What the fans are saying about the local TV coverage of the area high school basketball tournaments this week

These notes on the TV coverage of the local tournaments just in today, from our home office/computer…..

Falcon says:

NO local news coverage of the Metro 4a tournament games last night. So sad!
This is much more news worthy than the Pizza Hut tournament. Come on Fox 8
and News 2 get with it.

Andy Durham says:

I think you’ll see some cameras out tonight with Smith-Dudley, SWG-NWG, NEG-Asheboro and they will be out in full force on Friday….Might have been waiting to go with a ‘Full Force Friday’…..NEWS 2 can hit SWG-NWG and then swing back by and hit Smith-Dudley…One game at 6 and the other at 7:30pm and they might be able to hit NWG-SWG boys and then hit Dudley in time to catch 2nd half of Page-Southern Alamance girls…..TV 12 can hit NEG-Asheboro, as can TV 14 and FOX could hit SWG-NWG, but most will be waiting until Friday night, with the exception of WFMY NEWS 2 and something just tells me they will get those SWG-NWG, PAGE-SA and Smith-Dudley games…….For Brian Formica and crew it is ‘Game On’ tonight and every night……The lady doing the ‘Top Five’, she may have a say in all of this, who knows for sure…..She(Lauren Melvin?) is the one on the ‘2’ that is creating the news to stir…..

I may be dead wrong, but watch for 2 Tonight and the others on Friday…..


  1. Hey everyone, tonight I’m going to Southern Alamance and Page (girls at 6:30), and then Smith/Dudley (boys at 7:30)…it’s just me tonight, so I won’t have time to hit up SWG and NWG. We’ll have the full highlights at 11.

    Tomorrow’s Nothing But Net show will include 12 different conference final games from Alamance, Guilford, Forsyth, and Randolph Counties. The show starts at 11:10 PM.

  2. More from NEWS 2 Sports….

    The ghost of Station Manager Mark Combs just dropped this in our E-mail box….

    NEWS 2 Sports will be on top of these 6 tournaments on Friday night:
    Mid-State 2-A at Burl. Cummings
    Mid-State 3-A at Burl. Williams
    Metro 4-A at Dudley
    Piedmont Triad 4-A at SW Guilford
    Mid-Piedmont 3-A at N. Forsyth
    & PAC 6 2-A at Wheatmore

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