HS Football List keeps on growing

The High School Football list of players just keep on growing and there have been some schools that we have not heard from yet, but we still hope to hear from you as the ‘Countdown to the First Day of Practice’ draws nearer…August 1 is just around that corner….

I will pop a few names out there that keep showing up on most people’s lists and you can add to the list/lists when you send us more names here to the site….That is how it is done, you send us the names and then we start to print the names as they come in….

Some of the high school football names that have been coming in for the early part of the season inclulde:

Top Player in the County would have to be T.J. Logan and if you haven’t heard of him by now, he just verbally committed to the UNC Tar Heels on Tuesday…..Real tough runningback….

Others and I will have to take breaks and keep adding more names throughout the day….

Grant Brewer(Page)
Carter Stanley(Page)
Jordan Putnam(Page)and Page has some good linemen that we have been hearing about too…

Coalson Herndon(Ragsdale)
Brandon Walker(Ragsdale)
Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale)
Xavier Jones(Ragsdale)

Albert McLean(Dudley)
Richard Hayes(Dudley)
Chris Register(Dudley)
Edward Mosley(Dudley)

Reid Baxter(NWG)
Andrew Ritz(NWG)
Anthony Harding(NWG)

Rubin Crosby(HP Central)…..Some say he could be the Top Defensive player in the county….
Justin Johnson(HP Central)
Will Johnson(HP Central)

Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford)
Ryan Johnston(Northern Guilford)

Jamal Petty(SEG)
Will Greene(SEG)
Cam Gardner(SEG)

Jake Simpson(Grimsley)

Malik Mosely(Southern Guilford)

Quentin Chavis(High Point Christian)

*****Thought we might be hearing from some of the Smith, NEG, EG, SWG, WG and other fans that are out there…Send us some more names so we can keep adding to our list/lists….*****

+++++Would love to get some more names on here, but these are the names that we have been seeing/hearing the most of so far.+++++

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  1. Sadeek Watt of Grimsley High School is a dynamic slot back and defensive back with great speed and strength

    Rashaun Mayfield of Grimsley High School plays DE and Linebacker overwhelming speed and strength will record lots of tackles and sacks this year

    DaShaun Jones of Grimsley High School Running back probably most physically gifted backs in the county next to TJ Logan in terms of size and speed.

    Should the Grimsley Line produce, this will be a big year for the skill players listed above!

  2. Excellent informaton and this is what we are looking for….Kudos to you for taking the time to send this in…..

    I had heard a lot about Jones and Mayfield coming off of last year’s season….

    Tnanks again, and good job…..

    We need to hear from others….This is what it is all about….Let’s hear from you….

    You can send it like the coach did….You know like:Andy Durham 5’9/200 (LB/OL) from John’s Curb Market, get the basic idea…..

  3. “DaShaun Jones of Grimsley High School Running back probably most physically gifted backs in the county next to TJ Logan in terms of size and speed.” Really? I think Malik Mosley, Reid Baxter, Jamal Petty and Omar Foust might have something to say about that. I’m sure he can play, but hasn’t proved what those mentioned above have accomplished.

  4. Good to see the name of Omar Foust showing up on here…That is another name we can add to the list….In time I think Jones will get the job done at Grimsley and it will need to come this year, but Jones can be a keeper and again, good to see Omar Foust RB from Smith…Coach Rodney Brewington has always talked highly of Omar….

    Keep those names coming….Any kickers that we can put on the list? We have Will Johnson from HP Central…Very good on kickoffs….Others we should be watching???

  5. Andy,

    I would like to throw out there the targets that Jordan will have to throw to. Tevin Smith (6’2” – 185lbs) back after having a good junior season, Justin Neal (6’3” – 205lbs) who was unable to play last year but has looked great in 7 on 7’s, and then Jalen Gavin (5’9” – 170lbs). Keep an eye on Jalen, he will a true multipurpose player. Superb hands and return skills, and the kid can also play defense if needed. Kemp Young (All Metro OT last year) is moving to TE where he played as a freshman. He has great hands and we already know the kid can block.

    Defensively, you can NOT forget about Lorenzo Featherstone (6’6” – 215lbs.) at DE. This kid is good, and I’m not just biased. He is good and will be the next big recruit in our area after TJ is gone. John Lynch will be back at CB after having a good junior year. I think he had 5 interceptions on the season as a backup. AJ Capel (5’11” – 185lbs) played RB for the JV for two years but will be moving to CB to add strength to that defense. He runs a consistent high 4.3 / low 4.4 in the forty.

  6. Page fans keep talking about Lorenzo like he’s the most dominate player in the county. Has the kid even played a varsity snap when it mattered?

  7. Just Saying,

    All I’m saying is come watch and judge for yourself. The recruiters are already on top of him from the camps he has attended. He also got many snaps throughout the season as an 8 quarter player and some snaps throughout the playoffs including the championship game. One game in particular, he faired pretty well against Brock Stadnik from Western Guilford, and Brock was no slouch. Don’t hate, I’m just passing along kids names just like everyone else. All good names thus far from all schools. Now, anymore questions???

  8. Reid Baxter… Beside TJ Logan this kid maybe one of the most exciting play makers in the area.

  9. Looking forward to seeing Winton Craig of Ragsdale and have been hearing nothing but good things on Featherstone from Page…

  10. Other Whirlies to Watch

    James Eggleston – Jr., DT, 6’2″, 295 lbs.
    Madison McCollough – Jr., DE, 6′, 230 lbs.
    Jaycoa Silva – Jr., DT, 6’3″, 310 lbs.
    Grayson Jefferies – Jr., OT, 6’4″, 305 lbs.
    Deonte Mangum – Jr., OT, 6’4.5″, 265 lbs
    Loren Bibler – Jr., OC, 6′, 265 lbs.
    Eric Johnson – Sr., OG, 6’2″, 260 lbs.
    Julian Hudnell – Jr., TE, 6’4″, 215 lbs.
    Scott Johnston – Jr., Slot/Safety, 6’2″. 180 lbs.

    Rumor is Whirlies will be back in the Wing T on Offense and an Aggressive 4-3 on D…

    Excited for a new year…

  11. The Top Receivers in the county are those boys from Page High School starting off with the returning starting receiver Tevin Morrison (6’3″-185 lbs) who caught outstanding catches and TD’s and Justin Neal (6’3″- 198 lbs) and also our quick and swift slot receiver Jaylen Gavin (5’11” – 170 lbs) with those three and a outstanding QB Jordan Putnam (6’0″ – 180 lbs) that can sling it anywhere!! Defensive teams better be ready for Them Pirates they are going to Repeat from what I hear.

  12. Lorenzo Featherstone may be a good one, but I truly believe the next big recruit in Guilford County after Tj logan is and will be Chris Register of Dudley. Register, is one of the top rising juniors in the state already and is a Big Time Baller. the 6’4 220 pound linebacker has recruiters all over him and was featured on the front page of UNC recruiting website the other day. Since picking up his offer from Clemson in May, his recruitment has really turned up a notch. Register will also be on the offensive side of the ball this year.

  13. GHSFAN,

    James Eggleston is a good one…Page hated seeing him move out of district, and I’m sure still wishes they had him…Page always seems to struggle with size and beef, and James definitely would have provided them that for the next two years…

  14. GREAT!!! Any time we can steal talent from Page is a good day. If we can just keep Jake healthy we could have a good year.

  15. Didn’t Grimsley have like 13 sophomores starting on Varsity last year? GHS fan listed a lot of them. Also Will Edwards LB, Tristian Pulliam S and Clark Yow OL. The addition of Loosemore to the staff is a great addition as well.

  16. Alright Grimsley before you get too excited. From what I read you have all these players back from a 3-8 team and a JV program thats won a couple games in a while. You are running the Wing-T, which might be the hardest offense to run, and changing your defense for the how manyth time in a couple years. Your bringing on a coach from Eastern that ran the triple option so he can come in and put in the Wing-T. Last year you had D1 players and we still beat you by a million. I know you have to generate excitement but remember last year you tried by getting on here and saying how you torn Richmond County up in a 7-7 and then we all found out that was just hype. Good luck and I’ll see you mid way through the season.

  17. Why would Grimsley go to the Wing T with no coach on staff that has experience running it? Two schools in the county run it, Southeast and Northwest, and those schools have staffs with coaches that have experience in that system and have been running it for years. It is a tough offense to run. If Grimsey wants a ball control offense, they should line up in the I formation and run a simplified version of a pro style offense. Ask Dudley how playing around with the Wing T worked for them last year. There is a reason the Panthers are not running it this year.

  18. Okay Brain , Rain, whatever your name is,don’t get too high on your horse just yet . . . he might finally throw u. Keep on runnin yo’ mouth, wide open, . . . you never know ,just maybe the whirlies will put sumpin in it 4 U.Watchoutherenow !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Do you know ALL of the coaches on Grimsley’s staff? I don’t think so . . . . . .C you in time ,big mouth. . . . .

  20. Marquell Cartwright from High Point Andrews at running back is a real good one to keep a eye on.

  21. There may be a Kameron Neese too at SEG, but for sure there is a big Cam Gardner…..6’3/240 and real quick feet…..

  22. Here we go with the Grimsley stuff again, last year you had 3 D-I kids and what 6 kids go to the next level and won 3 games. Loosemore may help even though I think he is the next coach there but hey just call that a hunch. Wing T offense with those big kids on OL not a good idea you want kids that can move and move quickly but who knows i have been watching Grimsley for a long long time who knows what is coming out of there

  23. Wing T, I formation, Triple Option who cares….Grimsley will still get smoked by Page!!!

  24. Andy,

    Played baseball and playing football. I just thought you were transferring from the post I made on the earlier feed. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

  25. Don’t have a dog in the fight but it’s interesting to me that Grimsley fans put positive comments on about their team and made no references to any other team. Page fans just bashed the Grimsley kids.

  26. For “Just Sayin”, ” ol’ hood proverb . . . . . “whadda make u laugh’ll make u cry”; Pirates r overdue,be careful what u ask 4,U MIGHT JUST B THE ONE WHO GETS IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ol hood or backwoods proverb whatever!……Grimsley with a new offense or not. They are still the 4 best team in the Metro at best. Get mad if you want Grimsley fans but the truth hurts!!! The Pirates own yall!!!

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