HS Player of the Year and Coach of the Year Voting(Keep an eye on the site, we could be going with this tonight, at 8pm:Be on the Lookout!)

*****Let’s just let the voters vote…*****

Here are the sample ballots and we will start the voting in the poll on Wednesday and the voting poll will be located on the left hand side/column of the home page here at the site….Six different categories and you had to be nominated to get in and there were some good ones out there that did not get nominated and if we had more than one nominee from one school, we took the one that got the most nominations and there were several….Check out the list below and familiarize yourself with it and then you get a chance to start voting on Wednesday…We will run the voting through Sunday June 10 and then see who we had win…..Here is the list and get ready, the voting starts on Wednesday…..All names in alphabetical order….

Public School Baseball Player of the Year:

Jaylin Davis(Northeast Guilford High School)
Keaton Haack(Northwest Guilford High School)
Corey Kimber(Dudley High School)
Dallas Newton(Southeast Guilford High School)
Matt Orth(Southwest Guilford High School)

Private School Baseball Player of the Year:

Tyler Marion(Westchester Country Day)
Tiger Miller(High Point Christian)
John Olczak(Wesleyan)
Caleb Robinson(Shining Light Academy)
Richie Sanfilippo(Caldwell Academy)

Public School Baseball Player of the Year outside Guilford County:

Scott Ellington(Burlington Williams)
Daniel Kennedy(Western Alamance)
Lucas Martin(McMichael)
Nick Monroe(Eastern Alamance)
Zack Scudder(East Forsyth)

Public School Softball Player of the Year:

Morgan Coleman(Northwest Guilford)
Haley Green(Page)
Taylor Hall(Northern Guilford)
Brooke Pegram(Western Guilford)
Kara Shutt(Southeast Guilford)

Baseball Coach of the Year:

Randy Ballard(Eastern Alamance)
Dan Bozarth(Caldwell Academy)
Larry Farrer(Dudley)
Joey Hammond(Westchester Country Day)
Ken Morgan(High Point Central)

Softball Coach of the Year:

Shannon Cowart(Southeast Guilford)
Donna Deaton(Western Alamance)
Teresa Fister(Northwest Guilford)
April Katz(Page)
Jessie Norman(Western Guilford)


  1. Tommy Marshall from Southern Alamance was the Metro 4A player of the year and he is not on the list.

  2. You cannot have the public vote and get the best of whatever category. It is already obvious from the votes that some losers are just sitting at their computer and voting over and over again for the same person.

  3. getalife, I totally agree with you. This cannot be a public vote. I know I cannot and would not sit at a computer and vote over and over just to get someone to win. Andy, please correct his. Why can’t you and your staff come up with a winner or just do away with it all together. And I thought the BCS system was bad.

  4. getalife, I totally agree with you. I refuse to vote over and over on a kid to be Player of the Year. Andy, if you can you and your staff should come up with the winner. This system is just as bad as the BCS if not worse. All the nominees are worth being selected but really, it needs to be fair.

  5. Nominees were taken several weeks ago by emails to Andy.

    Yes, the voting system is not exactly fair; but it is the same that we used for Basketball Player of the Year. We know that their are people “playing” the system; but, that’s also part of the game. I was surprised to discovered the lengths people went in the Basketball voting to have their choice win.

    We will continue to review voting patterns in the hope that we can find a voting system that can not be gamed.

  6. We would have loved to have Tommy Marshall in there for the Player of the Year, but someone had to nominate him….We had tons of nominees, but there were some that did not get nominated….You have plenty of great choices to pick from as you vote for ‘Your’ Player of the Year….To vote, the ballot is on the left hand side of the site, along the left hand column….We will get some compliants, but you have to reward the people that react and the readers that nominated players did something….They reaacted and the voters did something, they voted….Don’t stand around and complain, do something and vote…The kids have to learn, you just can’t be handed something, you have to earn it….People decide who will run for office and the candidates get out and campaign….Get your people to the polls and get them to vote….Hustle, work and win…That is how the process works…Tell someone about this People’s Choice voting system and if you want to see someone win, get people to vote….

    If nobody know who you are then you can work you tail off forever and you still won’t get anywhere….Cetain groups work harder that others and that is why their people win…..

    Good luck to all the potential winners and we have worthy candidates in all the races and get over here and vote and tell your people to vote….If you work the hardest and you have people to back you up then you have a great chance to come out on top…..

    We are working on this site 7 days a week and every day of the year, just for a chance to beat everyone else and be the best….No chance to take any days off and let this site rest….Got to be the best local source and the other outlets, but they take breaks….We had people up at all hours of the day and night during the basketball voting because they wanted it……And they wanted it bad….How bad does this group want it?????

    That is part of the problem with our society today….Let’s just hand out a bunch of awards and give them away….The kids have put up suitable numbers all year and now let’s see who take home the real prize….All of our basketball people went home happy with their very large award-winning plaques….

    We are ready to make somebody happy again…….

    ******On the note about people not gettting nominated, I was surprised that nobody nominated anyone from Randleman..Players, Coach, etc…But they didn’t and it is hard to get on the ballot if you did not get nominated…If we had multiple nominees from one school, we had to take the kid that recieved the most nominations…..*****

    Let’s see some tight contests and ones that are really contested…I think this could become bigger than American Idol Contest and you see how big that has become…..

    Good luck to all and it is just fun and not a life or death situation, but it is real important to play and play hard and go for the win…..I remember one year back in school when I was campaigning for the Student Body President’s office and had no business really winning, but I campaigned my tail off and I reached the people and the people saw that I was one of them…..I was in it for the people and they responded and I won…..Winning breds success and success looks good on your resume…….

    The competition is on and this will be the biggest moment of some kid’s life and I will be happy for him or her and if they don’t win, you bust your butt and go for it again…….

    Again, good luck to all and it is just for fun, but winning is fun, especially when you work for it….Get the people behind and run toward the finish..

    *****I’m looking for some people that are ready to work for it, so get your people to come here and vote for you…..Some may say I’m crazy for this approach, but this is the way it has to get done….All out and wide open till the finish……This is a challenge until the last day of the race…

    On another side note, in our football competition, we had to award a second place award, because the #2 man had worked so hard and came so close….That is what I like to see, people that want and they just don”t sit around and talk about it, they go get it….

  7. If it is all in fun, I just do not get it. All of these individuals put in effort to be the best they can be at their craft. They have already put the work in or they would not have been nominated and made the final five in each category. To me, Andy, the way you just explained it diminshes the award. Just call it the “My Friends and Family Have Too Much Time on their Hands” award and it makes perfect sense.

  8. I don’t think I have diminished anything….I’m standing for hard work….If the players we have are all of near equal talent and ability, why not let the fans decide???

    You look at the five up for the Public School Baseball Player of the Year and I don’t know how you can get any more equal than that….No one has seen more games from these players as a whole group this year than me, and it would be a very tough call…..Let the fans decide…

    I am here to carry banner for the Guilford County Sports…I will be carrying that banner on my back as I run down that road in the morning…..If I start diminishin’, I won’t be finishin’ and it will be time to walk away….I just like a good competition and I hope we have one, if not we will try something different next time….Good luck to all and I’ll see you at the finish….

  9. Quote of the year from getalife – Just call it the “My Friends and Family Have Too Much Time on their Hands” award and it makes perfect sense.

  10. How can one of the candidates have only 39 at bats and be eligible to be player of the year and winning?? WOW!There has to be some criteria you have to meet to be eligible for this. Ive seen Jon Olzack play as well as Tiger Miller and Richie Sanfilippo, all great players and better yet made all-state making their team proud. Miller Im sure had well over 90 at bats and just a couple hits short of .500 playing close to 30 games compared to 15 or so and Olzack being a great two way player and helping his team this year get to the state championship but fell short same as Sanfillippo as well falling short in the championship. Im sure all of them have more than 39 at bats…Good luck to whoever wins, Hope its Miller, Olzack or Sanfilippo.

  11. This “popularity” contest could have been a fair contest by simply requiring an email when you enter your vote and only being allowed to vote once.

  12. Andy explained the entire concept behind the voting. I’m sure that any of the five nominations could have emailed Andy and asked to be removed.

    Look what this contest has done for this website, over 4000 votes just for softball, Andy found a way to reward some local players and generate a huge amount of traffic on this website. I think its all good, this site promotes Guilford County athletes and sports more than any other media out there.

    *****Editor’s note:And we will try and keep doing it too….When it came to baseball this year, ask Dudley, Northeast Guilford, Southeast Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Western Guilford, Eastern Guilford, Southern Guilford, Page, Grimsley, SWG, High Point Central, not so much Ragsdale because Mike Ellis does such a good job with them for the Jamestown News but, so many of the schools, who was your man? Who was there for you to cover you all season long? I was there from Feb. thru May…..High School Baseball and even Softball Tonight for you pretty much every single night…..All over Guilford County and down at Southern Almance for the playoffs…..We were there with computer and the camera set up in the stands many a night during a packed house…..This is what it is all about getting kids names out there and many will stick and head on to college….Need to stick it out, the finish is in sight and the reward is worth the fight……*****

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