High School Baseball Playoffs from NCHSAA and what game will you be at on Friday?

Friday at 7pm in almost all cases and here’s what we have this morning from the NCHSAA and Northern Guilford did get in and they are in the 3-A West…High Point Central and Page did not make it in as Wild Cards….CLICK HERE to see all the brackets and pairings at the NCHSAA site….

Friday 4-A’s and we will be adding in:WEST
Glenn(17-9) at Southeast Guilford(22-3)
Dudley(14-9) at Southwest Guilford(20-6)
Northwest Guilford(14-11) at Southern Alamance(21-6)****We are now hearing Thursday night for this game….*****
Western Guilford(12-11) at East Forsyth(16-7)
*****Providence High #1 at (25-2)*****

Northern Guilford(12-10) at Northwest Cabarrus(22-4)WEST
Asheboro(10-12) at JM Robinson(16-11)

Chapel Hill(13-10) at Northeast Guilford(18-7)EAST
Southwest Randolph(13-8) at Burlington Williams(17-9)
Orange(16-8) at Western Alamance(19-9)
McMichael(18-6) at Union Pines(16-8)
Eastern Alamance(17-8) at Ledford(17-7)*****We are now hearing Thursday night for this game…*****

Forbush(12-6) at Randleman(23-3)


  1. They don’t seed teams overall like in football……so my question is why do you include in the post that Providence is #1…..? Who cares? They have already freaking crowned them on the charlotte blogs/websites……so guess we should too here in Greensboro!

  2. Quit complaining about what Andy put on the site. He gives us lots of info and does a great job of putting info on here. If you don’t like what he puts then find another website.

  3. I’m just saying they are #1 in the state-wide polls and have been most of the year…And if that is the case, then that is one of the teams, our local teams will have to be shooting for…..One of our guys/teams, I think it was Northwest, knocked them off last year….Providence is #1 in the 4-A’s right now and we need to keep an eye on them too…..No big deal, but it pays to have an idea who you might be seeing down the road….I always liked being the underdog, but it pays to be prepared……Like I was saying, it is all talk till you hit the field, but I still say it is wise to be ready for anything/everything…..

  4. Sure wish they would play all of the games on Friday and not some on Thursday and then some on Friday…..Just makes it more confusing and it does lend an advantage for some coaches who can get out and scout their next opponent…..Maybe you have to close practice early on Thursday so you can go scout the teams that are playing on that night…A lot goes into this and why do they have to play on Thursdays any way??? Proms or Senior Projects on Friday? Some crazy scheduling if you ask me…….I thought they did the proms on Saturday nights???

  5. Each round of the playoffs has to be concluded by a certain date, so if the coaches agree they can play early. Northwest has always played that first round on Thursday, makes a lot of sense since most conf have been done since Friday and are ready to go, if they adavance to rd 2, gives them an extra day

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