Graham Sporting Goods HS Baseball Tonight at NEG

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Eastern Alamance 6

WP:Zack Littell
LP:Matt Millaway(10-2)
HR:Eastern Alamance:Robbie Lanier(2-Run Home Run)
Soft pop-up in foul territory on the right side, handled by the EA pitcher Zack Littell, ended the game in the bottom of the 7th….NEG had two men on with two outs and the soft pop-up was caught on the running dive, on a big-time hustle play by Littell to end the game….Eastern Alamance takes it and Littell is the winning pitcher and Matt Millaway takes the loss for NEG…..It ends in the bottom of the 7th at Northeast Guilford…..EA had Nick Montoe warming in the bullpen, in the top of the 7th, while the Eagles were at the plate, but Zack Littell pitches the complete game and makes a big-time catch to end it and win it, for Eastern Alamance……

We say goodbye to the NEG seniors Jaylin Davis, Caleb McCann, Jacob McCann, Josiel Colon, Matt Millaway, Jordan Brown, Cole Wyrick and any others that we may have left out……

*****Every game has a ‘Phantom Play’ and tonight it was the ground play by Jordan Brown for Northeast Guilford on defense, when he tagged the runner going to third and then threw on to first to get the runner for the appearant double-play….The umpire ruled the runner was out at first, but the runner was allowed to stay on third and he was ruled safe….No double-play and I still think Jordan Brown got the tag on the runner going to third and that he should have had a double-play(result three outs/Inning over)…..Inning would have been over and the score would have stood at 3-1 Eastern Alamance, but the way it turned out, it became 4-1 EA on the next play and then the Eagles added two more runs, on a two-run homer to left field and they led 6-1 and that became a lead that Northeast Guilford could not come back from….You keep it at 3-1 EA there and everything eles stays the same and NEG wins this game 4-3….Not to take anything away from Eastern Alamance, they didn’t make the call, the umpire at third did, or did not, because it appeared he missed it completely…..And to make matters worse, they had four umpires working the game tonight….Can I get some help here???? Well, that was our ‘Phantom Play’ of the night……*****

+++++Jacob McCann with a two-run single for NEG and Jacob Watkins finished the game on the hill for the RAMS and gave up no runs…Watkins came on after the two-run HR by Eastern Alamance…..+++++

Check out the photos from the early stages of the game below….Click on one and it will take on through the whole set……


  1. To let you know first, I am not affiliated with either them or related to the umpire, Brown did not make the tag, he swiped at the runner and missed him. The best play their would have been for Brown to tag third and keep the DP in order instead the infield had to drawn in. Does Colon have a leg injury because he did not look like he was going full-speed in the outfield on a couple of balls hit in the gaps

  2. I was at the game and standing behind the Eastern Alamance dugout right in line with third base. The third baseman did not make the tag, missed by about a foot. It was obvious to eveyone around me that he missed the tag. I was attending the game to see some good baseball and was not associated with either team.

  3. All in friendly discussion, but another question that has come up is, “Did the runner run out of the baseline to avoid the tag?”…….Solid, solid effort by Eastern Alamance and NEG did have a chance to win this game in the bottom of the ninth with two men on(the tying runs were on base) and the Rams has one out to work with…..Thought we might see Monroe to mound late, but Littell got the job done…..Jaylin Davis took a bad spill running out a play hard at first base and they say he is OK and that is good for him and his future at Applachian State….

  4. The runner did not appea run out of the baseline, nd I was right behind EA’s dugout.

  5. Colon has never really recovered from his hamstring pull from earlier in the year. He probably played the rest of the year at 80% if that.

  6. Very good input so far, but I would still like to hear some more, from some of those that were sitting on the Northeast Guilford side and see what they saw and hear what they are saying…..Good discussion…..Good ball game and a good season for both squads/teams….Got any backyard umpires out there?

  7. unreal the amount of talent NE Guilford has, yet never seems to win the big one

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