Graham Sporting Goods HIgh School Baseball Tonight from GSPN:Caldwell with big win at home over WCD

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Page 11
Reidsville 9

WP:Stanford Shell:Grand Slam HR by Nick Schofield(Page)

Wesleyan 11
Forsyth Country Day 1
(5 Innings)

Final from out on Horsepen Creek Road:
Caldwell Academy 4
Westchester Country Day 3

WP:Richie Sanfilippo
SV:Nico Mancuso
LP:Tyler Chilton

*****This one the best games that you will see this year, especially among the private schools…Very well-played game with loads of big plays on defense the crowd was large and they were really into this game….Season-series now with Caldwell up 2-0…..I thought that they played earlier in the year, but the schedule shows they met for the first time on April 24 with Caldwell winning 6-4…HPCA defeated Caldwell 5-3 early in the season and that must be how HPCA had jumped ahead in our poll…..*****

*****More details forthcoming from Coach Dan Bozarth…Congrats to both teams, on a great game and Kudos go to Caldwell, since they picked up te much-needed win….*****

*****We are going to go with Tyler Chilton(checked him out on their roster), the lefty, as the kid that took the loss for WCD….Strong early, but had to roll out and the kid that took over for WCD was tough too…..He had a wicked curve ball…..Sanfilippo and Mancuso excellent combo on the hill for Caldwell this evening…..*****

Score info courtesy of Coach Bozarth:
Caldwell 4
Westchester 3

Wp – Sanfilippo
Lp – Chilton
S – Mancuso

Caldwell – Sanfilippo 1-3 2B, RBI, Mancuso 1-3 HR, RBI, 2IP/4K, Young 2-3,
R – Westchester – Sellars 2-3, 2 3B, 2 RBI, Chilton 1-3 2B

Caldwell 15-4


  1. Yeah, those girls behind home plate must have given me the wrong name….They had the book but must have missed that one…Coach Bozarth will have it….

  2. Caldwell has won both games with WCDS. They won the first game last week 6-4 in 10 innings. Tyler Chilton took the loss for WCDS tonight.

  3. Andy

    I was and made the trip over from Thomasville tonight to see this game, what a game. I had a chance to catch both of these games and Caldwell has a much improved team this year over the last couple of years when i have watched these two teams play. Caldwell looks alot better on offense this year and looks like the coaches over there are getting those kids better. Great game tonight from the Triad area, and i have seen many public schools play this year here is my high school top 10

    1. Wesleyan
    2. HP Christian
    3. Southeast
    4. Caldwell
    5. Westchester
    6. Southwest
    7. Dudley
    8-10 is a guess but what do you think Andy?

  4. Page 11 Reidsville 9
    WP – Stanford Shell

    Page hitting:
    Nick Schofield 2 for 3 with Grand Slam, single, 5 RBIs and walk
    Trey Dobson 3 for 3 with 1 RBI
    Andrew Lamore 2 for 3

  5. Crazy,
    Are you serious? not even close bud…
    2. SW
    3. NE
    4. Wes

  6. NG at #7? Thats a joke considering they are the 4 seed in their conference and got swept by McMichael and Williams

  7. I too, would have SEG up there at the top…..SEG just beat SWG and I think SWG and WES would be a good matchup….Caldwell played NEG to a one-run game back in March and they had Sanfilippo on the mound and I think NEG went with Matt Millaway(NEG was missing Caleb McCann at the time.)….Some good possibilities here….

  8. Wesleyan is the ONLY private that can compete with any of the public schools in Guilford County! Period end of story….

  9. I hear what you are saying, but Caldwell did give NEG a pretty good game ealier in the year and it is a credit to both teams….Sanfilippo and Mancuso can mix it up pretty good and the Caldwell coach, Dan Bozarth has the public school background, having come through NEG as a baseball player a few years back…..WES, Caldwell and possibly HPCA on their good day, those guys could compete, but as for the others, no much of a chance at all…..And we are talking about going up against the top teams in SEG, SWG, NEG, etc and others….The conditions would have to be right, but if the stars were in order????? Without Kimber on the mound, even a team like Vandalia had a shot against Dudley a year or so back(Outside shot, but a shot)…..GDS played Dudley once or twice…..Would like to see more games with the Public and Private Schools…Just a few thoughts….Seems like the baseball season should just be starting up, but this year is just about gone….

  10. SMH, I think you are right with the exception of HPW. Like Andy says, it also depends who is on the mound. Lets say Caldwell has to play a SE Guilford on a Wed and a not so good conference team on a Friday. Its very likely that caldwell will throw their ace aganist SE where SE would save for their ace on a Friday. Caldwell has to use that opportunity as a recruiting . Thats just my opinion. I have seen Caldwell and HPW play this year and SE, SW, NW, NG, NE, WG, RAGS. Dudley and many others. I just dont see any comparison for argument sake, not yet!

  11. Bottomline is that Caldwell has built a quality private school team. They have some good players and play some solid baseball. They are probably not better than the upper level public school team but they could beat their fair share of public school teams. On any given night they could take down any of the publics. They gave northeast all they could handle early in the season. this is the same baseball program that no one had heard of on this site 5 years ago. They have come a long way.

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