Notre Dame to join the ACC in all sports with the exception of football

Not sure if they will bring back those Sunday morning shows on WFMY TV, where Lindsey Nelson would host the half-hour recap of Notre Dame football from the previous Saturday, but the ‘Fighting Irish’ of Notre Dame are joining the ACC/Atlantic Coast Conference….

Those Sunday morning half-hour recap shows were great back in the day and Lindsey Nelson would always say, “Let’s move ahead in the action to the second quarter and see what Terry Hanratty did with the Irish back deep in their own territory, as the Purdue Boilermakers were breathing down their necks”….The show always came on WFMY at 10:30 or 11 am and then in the next block we could catch the UNC Tar Heel Football Show, with our host Woody Durham and the coach, Bill Dooley….

Good days then and good days now with Notre Dame to the ACC….
*****Used to love those Lindsey Nelson sports coats and also liked it when Tony Roberts took over with Notre Dame football on the Mutual Broadcasting System.*****

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