Player of the Year Winners as the results are in:Rogers, Kea, Kent and Hylton

Over 172,449 basketball votes were cast covering all of the four categories and the Winners were:

Private School Girls Player of the Year:Ronata Rogers(Greensboro Day School)
Private School Boys Player of the Year:Jackson Kent(High Point Christian Academy)
Public School Girls Player of the Year:Paris Kea(Page High School)
Public School Boys Player of the Year:Cody Hylton(Northwest Guilford High School)

*****That’s the finals and we will have the plaques going out to these kids/winners in just a couple of weeks from today…..Again, congratulations to all that were involved and to those who joined in on the voting, thanks to you for making this a spirited contest…..*****

+++++We will be doing a similar contest/vote for baseball in the next few weeks and we will have that up here for you sometime in early May and we want to add Coach of the Year Contestants to that Poll…..+++++

@@@@@We did a lot of work in coming up with these polls and we hope you enjoyed being a part of the process…..I have been a part of these before at some of the area/major universities and most professors that I spoke with, felt like this is a good way to go with the current trends that we are seeing, in adolescent interactivity/behavior…….@@@@@


  1. This vote has been going on for weeks. The player had to be nominated to be put on the ballot. That took place way before the voting started. Apparently no one from TP nominated any players and if they did no one bothered to vote for them. If you read the article it says over 172,000 votes were cast. Where have you been?

  2. Sarah Beal from Thomasville Prep was nominated and she was in the running for the Player of the Year…..

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