We had this back on Friday:Mike Gaski Gone/Out as Baseball Coach at UNCG

We had this news back on Friday for you, long before any other outlet in the area had it and this was up on the site(GreensboroSports.com) nearly all day on Friday and then we had to pull back, as UNCG came with a firing of their softball coach only….We also had our contact with the UNCG assistant baseball coaches and they were denying that Coach Gaski was GONE at UNCG….Our intial source was right again and they are good ones and we appreciate that and our record stands, we have not been wrong yet, in breaking these type of stories and it serves as a credit to our sources…..Would have been nice to have left it all out there on Friday, but we could not get the University to verify our information and they chose to deny that Coach Gaski was Gone….In this day and age of computer technology and internet social networking, you have to be careful what you say and how and when you say it….There was a time when we could just always let it rip and we did, but now you have to watch your steps and be careful…But rest assured, for those of you that read it here on Friday, we were the first again, and we were right again….Others have certain steps of protocol that they follow, and often times people don’t take us serious enough and they choose not to include us in the protocol….But most of those that have followed us for many years know where to come to, to get their info first….And they will continue to do so….

I just wish the University would have chosen to announce the baseball coaches release at the same time, as they announced the softball coach being let go….I don’t like announcing these coaching changes before the Universities have had time to make their announcements, but sometimes you have to, if the University is taking an extended vacation in regards to these matters…..

from the UNCG press realease…..

GREENSBORO, N.C. – UNCG baseball coach Mike Gaski’s contract will not be renewed when it expires on June 30, Director of Athletics Kim Record announced Saturday.

Gaski, the only coach in the history of UNCG’s baseball program, finishes his UNCG career with a 657-540-1 record in 22 years at the helm. He was a four-time conference coach of the year and led the Spartans to NCAA regional appearances in 1994 and 1997.

He led UNCG to a 25-27 overall record this season with a 10-20 Southern Conference mark.


  1. This is why I always check Greensborosports.com for all local sporting news, even the News and Record web site is usually a day or two behind you on the sporting news, keep up the good work.

  2. Nice pickup on this news, greensborosports.com.
    As usual.
    I don’t know all the details but Gaski was a good guy when I knew of him. The only coach The G’s ever had?
    Hope The G gets a replacement of similar stature.

  3. Hopefully they will get someone better. Not that Gaski was terrible, but his reputation especially locally was only marginally good. He did many good things at UNCG, but it is time for a change. No way UNCG should be mid to bottom of the SOCON with the facilities they have. Hopefully the admin will pony up some cash for an upgrade…otherwise they will be stuck with a juco coach.

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