A BIG part of Northwest Guilford HS is gone:Coach Bob Yow dead at age 60

I remember Coach Bob Yow back when he was a real young football coach and I was still playing some football or had just moved on from that stage of life, but Coach Yow died today at age 60 and cancer was the one opponent that he couldn’t stop…..Coach Yow was a long-time girls basketball coach at NWG and he was one of the early soccer coaches, when the Vikings were just getting that program going….Even after he retired from coaching and teaching at Northwest Guilford, he remained involved by driving the activity buses to road games and other trips for the school….He always helped with all of the NCHSAA events at the Greensboro Coliseum, regional basketball games, the Pizza Hut Tournament and the like…He was a lot like Coach Wayne Knox at NWG when he first got out of coaching, they may have been retired, but they were still actively involved with the programs and Coach Bob Yow was on the scene out on Northwest Guilford School Road and at the school nearly every day even in retirement….

The thing that I remember the most about him was, even though he was retired from basketball, I would still see him at the games when his nephew Steven Yow was playing basketball for Northeast Guilford…It didn’t matter if NEG was at Dudley, Northern, Morehead, Rockingham County, Western Guilford, everywhere, you would see him there watching his nephew play basketball….Steven Yow and Coach Bob Yow….

Current NWG AD John Hughes had this to say about Coach Bob Yow at today’s N&R on-line:
“He’s just irreplaceable. You just cannot run a good school without people like Bob Yow,” Northwest athletics director John Hughes said. “He’s just one of those guys at school that everybody knew, respected, and could lean for anything that they asked. In 1995 when I came here, he was the head varsity coach of two of the three sports that I coached. So he was a personal mentor for me and a great friend.”

John Hughes, Wayne Knox, Sandy Gann, Sonny Gann, Mike Everett, Greg King, Charlie Groves, Joey Taro, Joe Woodruff, Lee Reavis, Darlene Joyner, Anthony Long, Jerry Reitinger, Roger Nelson, Mark Goldsmith, Coach Bailey, Bob Billings….There have been a lot of Northwest Guilford coaches that have known and come in contact with Coach Yow, over the years….A very humble and gentle man and I still remember the days back when he was the head football coach at Northwest Guilford High School….

A very important part of the Northwest Guilford Community and a BIG piece of the history that has gone into Northwest Guilford Athletics….

God Bless the Bob Yow family and Rest in Peace, Coach Bob Yow…….

CLICK HERE to read more on the death of Coach Yow, for the News and Record on-line…..

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  1. He was a great coach and even a better father and family man…

    You can not replace a Bob Yow.

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