UNC basketball coach Roy Williams says, “My players did their work”….Academic fraud was moving like a ‘Fast Break’ at North Carolina and questions remain unanswered?

There is a very good article on this topic by Joe Ovies at WRALSportsFan.com and he calls it, ‘The Gift that keeps on Giving’….Andrew Carter at the Charlotte Observer has it broken down and the heart of the matter was academic fraud, in the African studies programs at the University of North Carolina……..There were grades that were changed, signatures that were falsified, cases where the professor/instructor was never even in the classroom and more….Nearly 245 Tar Heel football players are said to have been involved in these classes and right round 25 basketball players….

Read on from Andrew Carter at the Charlotte Observer…..www.charlotteobserver.com

CHAPEL HILL North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams defended his players who were enrolled in classes at the center of an internal university investigation of academic fraud and improprieties.

“The players were eligible to be enrolled in those classes, as were non-student-athletes, and they did the work that was assigned to them,” Williams said through an athletic department spokesman Tuesday.

On Friday, North Carolina released results of an investigation that found widespread academic fraud in 54 classes offered by the Department of African and Afro-American Studies. The investigation found evidence of unauthorized grade changes, no-show professors and an absence of instruction in dozens of classes.

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  1. This should not surprise anyone. If it does, you are naive beyond belief. We all got cars when I was in school 20 years ago, now they just give out free grades.

  2. This is just reality hitting home for UNC. This situation happens in nearly all D1 programs especially the high D1 programs. The higher the stakes than the more likely you will find this situation. How many ball players do you think are taking high level classes regardless of the class? The reality is that most ball players are pushed toward these classes whether it is UNC or State. As long as you are a great player, the school will find a way for you to get on the floor or field.

  3. Rivalries and sports aside…it is one thing to offer some easy classes that anyone at the university can take and do well. It is one thing for boosters to provide money and gifts under the table. It is a total tragedy when the university system is destroyed by the process. Offering bogus classes and changing grades is totally unacceptable and to say “they all do it” is no longer an acceptable response. Many people need to be removed and replaced to prevent this from happening. Degrees, grades and classes should be revoked. This is far worse than any previous violations that were discovered. This is worthy of the death penalty and should not be tolerated for anyone at any level.

  4. Funny how when UNCheat gets caught we get the “everyone is doing it” excuse……when in the past they looked down their noses at people who were in scandal.

    I do think there are “issues” everywhere, it’s just funny how different the response is now that it involves UNCheat. When Clemson had their football issues, Swofford (then at UNC-Ch) led the charge to bury them in righteous indignation. Now that UNC-Ch is cheating……”well we have an epidemic that we need to address. It’s not just UNCheat, it’s everywhere. We don’t need to focus on UNCheat, we need to focus on the larger problem.”

    Karma Holes!

  5. It is amazing how so many people continue to go back 10 and 20 just to point out what decisions someone made then versus now. There are few if any of us that are making decisions today in the exact same manner that we made decisions 20 years ago. In fact, few would make the same decision concerning college sports that we made 5 years ago. The landscape has changed significantly. Yes – UNC would have rec’d the death penalty 30 years ago but the system has learned that the net benefit is far worst than the actual penalty. Taking an UNCG or Clemson out of the system for a couple of years will severely hurt the school but taking a UNC Chapel Hill, USC or Ohio State out of the system could kill the conference with TV contracts, gate receipts (home & away) and public pressure on law makers. Whether this was UNC or State, the ACC and NCAA would have basically went through the same process because the system cannot afford to have any of its major universities out of the picture.

  6. I can’t believe you people would stoop so low to be talking about this. Has anybody seen my cowculess books?

  7. Unlike most people who seem to forget how the UNC snobs and the press was ready to bury the NC State basketball program in the final days of the Valvano era, I still remember how they looked down their noses at State. The press rubbed our noses in it for months… and now that the shoe is on the other foot…well well well…every one is doing it and that makes it OK! Unbelievable! My, how the mighty do fall…but be careful, one would hate for the “flagship” university to “legitimize” the NC State programs.

  8. Careful State fans – history has a way of repeating itself. Be careful what you are asking for and who you are pointing fingers at. With Debbie Yow increasing the funding by $10’s of millions per year and basically telling her department heads and coaches “either win or find another job” you all may end up somewhere that you did not want to go. With pressure to succeed, often comes the pressure to bend the rules in favor of winning over always doing the right thing. The same State fans that are crying today will wish that the commissioner and the league was looking the other way 5-10 years from now.

  9. State will always be UNC’s little brother and the preferred in state school until State gets over its fear of big brother. UNC does a better job of promoting its programs throughout the state and across the country. When was the last time that you saw a billboard from State or a presents on anything within the school system. UNC does all of these things on a regular basis that feeds the public view of the program. Heck – why not put a simple ad on this site promoting their sports programs ? The same could be said for schools such as Elon, UNCG, A&T and so now.

  10. 70 percent graduation rates
    ? 93 percent (57 teams) of the women’s tournament teams graduated 70 percent or more of their white basketball student-athletes, while 78 percent (47 teams) graduated 70 percent or more of their African-American basketball student-athletes, resulting in a 15 percentage point gap. This gap decreased by two percentage point from last year’s study.
    ? Among the men’s teams, 82 percent (46 teams) of the men’s tournament teams graduated 70 percent of more of their white basketball student-athletes, while only 31 percent (21 teams) graduated 70 percent or more of their African-American basketball student-athletes, resulting in a 51 percent gap among the men, which was an eight percent increase from last year’s study.

    Go to this web address

  11. History made reference to Debbie Yow expecting NC State coaches to win.
    She also expects them to follow the rules of the NCAA and the ACC.
    If she was the AD in Chapel Hill there would be several UNC coaches getting turned over due to the information that The News and Observer just reported. Yow does want to win but she wants to win within the rules. UNC should try that approach. Is that approach in their culture?
    That canard of the “Carolina Way” is now dead and burried.

  12. Everybody starts off wanting to do things the right way and that is exactly what you should say at this point in your history. However, when your job is on the line 5 years from now and you need just that extra 1 – 2 highend players what will you (or the State coaches) do to save their $2-3 million dollar job if they think they can reasonably turn their heads without anybody knowing.

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