RB Elijah Hood is good, but we still say T.J.(Logan) is the best in the state without Cramps!

Langston Wertz Jr. says today, that runningback Elijah Hood(Charlotte Catholic HS) is the best back that he has seen in the past 20-25 years and that includes some pretty big names, but we still will put our money on T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) and that is the Nighthawk version of TJ without the Cramps, that have been sending him to the sidelines in early games, this season….

Logan went for 316 yards on 23 carries two weeks ago and that included 5 TD runs….Hood is good and here is some of the background on him from Wertz Jr., at the Charlotte Observer….

Charlotte Catholic junior running back Elijah Hood – he of the 350-pound bench press, 500-plus pound squat and electronically timed 4.51-second 40-yard dash – is the best running back I’ve seen in more than 20 years.

Last Friday against Gastonia Ashbrook, Hood punished the Green Wave for 306 yards and three touchdowns on 21 carries. He ran over the Green Wave linemen at the line of scrimmage and juked and stiff-armed the secondary. He also outran a few of the defensive backs to the end zone.

Wertz says Hood is so good that he is better than Natrone Means, Nick Maddox and Ryan Houston and they were all real good backs…..(Wertz also mentioned a guy named Brian Knuckles and I remember a kid named Harry Knuckles, but no Brian Knuckles…..

Read more/read all on this from Langston Wertz Jr. when you CLICK HERE…..

6 thoughts on “RB Elijah Hood is good, but we still say T.J.(Logan) is the best in the state without Cramps!

  1. TJ is good but you have to respect the opinion of Langston Wertz one of the top reporters of HS football the last 25 years, if this guy says you can believe it.

  2. Only time will tell, but this sounds like a back-handed slap to our face and someone putting Mr. Wertz on the throne….He is outstanding, but I wouldn’t call Wertz ‘The King’ just yet….

    It would be great to see Northern vs. Charlotte Catholic in the 3-AA Final Game and then we would all know for sure….

  3. You have to be from Charlotte or recruited to a Charlotte area school for Langston to take notice. He still says that the Page victory over Butler was an upset even though Page was the higher seed and held the unblemished record. He a homer plain and simple.

  4. You guys know I get to see a lot of games b/c my job allows me to travel……I will say this, TJ Logan is hands down the best in the state, PERIOD! Two different styles, Hood is goood, just not Logan good! Love me or Hate me, I do my research and attend several games.

    Vegas Mike

  5. MIke,

    Good info. You probably just caused those who believe you are biased to Charlotte area schools to wonder what was put in your oatmeal this morning. LOL

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