Summer Classes in the UNC academic scandal were often ‘one seat’ classes with other seats being held for athletes

So very much to read on this one and you may need to turn this into your ‘Summer Reading Project’…..From Dan Kane at the Charlotte Observer(

Students looking to enroll in a summer class at UNC-Chapel Hill taught by Julius Nyang’oro were likely to hit a roadblock as soon as they went online.

Of the 38 courses the university says he was responsible for over five summers, 26 of them listed a maximum capacity for just one student. For many students, that would be a sign to go look for another course.

But university records show more than one student enrolled in most of these courses. And often, a substantial share of those students were athletes.

Many of these courses and others are now under investigation by the university and the State Bureau of Investigation, as university officials say there’s little evidence Nyang’oro or anyone else actually taught them. Registration records show many of the courses had no classroom or class time.

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  1. This is gradually putting more and more stress on the UNC PR machine. I wonder what things will be like a year from now? I’ll bet that this will not be over by then.

  2. I think this is and will prove to be, the hottest story in the Summer of 2012……

  3. This is all Dean Smith’s fault. He was doing this back in 60′ and 70’s and was doing it for years.

    How did all of those Tar Heels Dean had graduate?

    They didn’t call him THE DEAN for nothing. He had his own way of school going on in Chapel Hill.

    I say it all goes back to Smith and it has been going on for years. Why change now? They have been doing this for years I tell you.

  4. This setup certainly predates Butch Davis.
    UNC will want to blame Butch for it in order to save Roy’s boys.
    It is too late for that now.There are too many leaks in the dam.
    It is going to take a while since this has not gone National yet.
    A year from now this will still be discussed on sites such as this one.
    The longer this goes on the worse it becomes for UNC.

  5. The NCAA and UNC both have filed to dismiss any appeals coming in from Michael McAdoo(FORMER TAR HEEL FOOTBALL PLAYER)…..

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