Which game will you be at on Friday night?

Several games have already been moved to Thursday night with both Northwest and Northern playing their 4-A and 3-A games on that night and from what are hearing, Western Alamance and Eastern Alamance will both be going on Thursday too….

Here is the Friday lineup and which game will you attend??? The teams have to play on Thursday and Friday and then again next Tuesday…..Your game for Friday and right now I am leaning heavily toward Dudley at Southwest Guilford….

Dudley(14-9) at Southwest Guilford(20-6)…..Have been hearing a lot about that potential Corey Kimber vs. Matt Orth matchup….

Glenn (17-9) at Southeast Guilford (22-3)….Could be Jacobelli vs. Hodges…
Western Guilford (12-11) at East Forsyth (16-7)…Possibly Marrero vs. Ward
Chapel Hill(13-10) at Northeast Guilford(18-7)…..Looking for Matt Millaway for NEG….

Where will everybody be on Friday night????? Will it be SRO(Standing Room Only) at SWG for Kimber and Orth???


  1. OL JD will be hoping Charlie has the hotdogs ready at Southeast, JD is headed to Southeast.

  2. Charlie will have those Hot Dogs jumping on Friday night and if you tell him you heard it here on GreensboroSports.com he may give you one of the Tin Roof Roof Specials and then you’ll get the dog on the house/dog house….

    Late in the game the dogs will be on sale and at that point you may be able to talk Charlie into having a Hot Dog eating contest and if that does happen, you will lose….Charlie is the ‘Top Dog’ eater at Southeast Guilford and his theme song on the music for Friday is going to be that old Charlie special(Charlie Daniels), “The Southeast is Going to do It Again”……

    Should be a big night at Southeast on Friday night and there is word out that they will have a contest in the middle of the 5th inning where Howard Coble will race former SEG Coach Bill Slayton around the bases and whoever wins, they will automatically get the 6th District Congressional Seat in Congress….Billy Yow and Bill Flynn are now milking cows and hauling milk, as over the road truck drivers and they call themselves B&B(Bill and Billy) and they were last seen taking a load of buttermilk over to Buck Bain’s Curb Market(B&B)…..

    SEG vs. Glenn, Howard Coble vs. Bill Slayton, Charlie Pannell in a Hot Dog Eating Contest with JD(Jack Daniel) Higgins and fresh buttermilk at the B&B Curb Market….What more could a sports fan ask for????? Pass the news forward, somebody needs to be in on this deal…..

    And what about the other games???? If your team is out, you gotta be somewhere on Friday…..

  3. save your money. dudley wins and kimber throws a shut out. southern alamance wins and wolfe upstages haack. western alamance wins. southeastern wins. east forsyth wins. northern wins. northeast wins.

  4. @baseball-Thank you for those insightful predictions and saving me the gate money. Have another shot of tequila and give me the powerball numbers for Saturday. I am sure you will be just as accurate with those as your well thought out baseball predictions.

  5. baseball is trying to take Vegas Mike’s spot as the lead prognosticator for Friday night. I want to be at the SEG game Friday but have some other duties that are going to keep me away. I hate to miss the Fat Charlie dog down and the “Hired” Coble race. Yall keep um straight over there.

    Should be some good games. I think Glenn may give SEG some trouble if they don’t get the bats going but I expect SEG and all our GCS teams to make it to round 2. GO Metro!

  6. I suggest you save your money and buy a newspaper…..Its Southeast Guilford not Southeastern……..have an idea brother!

  7. I think you may be wrong about Eastern Alamance playing tonight – this game is scheduled for tomorrow at 7pm at Ledford.

  8. The only part of the hot dog event at SE Charlie is responsible for is the consumption part. The gett’in em ready part….well let’s just say others have much more to do with that!

  9. You have to give it up to Charlie…He is one of the best promoters around…He does an excellent job of promoting the Falcon product….PT Barnum and Richard Robert Ringling have nothing on Mr. Charlie and I hope that they run out of HOT DOGS on Friday night, but not before Howard Coble and Coach Slayton get chance to consume a Falcon Frank……

  10. I mean why all the prognostications…….Providence is going to win it all anyways……..

  11. McMichael takes on Union Pines on Friday Night any pedictions on this 3A contest?

  12. More of an observation than prediction, but I will say McMichael to win and they have had a very good season and with that in mind, the observation is, after such a good season, it is still kind of crazy that they have to start out on the road at Union Pines…..At Union Pines, right?

  13. Southwest
    Northeast all on to the second round

    Western all gone

  14. Any game at Union Pines could be a toss up- lots of home runs given up in that park!! Home team hits a lot of them!!

  15. SE
    NW Cab
    will advance, hate all you want, live by SE, work in charlotte a lot…. seen AK and Providence…. gonna be tough….I think a handful of 4A (yes local) have a good chance to make a deep run. best of luck to all local teams.

    Vegas MIke

  16. With SW getting Providence in the second round, I think they are going to save Orth. I have been hearing that SW may go with Polisetti. They have been saving him all year for this and will unveil his abilities on Friday. Apparently, he pitched against many of the Dudley players on a summer league team a few years back and simply DOMINATED! He’s been waiting for the rematch ever since. Heard he’s getting looks from the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay and the University of Delhi.

    I have also heard that SW is prepping for the huge crowds by offering grilled hamburgers and cheeseburgers for the first time this year in addition to their always excellent Cowboy dog. Please stay away from the cooks though, they can get a little rambunctious.

    Excellent pregame, walkup and between inning music plus one of the best announcers in the state should make this a treat for the multitude that attend. And don’t forget to check out that new scoreboard!

  17. Final NWC 6 – Northern 3

    Looks like it was a pretty good game and maybe they’re not as good as you think.

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