HS Football List keeps on growing

The High School Football list of players just keep on growing and there have been some schools that we have not heard from yet, but we still hope to hear from you as the ‘Countdown to the First Day of Practice’ draws nearer…August 1 is just around that corner….

I will pop a few names out there that keep showing up on most people’s lists and you can add to the list/lists when you send us more names here to the site….That is how it is done, you send us the names and then we start to print the names as they come in….

Some of the high school football names that have been coming in for the early part of the season inclulde:

Top Player in the County would have to be T.J. Logan and if you haven’t heard of him by now, he just verbally committed to the UNC Tar Heels on Tuesday…..Real tough runningback….

Others and I will have to take breaks and keep adding more names throughout the day….

Grant Brewer(Page)
Carter Stanley(Page)
Jordan Putnam(Page)and Page has some good linemen that we have been hearing about too…

Coalson Herndon(Ragsdale)
Brandon Walker(Ragsdale)
Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale)
Xavier Jones(Ragsdale)

Albert McLean(Dudley)
Richard Hayes(Dudley)
Chris Register(Dudley)
Edward Mosley(Dudley)

Reid Baxter(NWG)
Andrew Ritz(NWG)
Anthony Harding(NWG)

Rubin Crosby(HP Central)…..Some say he could be the Top Defensive player in the county….
Justin Johnson(HP Central)
Will Johnson(HP Central)

Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford)
Ryan Johnston(Northern Guilford)

Jamal Petty(SEG)
Will Greene(SEG)
Cam Gardner(SEG)

Jake Simpson(Grimsley)

Malik Mosely(Southern Guilford)

Quentin Chavis(High Point Christian)

*****Thought we might be hearing from some of the Smith, NEG, EG, SWG, WG and other fans that are out there…Send us some more names so we can keep adding to our list/lists….*****

+++++Would love to get some more names on here, but these are the names that we have been seeing/hearing the most of so far.+++++