North Carolina did not break any academic rules:That’s the word from the NCAA(Read it here, the Heels are in the clear this year)

No academic rules broken by the University of North Carolina and that is the word that is in, from the National Collegiate Athletic Association…The NCAA has the final say and they feel NO rules were broken at UNC within the academic studies areas/departments and therefore North Carolina is in the clear and they can play for another day/week/month/year, and the Heels are in the CLEAR and on LEAR-Field Sports…..

Read here/CLICK HERE from and you will be up-to-date on this most recent article on the NCAA and UNC…..


  1. They just cheated. Kids get A’s and don’t have to go to class but sometimes (9 cases exactly) the professor doesn’t have to exist. Might also want to let the SBI get off campus before you comment.

    In some respects, the classes were not just for athletes. Anyone could take the classes and not show up and get A’s. Not surprising from a school that the grade distribution is 85% A’s and B’s.

    BTW, that is based on the report unc’s investigation turned in to the NCAA. NCAA will probably send someone than a former unc athlete to investigate this time. It’s like asking Danny Ford to investigate Clemson.

  2. How can you expect a university that just got busted for cheating to ” police itself “? What a surprise, they didn’t find anything too bad! Could someone explain to me how this isn’t an NCAA rules violation? Ok, there were other students in the class, so what. Clearly any athlete having problem were steered toward these classes so they could stay eligible.

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