Louisburg College Hurricanes looking for a new baseball coach and when they find him, he might be from Greensboro

He had a school-record 52 wins, but he was only at Louisburg College for one year and then Coach Mike McGuire decided to acquire a new baseball coaching post, at Morehead State….There is talk circulating around, that a former college coach from Greensboro, might just be the new head man at Louisburg and the lean looks to be toward Coach Keith Shumate, who was most recently at N.C. A&T….Coach Mike Gaski was let go at UNCG, but the name we keep on hearing for the Louisburg job is Keith Shumate and if it works out that way, best of luck to him in his new role, as the head man for Hurricanes baseball, at Louisburg College….(We’ll keep you posted.)

Here is the word on Coach McGuire lighting a fire and then deciding to retire on to Morehead State….from the Louisburg Hurricanes web site…..

LOUISBURG, NC – Hurricanes head baseball coach Mike McGuire has accepted the head coach position at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky.

As Athletic Director Mike Holloman noted, “Mike did a great job in the year he spent here with us. He re-established our baseball program as one of the premier junior college programs in the country, overseeing a Louisburg College record-breaking season of 52 wins. Obviously I’m sad to see him leave; he was a good friend and a good colleague to Louisburg College Athletics, but I’m also happy with this professional opportunity for him.”


  1. As a former player at louisburg college in the 90’s i really think this wasnt a good move. I was shocked when i read this i dont think he is a good fit for louisburg at all. I dont think his coachong style is good for louisburg. Not happy at all with the choice. To me personally i dont think he is that good of a coach with what louisburg has stood for for years. Watch and see and i am entitled to my thoughts on this. I am not a fan .

  2. While Louisburg enjoyed a very good year this past season, Mcguire had NO control over that team. Their dugout was a zoo and their players exhibited very little if any class (yes, I saw this first hand). While Shumate may not be the best baseball guy, he would without a doubt control that band of renegades and make them play with respect to the game.

  3. Really he won 52 games and didnt have control of dug out. What kind of statement is that? I saw it first hand? You must be a coach? Well i have seen him coach wasnt impressed at all ,also i saw him helping out at grimsley and some of those kids were mouthy in the dug out there to didnt see anything happen . Let me school you about louisburg ,sone of the best players in the country go there ,that means arrogants, chip on your shoulder ,selfishness as a player. Why because your good and you are labeled as being very good if you can play there. These are not high school kids these are the best players if not some of the best in the country ,deal with it. Coach Frazier did he didnt care he kept us grounded but we had egoes we were not suppose to lose to anyone. He was arrogant than we were ,we played hard and we whipped your butt in the processs with arrogants and welet you know about to. Sorry to offend you but thats the louisburg way. Just win ,werent there to make friends there to whip your tale. Thats all that matters so if he is going there to controll the dug out he might want to stay at grimsley and throw batting practice and hit to the infield and outfield. Louisburg has history they get it done , he dont want to upset the former players with his coaching style. If that happens i want go to a game. And yes i got drafted out of louiisurg and my chip and my arrogants is still there. I am not a fan. And want be .

  4. Former I’m guessing you weren’t an English major at Louisburg. Good luck to coach Shumate.

  5. Not a coach, just a fan (hence the name). If you watched a game with Louisburg then you would have seen a band of renegades that had no respect for the game by the way they acted. It wasn’t arrogance- it was adolescence. There is a difference between arrogance/mouthiness and stupidity. The game I saw, Louisburg had a player not in the game tossed for running his mouth in the dugout as well as an assistant coach. I found out that this same player had been ejected earlier in the season for the same thing. No control. Those kids are in for a rude awakening when they get to 4 year or pro ball. Act like they did and you get one stuck in your ear. Louisburg way? Please. I know plenty of guys who aren’t a-holes that get drafted.

    Also, if your response is any indication of the Louisburg education, then all I can say is “I would like fries with that.” Wow, just wow.

  6. Former, I can only hope your rant was posted as a joke. If not, your post has no meaning to anyone that has a functional brain.The staff and faculty of Louisburg as well as the entire JUCO system are probably praying you never post again. I know I am.

  7. Shumate is a good baseball guy, and he definitely knows the game. Played at a high level and could have pulled A & T Ito a different level with support. No one wins at A & T in any sport, and they have had coaches in all sports with good bloodlines. It’s a bottomless pit for coaches, and good ones!!

  8. Are you serious about grammer on here ? I have read alot of posts on here including andy’s. Give it a break . Good grammer,bad grammer they made their point you and i understood what they were saying. Like no people on here havent written something that had errors who cares its a post. There are probably some in this post but again who cares. You know and i know what that person was saying. As a baseball guy it was and is a bad hire. I wonder what some of the coaches that played at louisburg think about that hire ,i know there are at least 3 or 4 in the triad that played at louisburg . They are head coaches in this area. Love to hear from them on this hire.

  9. I don’t recall reading ANYTHING here that said Shumate was hired at Louisburg…just that he was a candidate. Some of you need to comprehend what you read.

  10. As a former player I agree to an extent with my other Lou U player here. We did play the game with an attitude, but we always respected the game. Coach Frazier and Coach White didn’t allow it any other way. It’s a shame to see what’s happened to the program in recent years and I hope Shumate is part of the solution instead of the job being another stepping stone like it was for McGuire. I’m surprised at Holloman whose been there since I was there 88′-90′, that he hasn’t figured out that he needs to stay in house with his hiring. Louisburg has a niche to offer great players, early playing time against good competition at what should be undoubtedly be the top JUCO program (not the case now) in the Carolinas and the opportunity to look at your professional options in your first couple years of College. When I was there, it was us and Spartanburg, now there are many more competitive programs out there because Louisburg has lost that reputation Frazier built over his thirty plus years.

    They need a home grown guy like Frazier who made Louisburg his one and only stop. GO CANES!!!

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