James Summers(Page HS) with 123 yards and two TD passes in Hargrave win over Southern Tech

Not a bad start to the season for QB James Summers(Page), as his Hargrave Military Academy post graduate team picked up a nice win, in their first game of the season….Summers with 123 yards and two touchdown passes…..

from the Hargrave Military Academy web site:

The 2012 Post Graduate Football team opened their season with a win over the visiting Southern Tech Wildcats. The atmosphere was exciting as the new Post Grad Team debuted under the lights at Dick Dyer Field. The contest was hard fought and ultimely the strength of the Tigers won out 20-0.

The defense sparked the team as they forced 5 INT’s and 3 forced fumbles (recovering 1). Shawn Hall, Stephen Marsh, Mike Tyson (2), and Cordrea Tankersley each had interceptions. Cordrea Tankersley returned his INT for a 60 yard return and touchdown. Defensive End Shaq Lawson was the leading tackler after recording 8 tackles and 2 sacks. Other top tacklers were Linebackers Lester Liston and Leonard Floyd.

Offensively the Tigers were led through the air by Artimas Samuel. Samuel recorded 6 catches for 94 yards and a touchdown. Tight End Monte Taylor also hauled in a scoring pass and terrific catch down the middle. Quarterback James Summers(Page High School) threw for 123 yards and both scores. Another offensive highlight was the punt return ability of Tristan Walker. Walker had 88 return yards and 50 of those coming from a dazzling return late in the game.

The Tigers were excited by their first win of the season, but know there is still work to be done as the games continue. The Tigers play next on saturday night, September 8th under the lights at home against the Gators of Hampton Roads Community College.

5 thoughts on “James Summers(Page HS) with 123 yards and two TD passes in Hargrave win over Southern Tech

  1. I hope Mr Summers is still coming to UNC. With his speed that UNC offensive can be extremely dangerous against anybody. If they can get some quick receivers and at least 1 good end, then that offense could look like the old Florida State days with Charlie Ward. I will also say that NC State would have been a much better offensive team with a guy like James. I know TOB loves the QB Gannon but he no where near Russell’s category. That kid is going to get TOB fired.

  2. It’s Glennon and he is a pretty good quarterback. TOB has many other problems that may get him fired (i.e. Game planning). He starts slow in games and during the season but unfortunately until he figures out how to lose to UNC, he may be safe.

    I would like to see Summers succeed but I hope is very cautious about UNC. The corruption there keeps getting revealed. They lost another insider on Sunday. Former quarterback, Matt Kupec who was fund raising at UNC resigned after they discovered he was taking personal trips. Former basketball player mom, Tami Hansbrough will be next.


  3. UNC is a cesspool of corruption that is athletic linked.
    More will be uncovered in the next few weeks/months.
    Ironic twist to this whole scandal: Tami Hansorough just got caught traveling and Tyler rarely did during his 4 years at UNC.

  4. To put this in a hypothetical setting/situation, if you are James, do you survey both UNC and N.C. State within the context of this season and then re-evaluate both schools at the end of your time at Hargrave, whether it be December of 2012 or the Spring of 2013 and then after your assessment process, do you choose between those two schools or do you also begin to look around at all possible programs that might best fit your skills and skill-set…..

    Or do you stick to your guns and still go gung-ho right into Chapel Hill???

    Would a school such as N.C. State still consider you as a prospect after you have already looked past them earlier and went with UNC instead???

    Just some things I was wondering about, but it does give James a full semester to look in and observe the UNC system under new head coach Larry Fedora……

    Hope James and his little nephew are doing OK….James always looked out for his nephew……Always respected him for that, a good move by a teenager or any young person….

  5. No, you don’t survey NC State AT ALL. The reason is, when they first started recruiting him, he was under the impression that they would give him a shot at QB. Right at the very end he found out NC State went out and got these other QB’s and questioned them. The decision was to make him an athlete and was most likely going to place him at WR or FS.

    Now, WR or FS may be end up where he plays his best at in the end of his college career; however, UNC is going to give him a shot at QB, which was what the kid wanted. Also, he as signed an agreement to play at UNC, so I’m not for sure if he can go back on that, unless NCAA approves it due to the troubles they are having.

    Either way, I think NC State is out of the question.

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