Hoppers hitters headed to Asheville with team totals

In the power department you have Matt Smith with 20 HR’s, Josh Adams with 14, Austin Barnes with 12, James Wooster with 11 and Aaron Senne with 10 home runs on the season…Hopper RBI’s go Josh Adams with 84, Smith with 74, Barnes with 65, Senne and Ryan Rieger with 53 each and Brent Keys with 51….Batting averages are down below, but you have Keys at .335, Barnes at .318 and John Schultz at .309….Ryan Goetz has been very hot as of late and he checks in at .273….Goetz finished the season going 18-40, in his last 10 games, for an average of .450 and he had 1 HR and 5 RBI’s over the 10 games, plus he also went 3-4 vs. Hagerstown last Friday night, in Greensboro….

Brent Keys 5 51 .335
Austin Barnes 12 65 .318
John Schultz 3 15 .309
Aaron Senne 10 53 .284
Matt Smith 20 74 .279
Ryan Goetz 5 40 .273
Ryan McIntyre 6 32 .268
Wilfredo Gimenez 2 24 .266
Josh Adams 14 84 .264
James Wooster 11 47 .260
Tony Caldwell 1 12 .238
Ryan Rieger 7 53 .237
Austin Nola 1 16 .217

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  1. And its important to point out that of those guys, we have two guys from the Championship last year and one of the guys, Austin Nola, is the one that hit the walk off home run to give the college world series title to LSU. And Josh Adams is also no stranger to big games, playing with the Florida Gators. And Austin Barnes, from ASU (Arizona St) This is a lineup that will not get caught up in the moment. These guys have been here before and its just another night to win a ball game! And its at home… so of course they want to win big at home!

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