Top Five Area Girls Basketball Players from the Summer Workouts

These are players from this past AAU season that have stood out and are or could
become college basketball prospects in the coming year(s). Getting a scholarship is
not a certainty whether its D1, D2, D3 or Juco. Assessing ones own talent and
ability should be judge by their performance and work habits that are demonstrated
either through their highschool efforts or through AAU experience. The NCAA has
rules in place as far as the process goes all year round. Coaches watch kids during
the Spring, Summer and Fall because of time constraints. For seniors that are being
recruited and are at the top of the charts for a particular school or schools, a
phone call or calls should have come back in the Spring a week after the NCAA Final
Four. Coaches use this time to solidify their positions of pecking order to stay
fresh in that potential recruits list of choices. The rule of thumb that coaches
used is that they want to be in at least the top three schools of
choice, so that they do not waste valuable recruiting time. A student athlete
should also want to be
at least in the schools top three choices as well. On September 1 or that week is
when a student will have a realistic view of where they really stand. Seniors whom
are a top priority should have had recruiting trips set up by the University which
falls under the guidlines of “OFFICIAL VISIT”. Official visits is when the school
pays for the athlete to come so that they can wine and dine them first class at
their expense. Some kids are recruited Nationally and many are recruited
locally. Unofficial visits is where any kid could go and visit a school but it does
not mean that particular student athlete is a top priority. Seniors whom are
participating in Fall Ball are usually not a schools top priority. Keep in mind
schools official practices starts October 15th. and coaches at Division I programs
pretty much have seen whom they needed to see and are now waiting for the early
November signing period. D2 schools tend to wait to see who falls off the D1
radar or transfers in the Spring. Yes, there will be some occasionally D1 seniors
whom sign late which may have resulted in coaches changes or student athletes whom
did not meet the schools academic or character criteria and a scholarship became
available. Or the school did not get whom they really wanted. This process should
always be very clear and a student athlete should make sure as to knowing why they
are picking a particular school. Last year there were over 300 hundred student
athletes that transfered for whatever the reasons may be.

“Players to watch” TOP 5

1. Sarah Beal: Thomasville Prep: Senior guard: Took over for injured St. John signee
Cedrica Gibson and directed the Prep school to its best season. A good ball handler
whom has the size and moxy to direct a team. Needs to drastically improve her jump
shot and needs to stay more under mental control since she handles the ball at least
80% of the time. Tends to get into too many personal battles with
opposition. Averaged 11 ppg and 6.6 apg last season. A D1 prospect whom should sign
during the early signing period provided everything else is in place academically.

2. Christina King: Thomasville Prep: Forward: Being 6’4 has its advantages and most
coaches will always be enamored with height. She has a nice range when she is on.
Has good foot speed and needs to develop a post presence because the long range
jumpers are not always going to be on. Averaged 9 ppg and 7 rpg. Because of her
athleticsm she should block a lot more shots than 1.4. Will and is courted by many
D1 programs and will more than likely land on one provided all the academic and
other criteria are in place come next season. Might be more suited for a not so
highly profile D1 school. Take a hint from Florida Gulf Coast Whitney Knight whom
turned down Duke and Ellen Dell Done whom left UCONN to lead Delaware.

3. Lanaira Ruffin: River Mill: Senior Guard: A skilled player that learned a lot
playing for Delaney Rudds Lady Phoenix AAU organization this past summer. A solid
player that has the ability to take over games and the physicality to over power
players at her position. Has a good feel for the game and can hit the midrange or
three. A solid passer and defends wells on occasions. A solid player for Hamilton
Perkins Rivermill squad where she averaged nearly 17 ppg and 11 rebounds last year
and made the First Team All Regional Team. A solid D1 prospect whom could go early
during the November signing period. A mid major D1 player.

4. Shayla Burnett: Southern Alamance: Junior guard: A player that has the physical
tools that over powers her opponents. Very skill player that can get to the hoop and
make free throws. Tends to position herself to take a lot of charges which could
easily be more block shots and better transitional baskets for team. A good ball
handler and an average jump shot with a slight hitch. Conditioning needs to become a
priority as she approaches the next level. A good passer and finishes well. Good
speed. A D1 prospect that might be more suited for a mid major or D2 program like
Wingate, Limestone, Frances Marion, Shaw (National D2 Champs) etc.. at this

5. Alkela Maize: Dudley: Junior: Center: 6’4 has its advantages in the eyes of
coaches especially when they see the likes of Britanny Griner. Make no mistake,
Alkela Maize is not a Brittany Griner(Baylor) or Ceirra Burdock (Tennessee) type
player. But she is tall and could still be growing. She has made remarkable strides
under the Delaney Rudd Lady Phoenix AAU program this summer which has D1 schools
very interested. She has showed more ability to finish shots on occasions and
rebound more agressively. Needs to stop swinging elbows when rebounding and get the
ball into the hands of the playmakers more urgently and then run the floor.
Definatley needs better conditioning if she is going to climb the ladder. She has
the size and improve ability to average a double-double this coming year and
anything less is a regression from 6.3 ppg and 7 rpg. Her block shots should easily
be at least 4 per game versus .7 bpg. She will have school after her because you
cannot teach height. One word of caution “no your limitations”when it comes to that
signing time.

Other players to watch:

Kenya Hailey( South East), Deja Scott (Williams), Makayla Rouse(Dudley), Amanda Cofer
(Northern Guilford :verbal to Campbell), Imani Atkins (Andrews)

13 thoughts on “Top Five Area Girls Basketball Players from the Summer Workouts

  1. Interesting list of players. I agree with the general assessment of each player mentioned. The other players to watch is also a good list. There are at least 5 other players in the junior, sohp and freshman class that should be on this list of “other players to watch” from Guilford, Forsyth, and Davidson counties. Andy – it would be nice if you could find an actual basketball scouting service willing to give you their information similar to what you publish with the Phenom report for boys. We always get scouting reports on boys but we never seen to see actual “real” scouting reports on local girls.

  2. I saw Alkela Maize play a couple times during summer and she is something to see at her size.

    Take this with a big grain of salt since it was summer league: She looked a little timid rebounding and got pushed around by girls who could box out. Holds her hands too low when flashing and fades away from the basket when taking a shots from the post position. If she ups the aggression factor a little and coach McNeil can get her playing with confidence, look out!

  3. Names that should have been included:

    Cameron Nieters-

    Cameron is a great finisher around the rim. She has a high basketball IQ and has a great mid-range jump shot. She hustles as well as has great team leadership.

    Imani Atkinson-

    Pure game changer. Hustle/defense/energy/rebounding alone can win a game and she doesn’t have to score a single point. She isn’t afraid of contact and I have seen her inside game and she can post up and hold position as well jump over post players that are taller . Can drive in from the outside and score at will. Has a versatile game. Like Beal, if she stays under control mentally can’t think of many that can stop her. Her physicality/toughness with developing skill set is seperating her from most.

    Ronata Rogers-Rogers is an underrated player. Moves well in the post and runs the floor well. Plays well in big games and finishes around the rim. Needs to assert herself more in the paint and if stays consistent and play well this year there will be many more offers coming her way.

  4. Google the names of the players that you follow and if there is anything from scouting services it will come up. That’s how I found these two.

  5. Atkinson is at Wesleyan and Rogers is a post player and Rogers is one of the top rebounders in the entire state…

  6. Simply googling a players name will not produce information worth reading for players (regardless of their level of play). Many of the listing info that you will see is from individual players or team coaches setting up an info page for that player. Most of the scouting services only share their info with paid access. They will periodically release a portion of their info or list just to generate some interest. Sometimes they will release their top 10-50 list of names but will not include the individual skill set and performance info which out paid access. The triad area has about 25 girls from the freshman thru senior class that are D1 players (with about 12 from Guilford Co). About 10 of those 25 girls will have a chance to play high D1 basketball.

  7. A high D1 clearly means an ACC, SEC or Big East level school. The women’s game is not as clear cut as the men’s. Schools like App and Elon can actually compete against against the lower and middle of the pack in conferences like the ACC. Currently there is not a huge difference between App and Wake or Elon and Clemson. Some schools such as Tennessee, UNC, Duke and Conn are well above average teams, then you have your level of teams such as Georgia Teach, and Virginia and finally the mid to the lower end of high D1 with the Wake Forest, NC State and Clemson type of teams. Schools such as App can compete against these schools on the lower end but not enough horses to survive the entire game against the upper schools. I am surprised schools such as Wake and NC State don’t recruit better within the state. They will go all the way to Texas or Indiana to recruit a player that was not any better than girls here in their backyard.

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