‘The Legend of Josh Hamilton’:Find out how it all got started with a kid throwing 97mph and hitting baseballs into the woods and well beyond

Some say he hit a ball that traveled 962 feet and that he was throwing 97/98 miles per hour, as a junior in high school….They say he could stand in the right field corner and throw the ball in the air all the way to the left field corner and beyond…The baseball tales that have been told about Josh Hamilton, out of Raleigh’s Athens Drive High School and now with the Texas Rangers and he was the leading vote-getter for this year’s MLB All-Star Game, well the tales about the legendary Josh Hamilton are just that, ‘legendary’…….

Read them all from friends, former teammates, former opponents and former coaches that saw Josh Hamilton back in the day when he was coming up, to become the baseball superstar that he is today…..Read all of the tales and the story of the ‘Legend of Josh Hamilton’, from Tim Stevens of the News and observer, when you CLICK HERE….Well worth the read and you may want to go back and read some of this twice….

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  1. So it’s my senior year at Elon. We are having our annual winter term hitting camp. That year we were lucky enough to have Tony Gwynn coming in to headline the camp. It’s a great turnout. A few of us players are working the during winter term. Hamilton attends the camp. Camp was set up great. Tony Gwynn was stationed on the field for the BP station…so that every camper had the chance to hit in front of him…And walk away getting advice/instruction from one of the greatest. I happened to be standing at the cage when Hamilton rolls in to hit. The station wasn’t full on BP…it was underhand front toss. After a few line drive lasers…Hamilton proceeds to launch balls over the wall off of front toss. Tony Gwynn stops him….And I quote…”Damn son…You could play beside me today”

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