High School Football Tonight and ‘Do you smell what the Jock is Cooking’?

Dudley(1-1) at Northern Guilford(1-0)….Dudley won this game a couple of years back at NG, 15-14…NG won it last year at Dudley….Who takes it tonight?

Northwest Guilford(2-0) at Grimsley(0-1)….Grimsley got whipped pretty bad at NWG last year and lost their QB at the same time in that game….NWG beat them up pretty good, in a hard-hitting way….Grimsley now in the Wing-T offensive formation, but NWG on offense has so many different backs that they can go to….The Whirlies have had two weeks to get ready, but is that enough time to prepare for NWG?

Southeast Guilford(2-0) at Southern Guilford(1-0)…This in one that SG wants real bad, but SEG has that mark of (3-0) written on their chalkboard and they believe it can happen…Jamal Petty of SEG has 8 TD’s to start the year and will he get 4 more tonight???? Averaging over 200 yards a game on the ground….

Western Guilford(0-2) at Ragsdale(2-0)….WG could be in big trouble going over here, unless they can catch Ragsdale on a big UP after the Tigers took down Dudley on the road and RHS is balanced….The motion work by Brandon Walker and Joe Pantuso could make the Hornets a little dizzy, but can they(the Hornets) slow down the Tigers and their senior QB leader, Colson Herndon???

Northeast Guilford(1-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-1)….NEG got stomped in the second half at SEG and the Rams will be looking for some revenge/redemption in one of Guilford County’s more under-publicized rivalries and this one goes back to opening of EG, back in the early 1970?s…..For NEG will it be Hamer-time tonight???

Southwest Guilford(0-2) at Ledford(1-1)….We will find out who SWG really is in this one…Team on the way up, or down and can’t back up…..SWG facing a ‘must win’ for their season this evening and are the Ledford Panthers for real???

Thomasville(0-2) at High Point Andrews(1-1)….Thomasville at (0-2) means trouble for HP Andrews if you ask me….I’m going to have to kill the San Quentin Quayle comments or he might turn us into PETA, so let’s just see if HP Andrews can follow the lead of the Triad’s top football fan Clarence and get moving tonight….Can HPA make the ‘Big Play’???

First Assembly(Concord) at High Point Christian(2-0)….HPCA is off to a super start and let’s hope it can continue for the Cougars this evening…..Their Cougar QB, Quentin Chavis, ought to be getting some looks…..

from Thursday:
High Point Central 20
Page 14

Picks(Do you Smell what the Jock is Cooking?)


*****Lost last night, had Page winning 21-17….*****


  1. Dudley at Northern Guilford…. Northern will chalk up another METRO victim. Northern go airborne and Dudley will not be able to stop the balls falling from the sky. Worse if they do shut down the pass then they have to contend with the Northern running game… This should be a great game to watch.

    Southeast Guilford at Southern Guilford… Where did this hot rivalry come from? Despite being in different conferences, I guess it’s because they simply live too close to each other and the loser has to leave town! SG has the home field and this will be a ground game battle of near epic proportions, but the edge has to go with SEG because they always do the same thing over and over, they run the ball, do it well, if not perfect.

    Northwest Guilford at Grimsley…. Grimsley may be feeling good seeing some upside with their new found offense, but Northwest has been a well coached and prepared team for years and will bring too much horsepower to this game. I would be shocked if the Whirlies can make this week their first win.

  2. Will the crowd be going with MY picks….One loss in Week One and two losses in Week Two….Do you smell a trend here???

  3. I generally agree with your PICKS. But I dont follow HPCA so I dont know about that game.
    By the way, I have a question and maybe you know. How does the N&R determine their area rankings? They are posting losting records in the top ten, history and respect only go so far.

  4. Dudley (I was at that Dudley game and if they stop logan, “if”, Dudley will win.)

    Vegas Mike

  5. I agree with your picks this week Andy except you are wrong on Grimsley and Dudley. Let me know if you need it and I will periodically text you scores tonight Andy.

  6. Normally I wouild agree because Dudley can bring it anytime they want to, but this Northern team is exceptionally blessed with skill talent where it counts. Its Northern’s night tonight..

  7. So Gfan….You’re going to take Grimsley over NW Guilford? What makes you think Grimsley has what it takes to beat a very talented NW team?

  8. I think the News and Record goes with a coaches poll….Some weeks they will say and some weeks they don’t say one way or the other….Not sure, but I think it is a coach’s poll….

    GFan I will E-mail you the number for tonight’s scores from Grimsley….

    Does anyone have any thoughts on N.C. State vs. Tennessee in Atlanta tonight…..

  9. Northern couldn’t do much with a depleted Page team and barely eeked out a win……….TJ Logan won’t be able to run much on Dudley’s D this yr……………not this yr Northern

  10. Have to agree! Northern can’t throw the ball and when they do it’s mostly screen passes to Logan. Northern might be in over their head tonight! This aint last years Northern team. QB is still a huge question mark for the Nighthawks! GO DUDLEY!!!!!

  11. I missed one the first week, two the second week and now three the third week and this is becoming a ‘self depricating’ trend……

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