Local Greensboro Baseball for tonight:Hoppers, Greensboro Palomino and SEG Junior Legion

Our local Greensboro Grasshoppers are home tonight at NewBridge Bank Park, to take on the Hickory Crawdads….Game time is set for 7pm and there will be a fireworks show after the game is complete….

Greensboro Palomino Baseball Tonight:
R&B Aggies
8:15 PM – Stoner-White Park

Greensboro Palomino Baseball results from Thursday:
Western Greensboro 8
R&B Aggies 6

Pride 10
Hawks 9

Southeast Guilford Junior Legion Baseball:Tonight June 29 6pm SEG vs. Thomasville at East Davidson High School


  1. Last nite @Stoner White I come to the conlusion that Greensboro Youth Programs mainly Colt & Palomino leagues are about to become extinct.

    Before I step on any toes I know there are circumstances that are beyond anyone`s control and I tip my hat to the Tom V. & Enad H. of the world that volunteer their time for such a noble cause but someone needs to get with program. First, watching a 2.5 to 3:00 hour game is insane espicially if it`s bad baseball 1 would think that a time limit would be in place, secondly the atmosphere was horrible. No music between innings the kids and coaches appeared not to care, it was just ugly.

    I had the impression the coaches coached because their son played on the team and this isn`t Little League anymore where you can play your son at SS or Pitcher because you have your finger on that pulse. This is unacceptible

    The venues in G`boro are respectable and the talent level in this area is strong we just need the old school baseball minds to expedite these floundering programs with some fresh ideas and bring baseball back to these leagues. We have some brite people in the community that surely can resurrect these league(s).

    How can we remedy this boring brand of baseball?

  2. Cliff, I do not know who you are nor do i care… Boring baseball? Yes there were a lot of errors in the games last night but many hits as well! When you have players who work all day as i do and still manage to come out in the heat and play to the best of their ability, personally i think thats all that matters! If you do not enjoy the games then take your 5 dollars somewhere else. Am i right Andy? No need to come to a site informing people how kids are doing and criticize them. That takes a real man!

  3. Right on ball player. Don’t listen to the jerks on this board just keep doing your best. There are plenty of errors made at Legion abd Showcase ball also. Summer ball is suppose to be a place to learn and game playing time experience. You get better by playing and learning by mistakes.

  4. The Palomino Player has a lot of valid points…..I commend him and the other players out there on nights like this and kudos to those that have worked all day and then turned out to play in the heat….That takes dedication and determination…..Buddly Walker, along with Tom Veal, they have some real good plans for the Palomino league and I hope they get the chance to work them out….Buddy, like Tom before him, they are still putting their heart and soul into the league and it will take some time to get it where they want……

    For those of you of you that want to see some changes and improvements, how about volunteering some of your time to help out if you want to really see this league grow and develop….

    It is going to take some merging of the minds and ideas to make it work and there will need to be some give and take….

    I was just on the phone tonight with a local that is looking to play baseball and they are almost into their 30’s….Greensboro has a gowing population of young adults that want to play baseball and this area could be a hotbed in the future for leagues like the Palomino League and then on up to the Adult Baseball Leagues….

    Let’s try and help those that want to keep to playing and support those like Buddy Walker, Tom Veal and Enad Haddad that are working to keep these young adult and adult leagues alive…..

    If you have time, volunteer and help with the leagues and if have some spare funds you can always dontae to support the leagues….

    The Palomino Player that left the comment today, he is one of our future leaders and we need to back him up….

  5. Was at the Palomino game last night and it was a very interesting game with lots of kids that we’ll probably be seeing in college and pro ball soon. The game was certainly not boring and the level of play was very good. I commend this site for reporting the games and motivating the kids to do well and to strive to improve!

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