Corey Kimber(Dudley HS) to San Diego Padres Round 25 MLB Draft:Congrats to Corey and his family

Corey Kimber(Dudley High School) goes to the San Diego Padres in Round 25 of the Major League Baseball Draft with pick #765……Corey, selected as a RHP, joins Clint Moore(Grimsley HS/Army) in the Padres system and we say Congratulations to Corey and his family…..Moore selected by the Padres in the 2011 draft and spent last summver playing with the Eugene, Oregon Emeralds…Moore, now serving his duty in the US Army……Let’s look to see if Corey signs and heads out to Eugene, Oregon….

Good to see the Greensboro kids getting the call…..


  1. Corey “Hard work really does pay off” I love you and I am really proud of you.

  2. I remember the first game I saw Corey play was against Wesleyan in High Point over at Ed Price Field…It was a cold Monday in February and Corey hit one out that day and Dudley beat the Trojans…You could tell right then and there, that the Kimber kid was going places……

  3. Congradulations Corey,Thanks to you and your family for allowing me to be one of your coaches. Let’s go Padres!!!!

  4. He should sign. Never know if/when you will get another opportunity like this. If he doesn’t, then he should go to junior college because he can get drafted again after only his first year, or he could opt to return to juco for another year and get drafted after that one. If he goes to HPU, then he will have to wait 3 years until he is drafted again. I am pretty sure Coach Barrow at G Tech would love to have him (he offered Kimber from what I understand)! Either way, congrats to Corey…he is a great kid!

  5. Knew this kid was special the first time I saw hitm throw a pitch over at SE, Congratulations to a great ball player and fine young man.

    Vegas Mike

    Proud of you beyond belief! You can say something that millions of ballplayers
    Wish they can say including myself. Drafted!
    Truly incredible!

  7. Big Congrats to Corey. I don’t know this young man at all but have heard plenty of good things in the community. Lots of people play this game and never accomplish what this young man has. However, to say he should sign is insane. With the new draft rules in place, 25th round will get him hardly any money at all in a signing bonus and then he gets to go play for maybe 1200-1400 a month for 6 months? Come on….Go to school, get stronger and more polished. Show scouts you can pitch effectively at a higher level, get 3 years of education and come out as possibly a 1st through 5th rounder. Get a payday of $325,000 or more plus you will be fast tracked to higher levels of pro ball. You have made Greensboro look good and best of luck either way….you have earned it.

  8. Great job Corey! Us Metro fans are behind you 100% no matter what your decision is.

  9. He should sign! He can go to college anytime, and MLB will take care of college if he does not make it. Make your best deal, work hard, keep your nose clean, and give it your best shot!!!!! There is no time like the present!!!

  10. It is a no-brainer for this kid to sign…….I was presented with the same opportunity and I chose college over pro baseball. If I had it to do over again I would have signed that same day if I could have…..Injury, getting lost in the shuffle, coaching changes, etc. all are variables that no one thinks about before this opportunity is presented to you…..And a college education will be there after playing career is over! On a side note, education about the draft for these young men is so important, not only for the player but for the families as well. I read in this mornings N&R that he said his number was 500,000 and 700,000….seriously! A 25th round pick is not gonna get that kind of coin……2nd or 3rd round would maybe!

  11. Vegas Mike

    Were you saying this about Corey (Dudley) on this website before all this happen? If so please show us the post.

  12. i have never said an unkind word about any kid on this site. I have a strong opinion on Teams in many different sports, as well as their parents, fans….Its just that, my opinion. If their ever was a post saying an unkind word about a kid…. then it was someone using my name. I have 2 girls, and a boy getting ready to come up through the middle school ranks… all 3 play sports….Im sure I will meet all of you soon and you can make that judgement for yourself. Let me repeat, NEVER have or will attack or bash another kid on here! PERIOD!

    Vegas MIke

  13. Congratulations Corey, We enjoyed watching you through the years. Hope you go far.

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