Appalachian State will take a load of top-notch talent into Greenville, N.C. on September 1 as they look to beat East Carolina

Appalachian State will be loaded with top-tier football talent, as they head into Greenville, N.C. on Saturday September 1, to take on the East Carolina Pirates, in what could be the last year for the Mountaineers, under head coach Jerry Moore….

Coach Moore has said he is about ready to step down and APP has former QB Scott Satterfield in place as the coach-in-waiting and we will wait and see, if this will be, the ‘Swan Song’, for Coach Jerry Moore….

One thing is for certain, APP is loaded and not with the moonshine that flows from the hills up in Boone, but with a mountain of talent in 2012…..

Caulton Tudor has more from the Charlotte Observer and he also lays it down for the News and Observer in Raleigh and you can see what he has put up or down on these teams from APP, ECU, Elon and others when you CLICK HERE….

APP has just picked up LB/RB Jacob McCann from Northeast Guilford, plus ASU has Stephen Machanic(LB) from Northern Guilford, Adam Scott(DL) from Northwest Guilford, Kevin Walton(DB) from Grimsley and Tony Washington(WR) from High Point Andrews, while ECU has Justin Venable(DB) from Southeast Guilford, Rocco Scarfone(DB) from Northern Guilford, Jay(Jonathan) White(DL) from High Point Central, Terry Biles(DE)from High Point Andrews, Will Foxx(DL) from ORMA/PAGE and more….Don’t forget Elon has both Jon Spain(LB) and Thuc Phan(RB) from Page, plus on Elon you have Akeem Langham(DB) from HP Central and Jacob Roberts(OL) from Northern Guilford…..We will be adding more to these parts soon…..

4 thoughts on “Appalachian State will take a load of top-notch talent into Greenville, N.C. on September 1 as they look to beat East Carolina

  1. Andy – have you heard the rumors about APP joining the USA South conference for 2013 which would make this a regular season game in the very near future. I kept hearing APP, Elon and Georgia Southern could jump to conference USA along with the soon entering Charlotte teams.

  2. I have heard those rumblings for a while and it would take a faction or group of teams from the SoCon to make that leap…..I’m not sure it would work with just one team going, say APP going solo with that juimp…..They need support from at one or two more conference members and strong conference members at that, to make that move happen/work….

  3. To all those App fans that want to see App join Conference USA so that they will have an in-state rival with ECU, they should know that ECU is trying just as hard to get out of Conference USA as App is trying to get in. ECU and App in the same conference will never happen.

  4. Does anyone know or have an opinion about this question? Obviously conferences such as the ACC, SEC, Big 10 and Big 12 are supreme conferences that anyone would want to be apart of but what about these other conferences. There seems to be a lot of switching going on in the mid and lower conferences also these days. I can understand a school such as APP wanting to leave for a bigger conference if means more money but what if you start losing out on the gate receipts which means lesser food/drink purchase for the arena and less fans staying for the weekend during/after a game in the local town. Surely when they play an Elon or Georgia Southen, I would think the arena and town is full with guest/fans whether you are good or not. But what happens when the football and basketball falls a few notches and you are playing teams 3-4 states away instead of teams only 3-6 hours away. Fans will only travel so far to see a bad team. Even if a team is not as good, fans are more willing to make a short drive for support.

    My question is “Would the extra conference pay out from a move to a Conf USA, CAA, or A10 off set these drops in on site fan support” and “Are these conferences really better than the Southern or Big South in terms of quality”.

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