Brian Shaw should be the Bobcats’ next head man, at least that is what ‘they’ are saying

Brian Shaw should be the Charlotte Bobcats next head coach, at least that is what the majority of the fans and followers of the team are saying and based on what I have been reading, I agree….Shaw has that Phil Jackson pedigree and for the most part that has always spelled success…Sure worked in Chicago and LA, to the tune of about 8 NBA title rings….Jerry Sloan, at age 70, is too old and that theory should hold and hold on for just a minute, Sloan is a former Bull himself and he ought to be able to hold it together long enough to lead the ‘Cats to a .500 record….But he may be in his 80’s before the ‘Cats can get back to the playoffs….Shaw should be ‘The Man’, but can Charlotte pull this off….

Tom Sorenson of the Charlotte Observer thinks they can and he feels that they have to get Shaw, if the ‘Cats want to stay afloat in the hard waters, of the National Basketball Association…

CLICK HERE to read the good word on Shaw and the Bobcats, from the Charlotte Observer on-line….

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  1. The coach will not matter without good players. The Bobcats must be clear on what type of style their want to play. You can play like Golden State (fast break & no defensive) which will keep people in the seats since its entertaining but without elite players they will still be losing. They could play a style similar to Boston (half court sets) but without elite players that can finish 1on1 they will still be losing. Without elite players, the new coach will be fired within 3 years.

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