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GREENSBORO, N.C. ( – The Atlantic Coast Conference Council of Presidents has unanimously voted to accept the University of Notre Dame as a new member. The Irish will compete as full members in all conference sponsored sports with the exception of football which will play five games annually against league programs.

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  1. Since Notre Dame has not won a NationalChampionship in football since 1988 and someone may need to check on this I don’t think they have won but one or two bowls games since 1993 they fit right in the ACC, they are the most overrated school in NCAA history.

  2. Sir, you hit the nail right on the head…It is all about the history of Notre Dame football….No other school in the nation can touch the history of Notre Dame football…You say Notre Dame and that is what people think of, football….No other college will ever have the history or tradition of Notre Dame football….Penn State is the only college that can come close and now they are in a total state of repair….

    Notre Dame is the history of college football…..People can laugh or joke all they want about Notre Dame football today, but unless you have been there and they have, you have no room to talk….

    Notre Dame can let Knute Rockne and Rudy do their talking or get a word from Joe Montana or Joe Theisman…Notre Dame is college football, yesterday, today and tomorrow…They have to be that good, their name sells it all….They had like 60,000 fans travel to Europe to see them play…Those cats are football crazy….

  3. This is a very big day for all of the Irish living in the Carolinas. Think Green and those who don’t won’t understand.

  4. I for one, don’t like all these schools coming to the ACC…. At this rate in twenty years, it’ll be the NCAACC. With the additions of Boston College, Miami, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Pitt, and Syracuse… What’s next USC? might as well be, There’s nothing ATLANTIC about Pitt or Notre Dame. It’s all about money to these schools. I prefer to keep the ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE the ATLANTIC COAST conference. Just sayin’

  5. The ACC is in good shape and will be much better off with Notre Dame (even if only part time in football). The ACC football powers must start winning the “big” games against the ACC (ie Florida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Miami – eventually). Notre Dame will help sell out your stadium and add even more “great” competition and media coverage to men/women basketball, and all of the other olympic sports which do get some TV coverage outside of the football season. Yes – football carries the day financially but the other sports also set the tone for universities. The ACC TV contracts are 80% football and 20% basketball. Notre Dame will cost the ACC only 1/15 of the 20% but will likely increase not only the value of that 20% basketball contract (along with Syca/Pitt) but it will absolutely increase the 80% football portion by at least $1M or more per school. Plus when Notre Dame comes to your stadium (ie Wake Forest, Duke, Miami, Maryland or Boston College) you will make an additional $1M per game (ticket sales/concessions) than when a nobody team comes otherwise. Thus, I would bet this deal will increase the overall revenues per ACC school by an average of $2M dollars per year (at least).

  6. This should eliminate the issue of hearing that Florida State and Clemson are on the edge of leaving the ACC going forward. I heard today on the David Glenn show that the ACC also just put in a new clause that any team leaving the league would have to pay a new exit fee based on a formula tied to the leagues financial success. Today that would yield a $50M exit fee. Wow! That will eliminate nearly anybody leaving for any other league for just $5M more per year now or in the long distance future. The ACC is in good hands going forward.

  7. Guys I have to leave this conversation and go check on how my Alabama Crimson Tide are doing this week which by the way they are probably going to win their 3rd NationalChampionship in the last 4 years, while the ACC champ last year gave up 70pts in the Orange Bowl and WV took it easy on them and VirginiaTech has beaten one top 5 team in the last 25 years and I heard Notre Dame wanted no part of the SEC because of the football teams they did not want to play the SEC teams every year, ROLLTIDE!!!!!!!!

  8. Whatever Mr SEC ?? Go live in SC, Al, or some other state that totally appreciates the SEC and cares more about football than an actual education. Everything turns over time. The ACC will correct the football piece and will continue to dominate in all of the sports now and in the future. The reality is that the ACC is putting just as many kids into the NFL and they will upgrade their coachs which will change the balance. Trust me – when LSU and Alabama change coaches they will drop – just look at Florida. The SEC is strong in football because of the players, coaches and dragging the bottom in academics for athletics. The new NCAA standards over a period of time will make a lot of SEC schools change their admittances policies (ie less “talent” on the field), eventually all coachs leave and its rare to be able to get another coach at such the level of what LSU and Alabama have today, and again the player profile is not that different today between the two leagues. The ACC will be fine and Notre Dame is a great asset for the league. It is better to have them than for someone else to have them.

  9. As Bear Bryant once said and I quote “I have never seen 80,000 people show up to watch a kid take a math test” so the SEC must have it right.

  10. What good is a degree from Alabama if you still don’t know what 3+5= or 4×6= without help ? These schools are moving kids in and out of their football stadiums at light speed and often could care less if they can function properly in the real world or not. An education must be a part of the equation.

  11. The last time I checked it is UNC and not an SEC school that has been found to have committed academic fraud and have fake classes set up for their athletes, yes y’all people do need to wake up and demand better out our leaders in Chapel Hill, Nick Saban has the student-athletes in Alabama taking real classes Nick says you cannot get too far in the real world with that African-American studies degree.

  12. Come on “bama fan”.. Don’t get full of yourself. Nick Saban has “zero” to do with what class any of these kids are taken. Also, you would not know anything about what class any kid at Alabama or even over at Wake Forest is taken as far as class unless its your own kid. Stop acting like Alabama is the saint in of college football. The reality is that all of these programs have kids that are bottom feeders and classes to support general degrees. In general, I agree that Alabama currently has the best of all worlds and will be successful for a long time but don’t think your program is above review. It only takes 1 kid getting full of himself to take a program and coach out. Keep point fingers at others and you will find that karma will find her way to your door step one day. Just ask UNC. Karma will eventually come back and get State with their little finger pointing. Go Karma !

  13. All I can say is I hope they can count to 15 because that will be how many National Championships The Tide will have after this year, ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. You can’t just be a football factory. There has to be some type of accountability for the kids and their education….I saw Bear Bryant on the plane in his movie, on the way back to a big reunion of his former players and he was visibly upset for the way he had treated his teams and for the fact that he did not stress education…..If the Bear had to do it over again, he would ‘cave in’ and require that his athletes put more emphasis on their classwork….Bear lived with the swagger that he had a very high degree of entitlement, because he was a big name head coach…I think the Bear that we would see today, if he were still with us, would be totally different animal….I wish he were still here to help Nick Saban and others see the light….The light that should be burning at night, when they(the football players) should be studying and doing their required work for their classes….

    What happens to kids that do not go pro and they have NO education?

  15. All of you people need to educate yourself on Nick Saban, if you read up on Nick Saban he demands performance in the classroom and on the field, Alabama was 2nd in the SEC conference last year in football behind Vanderbilt with 11 all-conference academic players, Saban has a great track record at LSU and MS of making his players perform in the classroom as well as the field, Andy if you do not know about Nick Saban how about reading up on him before making false comments about him.

  16. Educate yourself Bama Fan ! Just because a coach says that they are focused on something does not mean that its true. Nick could have also been in a lucky situation. He has never stayed in one place more than roughly 5 or so years. Let’s see what happens when he stays at one location for 10 years if he is not fired prior to that with a situation like UNC recently. Don’t think your Alabama coach is more than what he actually is. Give him credit for what he does on the field not the classroom because he has no pull with 90 kids in the classroom.

  17. I agree with a lot of the post above that you need to show a little caution with any coach – even with Nick Saban. I personally know the former AD of Michigan State when Saban was there. I can tell you with absolute knowledge that Nick Saban was considered a total “Azz-hole” to most people in the program. He is too full of himself and most don’t like that approach. Obviously, when you win people will forgive a lot but let all of the championships slow down and the program hit a bump in the road – you will see what many (on the inside) think of Nick. You don’t have to believe me because you will believe whatever public image is being painted to you but everybodies true colors come out during hard times. Be careful how full of yourself and your Alabama program you want to get in public – everything turns eventually.

  18. As you can tell from these posts from you guys people don’t like a winner give Nick credit with what he is doing now, he is in the running for the title every year that is what you play for not the Papa John Bowl, love him or hate him the guy is winning and that is what counts, ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Title #15 this year

  19. I did not read any messages on this site about Nick not getting credit for his work at Alabama. I did read several notes about Nick being a self person at times. No one doubts his coaching ability but I will admit that he can be a little over the top at times. I doubt he will be at Alabama 5 years from now so brace yourself for his replacement.

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