Bill Chambers new boys basketball coach at Northern Guilford High School

Bill Chambers is the new boys basketball coach at Northern Guilford High School…Chambers replaces Ryan Freeman who guided the Nighthawks the past three seasons…

Bill Chambers played high school basketball at Grimsley High School, he played collegiately at North Carolina and then played some pro ball overseas and went on to coach high school basketball at Dudley High School and college basketball at North Carolina Wesleyan and Greensboro College….

Most recently, Chambers has been a teacher and boys basketball coach at Kernodle Middle School…

Confirmation coming today from Brian Thomas, Athletic Director at Northern Guilford High School….


  1. This is a huge loss for Kernodle and a great find for Northern. Kernodle has some of the best coaches for all sports in the city and Bill was one of the best. You usually don’t see coaches with Bill’s ability staying at a middle school as long as Bill did with Kernodle. He obviously loves the game and hopefully Kernodle’s loss will be Northern’s gain. The next boys coach at Kernodle has some big shoes to fill. Good luck Bill !

  2. This is a great hire for Northern. I have seen his middle school teams play and they are very well coached.

  3. A great hire for Northern??

    Losing a coach with a 62-19 record over 3 years sounds like a LOSS to me!!

  4. You can either cry over the spilled milk in your kitchen or be happy with the next available cup from the store. You can either keep crying about the girl that got away or keep your head up and open the door for the girl down the road. You can either worry about each missed shot or focus on hitting the next shot. Life is about choices. What was is gone and you need only be concerned with what is coming rather than what was. If Stan could always find a place to land, then I am quite sure your last coach will have everyone beating his door down. I must say I am not sure why your coach left so I may be completely off base.

  5. To “ok” and “what??”

    That record could have been a lot better. They barely won games they should have run away with, and lost games they should have won—and they never had a big win (I.e. beat anyone they shouldn’t have beaten). That was a bad hire from the beginning—if you don’t believe me, just ask anyone associated with the New Bern Bears. Andy Durham was the only person I know who thought the “daddy hire” was a good idea.

  6. Dale Fulton, you are always bashing public school coaches on here and singing the praises of Freddy Johnson (who does a good job by the way, albeit with a lot of *ahem* OTHER PEOPLE’S PLAYERS, whether you want to admit it or not). Your man crush at GDS lost sixteen games in that same three year span (once again, with his own players AND quite a few others from around Guilford and surrounding counties). Coach Freeman did a good job with what he had. The kids were well coached and were very seldom out of any game they played.

    Your bias and coach/program bashing wreaks of a true lack of knowledge about the game or coaching in general. What are you really accomplishing by taking jabs at Coach Freeman? Quite frankly it is a little nauseating and rather boring. Dont you have a private school staff to stalk somewhere?

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