Metro 4-A All-Conference Baseball Team for 2012:Kimber(Dudley), Marshall(SA) and Causey(WG) with honors(I found Ezzell and Jacobelli)

*****I went back and did some double-check scrolling and I found Cody Ezzell and Craig Jacobelli(SEG) and now they are in…Sorry for any confusion this may have caused earlier, but with my double-check, I found them on my E-mail and we have saved the day…So let’s all go positive on this one…I found Craig and Cody, all is right with the world….******

Metro 4-A All-Conference Baseball Team for 2012…..

Player of the Year-Tommy Marshall(Southern Alamance)
Pitcher of the Year-Corey Kimber(Dudley)
Coach of the Year-Chris Causey(Western Guilford)

All-Coference Team:
Cody Ezzell(Southeast Guilford)
Craig Jacobelli(Southeast Guilford)
Brent Frazier(Southeast Guilford)
Justin Reece(SEG)
Blake Butler(SEG)
Dallas Newton(SEG)
Tommy Marshall(Southern Alamance)
AJ Edwards(SA)
Jacob Wolfe(SA)
Nino Marrero(Western Guilford)
Patrick Nusdeo(WG)
Corey Kimber(Dudley)
Rick Powell(Dudley)
Brandon Burkes(Dudley)
Elijah Harris(Dudley)
Nic Schofield(Page)
DJ Reader(Grimsley)
Cory Shumate(Grimsley)
Jared Brown(Smith)
Kaylan Pratt(Smith)

*****Congrats to all the young men that received this honor….*****


  1. Most on this list are no surprise at all. Many here had a great year. Can anyone tell me how the group is chosen?

  2. Coaches nominate their own players usually 4 or 5 and then you vote on all the players with the exception of your own, at least that is the way we did back when I was coaching and I think it is still pretty much the same today….

  3. The formula is weighted from 1st place to last place. It is usually something like 5-4-3-3-2-2-1 but I guess it changes from year to year . There is a different breakdown this year than there was in 2011. For instance SE had five last year and SA had four. The coaches nominate one more player than they are allowed. The coaches meet and discuss.

    I still wonder if it is the SE coaches nominations or the overall coaching voting that is laughable each year. Last year Newton was left off and this year Jacobeli. I guess both of the player of the year nominations are deserving but I just can not see how Newton does not get one of the awards.

  4. I totally agree with baseball fan concerning Newton and Jacobelli. I would have thought Newton should have gotten either player of pitcher of the yearl Just shows how much politics over stats play in this process. No fault however of the kids so congrats to all who made it and who should have made it. I guess this is why Andy gives us our own chance to vote.

  5. How does Reader make it? He was injured most of the year. I am sorry for that…..

  6. I figured someone would go there. DJ supported the team all year and fought hard to get the broken foot healed as quickly as possible. He attended all the practices and games even though he couldn’t participate. Healso made a big difference to the team when he was able to return. He deserves the honor for the impact he had during his entire baseball career at Grimsley.

  7. So, he should be a cheerleader!! What s ridiculous comment!!! It’s politics, and it never changes.

  8. Gfan, I totally understand what you are saying. But reality is these are awards supposedly based on a players performance for that year, not past years. All Star games in major sports are a similar joke. No major sports leagues give end of the season awards to players that missed most of the season. And while on the subject, Jacobelli at SE Guilford was robbed not getting all conference. And he played all season. And yes, I understand Reader making it did not take a spot from Jacobelli.

  9. Criag Jacobelli and Cody Ezell from Southeast were also selected to the Metro All Conference Team. Previous list is incomplete. 20 Players are selected.

  10. Thanks for that update. I feel much better about the selections if that is true.

  11. Are you kidding me? seriously? Newton was the best pitcher and hitter in the conference this year hands down. he hit over .425 with 7 homers and not to mention his stolen bases! Oh yeah BTW his pitching! The selection should win an Oscar for the biggest joke of the year. this disgusts me. Pure politics at it’s finest

  12. If you don’t agree with the selections then blame your local Metro Coach. You know this has to be a negotiation. Do you think maybe SEG didn’t push for a POY to get an extra pick or two?.

  13. We got the missing Cody Ezzell and Craig Jacobelli problem solved….The names were stuck up in the top right hand corner of my E-mail and I had to go look for them and I found them….Mission accomplished….

    Now we have to find a new boys basketball and a baseball coach at Grimsley……

  14. GEzell and Jacobelli did make all conf.  9 out of 10 times when you win your league you have pitcher player and coach of the year.  The Newton kids numbers were simply better than Kimberl in pitching and Marshall in hitting. Don’t take anything away from those guys who had great years they were just out done by somebody better. There are sometimes when you have a rare situation where another guy may win the award simply because he had a monster year. This was not the case this year. The other issue is why can’t a coach that takes his team to two conference titles and wins 7 games in state playoffs be coach of the year.  I guess you have to be about .500 and be so so to get that award. 

  15. With all the great players and the should be coach of the year, why is SE not still playing baseball?
    That’s right I just had to go there!

  16. Where is Andy when you need him? Come on now just made a statement yesterday cant talk about HGH SCHOOL coachimg on this website. Andy patrol where are you. Andy’s not mine

  17. This is obviously politics over stats. Not taking away from boys, but this is just crazy.

  18. DJ Reader is an unbelievable player and even better young man…….


    There should be some kind of minimum games played, AB’s, innings pitched, etc. to be eligible for postseason accolades……and I’ll end again by saying he is a great kid, sportsman, player! But you don’t play 6-7 games, some being in an Easter Invitational and make the all-league team….disagree that past impact has anything to do with the 2012 Spring Season…….

  19. Wow im curious you sound pretty smart. Baseball is the best game ever invented, with that being said any body can beat anybody on any given night. It just like the West Forsyth coach said in the paper after the Southeast Game, you have to get lucky at this time of year and we had some lucky breaks. Sometimes the best team does not always win on that night and thats what happened. Tthats why you play the game, look at the total field for the entire playoffs, there are all kind of 4 seeds still playing. You get hot at the right time and you roll. I would bet pretty heavy that if our state would figure out like georgia and some of the other big baseball states have about high school baseball playoffs and play 2 out of 3 every round we would see true champions. Thats why MLB, college, and higher level competition has figured it out. You dont win a baseball game with one fluke pitcher or one lucky break you play a series to see what happens. But back to your comment Curious i guess once again you have to be .500 to become coach of the year and just hope your team does not have an offnight. Plus they give out all conf player pitcher and coach of the year based on regular season not playoffs so reward the players and coach for what happened during the regular season.

  20. Very well said, I know for me personally would love to see the best 2 out of 3 starting in the 2nd round. I can remember when I was a senior in high school we beat a team 3 times (they were in our conf) …. games were not even close …. they got hot in the playoffs and we made a few errors and they beat us in the 4th rd 2-1. My point is this, I know anyone can beat any team on a given night, but a 3 game series changes everything. Would love to see it, but we never will. Good luck to EF, hope they can bring the title home to the piedmont area.

  21. Andy has been busy….

    DJ got nominated for the team by his coach and then the other conference coaches voted him in….You can’t blame that on DJ so who is at fault there??? For the games that DJ played in Grimsley probably won half of those and they had their most successful stage of the year when he came back…Grimsley even made a run for the Conference Tournament Title when he came back…Ended up in the semis vs. SEG and led early in the game….If DJ would have been able to pitch, Grimsley would have had a very good chance to win that game vs. SEG…But he had already pitched two days earlier vs. WG and the Whirlies defeated the favored Hornets with DJ on the mound….The Big Man had a huge impact on his Whirlies even if was only around for limited games this season….When wasn’t playing Grimsley wasn’t winning and when he came back Grimsley started winning…I have always been a big supporter of the Big Man and if Grimsley is slotted to get two players on the first team, and he gets nominated and the other coaches vote him in….He’s in…I’m sure that Grimsley could nominate more than one man, but the two the conference coaches voted in were DJ and Shumate and it is as simple as that….If he has that much influence over the other conference coaches more power to him…He must have got their attention somewhere over the years…..I don’t think DJ took anybody’s spot from the other teams, if anything he was given a Grimsley slot and I doubt if there are many Grimsley players that are all that upset over this….Most have found it is a good time to move on, the season is over and it was over at SEG 3-4 weeks ago….

    If you get left off of a All-Conference team, then it is a good time to get back to work and keep playing and prove the people wrong who left you off the list…..I have known kids like DJ, Seth O’Fallon and Ryan Stoneman for many years, the Grimsley kids and they are all good kids and they come from good families….I remember DJ when he was in 9th grade and just coming in to Grimsley and the same for Stoneman, I remember the day he arrived on the Grimsley campus and joined the football team…I remember Seth when he was probably 6-7 years old playing basketball with his dad Kenny, down at the basketball courts…..

    These are all good kids and I can see all of them doing good things later in life….They will make mistakes, they all do, but they will keep bouncing back and do well…..DJ is an impact player and he will make an Impact anywhere he goes…I don’t see him coming home fron Clemson without a degree and he will remember those that supported him over the years, he is that type of kid and a strong-minded young man….

    Good luck to all of the kids on this team and you need to support them, they have given all us something to talk about over the last 3-4 years…

    Thanks and good job Metro 4-A All-Conference team members…..Remember make or no-make the team, if you want to keep on playing it is time to get to work…..If you don’t you are going to be sitting around wondering like so many of us on here, what might have been…..

  22. Kimber is the best pitcher in the conference. Throws harder, hits his spots more consistently, and had a record that was about equal to Newton’s on a team that is below average. Newton is good, but Corey is one of a kind. He threw a two hitter in the second round of playoffs off 3 days rest…. come on now

  23. Nothing against Kimber….however stats should be a HUGE Factor! POLITICS! Come on now!!!!Dudley is not a below average team; I do believe they faired well this year! And It’s not playoffs; it’s season records that matter! That would be Baseball 101! 😉

  24. Dallas Newton is a very humble young man from a very humble family. He will do great things with or without all the accolades.

  25. This is just a list based on opinion and perception. Such is the case with any list where some are on and some are off. Legitimate arguments can be made for some of those left off as well as those that are on it. It is not a predictor of future success. It is more important to be a quality kid and student than make an all conference list, player of the year, etc. Not diminishing the accomplishments of those on this list as they are all very good players but let’s keep it all in perspective. How important is it really? I would be willing to bet that every kid named on the list and the ones left off will determine their future success by what they do off the field and not on it.

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