We’ve been watching the TOP, the POB, the YAH and this week we might need to be tracking the RH3!!!

Dudley at Smith in a real big one for the Panthers and Eagles this Friday night, at Claude Manzi Stadium….

We have been tracking the TOP(Time of Possession), the POB(Points on the Board) and the YAH(Yards After the Hit) over the past few weeks and this week it might be time to start looking out for the RH3 Factor….

We have already seen the RG3 Factor, as the Skins beat the Saints this past Sunday, with Robert Griffin III at the controls and this Friday night the key may be, RH3!!!

Richard Hayes III, the Dudley QB, as in RH3, could be the young man to see, in this contest brewing up over at Smith, in the Claude Manzi Stadium…..

RH3 is like a tree, he just keeps growing and his stats have been going up and up this season……The Smith Golden E, will have to watch out for the running spree, from RH3…It will take more than a plea from Coach B., to stop RH3….He is a hard man to catch….

I get the early feeling that RH3 in the city of G, is thinking V-I-C-T-O-R-Y for the Big D from Dud-ley, this Friday night….RH3 is the man to me and this could be one heck of a game this Friday night at the ‘World Famous C’…..As in ‘The Claude’, at Claude Manzi Stadium……

The place to be, this Fri-dee, will be the Claude Man-zee, where you will see RH3, try to make H-i-s-t-o-r-y, in a win for Dud-ley, while Coach B. and his flying E(Eagles), try to be, the team on top in the TOP(Time of Possession) and the POB(Points on the Board)….

Andy D in a sea of R&B……(My special-ty, Rhythm and Bull….)

*****I still don’t know how I come up with all of this stuff…..Can anybody top me today in Free-Style Rhyme-Off???*****[Step-up/Step-out]

Stats for the season on Richard Hayes III:
Richard Hayes III from Dudley HS
RUSHING: 659 yds.
Passing: 368 yds.
TD’s: Rushing:11 TD’s….Passing 2 TD’s=’s Total 13 TD’s…..Hayes with 1,027 total yards in 4 games on the season…..

+++++I have to give a tip of the ship to the Smith Golden Eagles, as they played what has to be their best game of the season this past Friday night at NEG….The E, at NEG, where they lost by just one p(point), in what has to be their top effort of the year….Dudley at Smith this Fri-dee, in should be, one the best games in N.C., this weeeeekend….One of those ‘Can’t Miss football games…..+++++

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