Question and Answer session with Brian Seagraves new boys basketball coach at Dudley HS and the Photo Gallery from today’s Press Conference

Here are the photos from today’s Press Conference, where Brian Seagraves was introduced as the new boys basketball coach, at Dudley High School…..Coach Seagraves coming back to Dudley, after being away for one year at High Point Andrews, where he went (20-7) as the head coach of the Red Raiders….Questions for Coach Seagraves follow underneath the Photo Gallery and Click On to see all and go right on through the file, one click after another…..

Five questions for new Dudley boys basketball coach Brian Seagraves……

1)Has this always been your dream job?
Coach Seagraves:Yes, since I got into coaching, this has been the one stop along the way I have wanted to make, as the head coach…..

2)What makes this job so special?
Coach Seagraves:The history of the program that coach David Price has built here….With Haywood, Hicks(Eric), Graves, Hairston, Whitt, Williams and the list goes on and on…..

3)What needs to be done to get Dudley all the way back to the top?
Coach Seagraves:Many of the same things that were done in the past, but now we have to keep the players at Dudley….Too many are leaving for so-called greener pastures and the fifth year of high school elibibility….We have to get it to the point, where they want to play for Dudley and we can’t give them a reason to leave……It has to sold/told, that your best option is Dudley….

4)What can be done to stop the exodus of the players to the private schools?
Coach Seagraves Do the best with the kids you have and take care of the kids that you have in your program….They have to want to be at Dudley and there has to be something special about playing and coaching at Dudley….“If you want to re-class go to prep school”….Use your fifth year at a prep school and finish your four years of high school, at Dudley……

5)The players that went on to college coming out of Dudley, what created that and kept that rolling?
Coach Seagraves:Coach Price made it happen by working hard and respecting the kids and helping the kids….Grooming them for college by checking on their grades, keeping up with the kids to make that they were in class and making sure that the kids were taking the right courses, that would get them into college….Coach Price made all of this happen and made sure it kept on rolling and he was good about delegating responsibility to make sure that all the assistant coaches had a certain set of students/athletes that they were responsible for and that group had to be doing what they were supposed to be doing in and out of the classroom……

Coach Price built the Dudley program and his plan is a plan that I want to follow and make adjustments to, when needed, along the way….