High School Baseball – 1, Bird – 0 (well almost)

Baseball fans will recall Randy Johnson pitching and hitting a bird that just happened to fly in the patch of his pitch.

Folks have wondered, could it happen again. YES, indeed!

This time, it was a High School Pitcher and fortunately, the bird was able to fly off.

From YouTube: “As a pitcher, Ryne Elvers is no Randy Johnson, and in this case it’s a good thing. The righthander for Sacred Heart-Griffin High School in Illinois pitched well in a 3-1 victory over Springfield Southeast — giving up just four hits and getting one himself when his low fastball struck a bird that flew into the danger zone in front of home plate. The feathers flew, but the bird flew away and was last seen skedaddling over the center field fence. That’s a better fate than what befell the bird Johnson hit. So if you’re scoring at home, it does not go down as a sacrifice fly.”

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