-12 if not more qualified coaches in full time teaching positions. Usually every team has about 6 full time teachers and a few non teaching coaches.

  4. They keep getting some real nice ones at Northern……Coach O, Coach K, and now Coach T. Just Sayin…..

  5. This is not a shocker. Wondering why it took so long for this to finally come out. If it had happened anywhere else helicopters would be flying over the school with media outlets waiting to talk to every coach and to get an interview with the principal and AD. Not a reflection on these kids by any means they are the victims here but controversy continues to follow this place. I wonder why? Win at all cost I guess…..

  6. Let’s be careful in our comments…..The kids at Northern worked hard and continue to work hard and this should be no reflection of what they did on the field….The were successful and they deserve credit for that….Some bad choices/decisions were made by the assistant coach and that in no means should apply to what the kids have done and what they continue to do….NG had players that were outstanding and they didn’t even win titles with some of those players and then had a strong team two years ago and won and then they lost a lot of those players to graduation and they still came back and won the title again in 2011…..NG has faced adversity, but you have to give credit to the AD and all the coaches that are still out there, they have battled through a lot of mess and they are still moving on and from this most recent event, we will all have to move on from that too….This is just another test for many involved in the program and for those that have so far stood the test of time, they will have to keep on pushing ahead…….A ton of people will want to see you go down, but you have to stand up and keep on going forward….I don’t think you can lay any of this mess at all, at the kids’ feet…..And it happened in the off-season, so they’ll just have to deal with it, find some coaches and push on…..I’d like to be in their(Nothern’s) shoes with a back like TJ Logan returning next season and that has to be the mark to be attacking now, next season….This other mess will have to be cast aside and they will have to press on…..

    This should not be a reflection on Northern, but a reflection on the arrested coach and the sad state of the society that we are living in…..

  7. First off No one was saying anything about the kids……And how can you say that this is not a reflection of Northern Guilford? This is totally a reflection of Northern Guilford. Ever since that school open it’s been problem after problem with their coaches (not the kids). The recruiting, the coach K saga, and now this coach with the drugs. Problems continue in the athletic dept at Northern and the only thing that has remained the same throughout the years at Northern is Coach Roscoe. Who knows maybe he is clueless to all the problems with the people he surrounds himself with. If so he needs to do a better job of looking into who he’s hiring!!!

  8. I have a question

    Did other coaches not know about this? How can one guy be on a staff of 12 to 14 coaches and no one knew what he was doing or heard about what he was doing? I mean, I know a lot of staffs and most of them do all kinds of things together as coaches. So, either he did a great job of concealing as the News and Record suggested, since it was a shock by most of the people interviewed, or someone isn’t talking and doing their due diligence as a responsible mentor. I feel sorry for the kids over there, but this is just another black eye for that school. I don’t care what anyone says, the head coach hires and is responsible for the staff- PERIOD…The same as when you have one assistant coach who is recruiting, yet he is the only one let go from a full staff that knew he was recruiting…

    Here is a quote from the paper: “I think it would be fine. I’m talking about the seniors. These guys are already 18 years old and know good from bad. They know he did wrong. But I don’t think they’ll treat him any differently. … In my mind, he was a good coach, he didn’t sell stuff in the school, and this is his personal problem. Nobody knew.” – Now, I know people make mistakes, but just because he didn’t sell the stuff in school makes this better????? Really?????

    This will be another obstacle that Northern Guilford will overcome…It is a blackeye, and I know all coaching staffs may have their issues, but at least they will not renew his contract…

  9. A bad situation that has been taken care of/handled by the proper authorities….Look how long that mess/ordeal up at Penn State went on and many were kept in the dark about what was really happening there for many years….

    As many have said Northern can and will move on.

  10. One more thought and I will do as Dr. Zacharias said and let my people go…..I get this crazy feeling that some people won’t be satisfied until Northern goes (0-10) one season(football) and that is kind of messed up….Coach Roscoe is a former Guilford College man and those of us that have followed Guilford for many years know that the Quaker athletes live long and die hard…..I have always worked hard to support the Quaker grads and former athletes….My grandfather went to school there and played some baseball there back when third base was composed of animal droppings(He lived long/age 105 and went down hard on that 3rd base)….Let’s stand behind our Guilford County athletes and coaches through thick and thin, in the end we are all brothers and sisters, young and old alike…….We’ve seen athletes and coaches go by the wayside and mess up and have to let them find their way and I hope J.R. Troutman finds his way back home…The road is long and it is tough, but there is another opportunity at the end of the street….As Guilford County sports fans we have all become sort of like a family here at this site and let’s do all we can help others carry on in the field of sports and athletic competition when the times do get tough…..

    *****In a non-related matter, since we now have everyone’s un-divided attention and full support, does anyone know where DeSean Anderson(Ragsdale HS) is playing his baseball at this spring??? .One of long-time readers and supporters was asking about this today…..*****

  11. It is a terrible thing for the kids on the Northern football team. Guys dont hang your heads you are a fine group of kids who worked hard and earned your championship! Coach T made a major mistake and he will be held accountable for that! The students at Northern bear no responsibility for his actions.

  12. Andy, don’t kid yourself. drugs are sold around schools. The kids know what is going on. There are no secrets in this world. There were a few kids that knew what the coach was up to.

    All schools do have non-faculty coaches but you seldom see parents coaching.

  13. For your comment as to some people won’t be happy until Northern goes winless…….I don’t think that is the case at all. It may come off that way because people outside of the athletic program at Northern get all out of whack because the attitude the parents and kids have gives the perception that they are better in every aspect of life then another group or school. It is one thing to be prideful, I commend any program/team/individual for doing so but at the end of the day to walk around and display a aura of “I am better than you because of where I live or what my mommy and daddy does” is actually very comical.

    This coach walked around Guilford County and gave off the impression that he was better than everybody else and the last time I checked he puts on his pants one leg at a time just like I or anybody else does……

    You reap what you sew……Northern hired these people period end of story……Oh and by the way, thanks guys for the Fair Play training you helped us develop…..

  14. Folk’s – life goes on. There are no perfect people that I am aware of that have ever walked this earth. We all either have had problems that others may not be aware of or we are currently covering up weak areas of life that we would prefer others not know. This guy’s faults may cost him more than our faults but we are all in need of some level of improvement in life. His problems don’t have nor ever will be reflexed in these kids or the banners flying at the school. All of these things will only apart of the memories that we are will take from the experience. Kids and parents 5 years from now will never know who this guy was and will only have pride that their school supports and can produce championship level players and teams.

    I doubt if any of the kids knew what this guy was doing unless he was running drugs locally which would have been a dumb decision. The first rule from any mob handbook is “don’t sale, do drugs or allow drugs in your community”. If he made enough money and don’t directly kill anyone, then he will walk within 2 years because the prisons are too full.

    Northern has a great feeding district for players and they have been fortunate to have some great coaches (and yes I am including Stan). No matter what Northern does, it will be seen as the “bad” guy with some people because they have been able to win.

  15. This is not a Northern problem it is a county wide problem and it is time to institute drug testing in the Guilford County School System for teachers, coaches and players. I think 90% of the parents in this county would be surprised to know the truth regarding how much drugs are being abused in the school system. Why does “academia” feel they do not need to be drug tested?…”come on man”. The people that do not want to be drug tested obviously have something to hide and abusers are very good at hiding what they do. North Carolina has a Drug Free Workplace Program that should apply to all places of business. Most businesses outside of education have drug testing programs because of employee theft, insurance rates and accident prevention. I do not want a teacher on drugs teaching my children no more than I want a carpenter in drugs holding a ladder for me while I am on it. Drug testing provides security and students would do better in the classroom and athletics would perform better in competition. The honest coaches would really benefit for a drug testing program because players would perform better.

  16. For all you Northern haters,GCS will be sending The Orchard Development off Church St. back to Northeast when they re-district. That is what I heard Alot of their football players come out of that neighbrhood How will they handle that

  17. Truth,
    There is drug testing in Guilford County already for anyone driving school buses or activity buses(a large percentage of coaches).
    The testing is completely random so if anyone is using they will have a good chance of getting a positive.

  18. Coach Blue that is good to know and I am glad to hear it is random. I just wish it would be for all teachers, coaches and players. For most businesses random drug testing is a major deterrent if you value your job. The players need to be tested as well because drug use in our school system is at an all time high. There are parties every weekend in the county where drugs are present. Every school in the district has kids that get arrested for drugs each year. The administration needs to step up and face a serious problem that is being ignored. They need to consult with law enforcement and come up with an improved game plan because the current one is not working. The game plan needs to be a combined effort with the Sherriff’s Office, City Police, DEA and FBI. The employees of those agencies have kids in our school system as well so I know they have to be as concerned as the rest of us if not more because they are aware of the problem on the grand scale. The problem is a lot worse than people want to believe but drugs have infested our schools. Are we going to continue to ignore the problem or fix it?

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