Week #5 Friday Night High School Football Scoring Desk

Update #9 – 10:13 PM – From the GreensboroSports Luxury Box at the Greensboro Grasshoppers

FINAL (Thursday Game)
Southwest Guilford – 15
High Point Andrews – 41

Friday Games
SAL Championship Game #4
Asheville – 10
Greensboro – 4

Dudley – 50
Smith – 18

East Forsyth – 31
High Point Central – 10

Eastern Guilford – 7
Eastern Alamance – 66

High Point Christian –
Wake Christian –

Northern Guilford – 35
Burlington Williams – 7

Northwest Guilford – 35
Glenn – 7

Parkland – 0
Ragsdale – 29

Southeast Guilford – 13
Grimsley – 24

Southern Guilford – 19
Orange – 33

Western Guilford – 16
Page – 38

Jordan-Matthews – 14
Providence Grove – 21

Randleman – 42
Southwestern Randolph – 7


  1. Asheboro 10 Trinity 0
    Richmond Co 7 West Forsyth 0
    Davie 13 Thomasville 0
    Northern Guilford 14 Burlington Wiliams 7 TJ Logan 70 yard Punt return TD and 93 yard Run

  2. Half. Ragsdale 7 Parkland 0

    Weird ugly game. Ragsdale offense is flatter than flat. I bet the coach is blistering paing of the locker room walls

  3. Richmond Co 20 West Forsyth 0
    East forsyth 14 HP Central 0
    Northern 21 Williams 7
    Asheboro 17 Trinity 0

  4. Normally , Jim Modlin and Dennis White work the phones, while I work the web. Tonight, Jim is calling the Grasshoppers game and Dennis is doing Color with Andy. I’m at the Grasshoppers helping the Internet broadcast.7FVC

  5. Jamal Petty played in 2 series in the 3rd quarter. Still not 100%. SEG still should have won this ball game. 4 turnovers will not get it done. A huge moment was Grimsley’s defense stopping SEG from about the 5 yard line before the half. SEG failed to score a TD and missed the field goal. It was 14-13 at the half. SEG’s defense stops Grimsley on the 1st drive after the half. SEG breaks a long run on the next series down inside the Grimsley 5 only to be called back by a penalty. There was a lot of frustration on the SEG side. Another missed opportunity tonight.

    Grimsley played a clean game. They mixed it up on offense. They looked like a well coached team according to my stepdad.

  6. SEG O line looked very strong in the first half but no so much in the second half. Grimsley pretty much had it’s way on the ground against a the SEG defense. I thought Petty came in for a few plays and had some good runs but he must not have been 100% but to be fair our star RB sat out the entire game. I think Coach Fritz would have normally sat him if SEG had a lead.

    Coach C made a classy decision late in the game. We were moving the ball very well and could have stuffed it in for a final score with a couple minutes to go but instead salted the game away with a Cole Leonard field goal. Solid win by Grimsley tonight. Not a fluke this team is getting better every week.

    Told you so on the HPC and Dudley games by the way. Major yarners when you guys should have been at the Grimsley SEG game.

  7. John – missed the game tonight. See Page pulled one out. Looking forrward to your breakdown of the match!

  8. Editor’s Note…..The best solution on one of these conflicts with the coaches is go see them in private….I don’t think they want to see someone calling them out on here and they deserve to hear from you direct if have a conflict….We will be willing to try and help any way we can, but we can’t settle the conflicts here and it should not get personal….

  9. Ragsdale game was not pretty tonight. Offense could not get going tonight. Of course the way the defense was smothering Parkland it would have gotten ugly fast on the scoreboard if the offense had clicked.

    Offense will have to play better next week if they expect to beat East Forsyth. Winner of that game will end up in first place by seasons end.

    and a personal gripe — Andy/Don – I know this is your website and you guys do a great job covering high school sports and giving us fans a place to talk about it – but you guys are killing a lot of the interaction by fans on by posting EVERY FRIDAY night all these reports on High Point U soccer and Elon volleyball and Greensboro Pride sports. The last few weekends there is been virtually zero talking about the high school games because the topics get pushed down to page two. Last year the high school football discussions would be lively all weekend.

    just my .02

  10. I just missed out on the Page-WG game….I usually get four picks from the top and then scroll down to get them in place and forget to get my pick in on the Pirates and the Hornets…..I have to start double-checking on those picks….Would have taken Page to beat WG…..Page not a bad team at all….They have been right there in most of their games….

    Grimsley is a team that is really starting to surprise us….The Whirlies have come on and they could make it three straight wins with a victory a WG next week….

    I enjoyed the Dudley-Smith game…..The Connell Young kid and Rashad Morgan were very good second half runners for their teams, with Young for Dudley and Morgan for Smith…..Smith has some promising receivers in Cozart and Lennon. plus Tyrek Able has always been good….Hard game for Smith, but the Eagles will get better…..Take a look at the Grimsley team, they have come a long way and it took some time….

    Let’s keep on supporting our coaches…..They have enough trouble to work with without having to come in here and hearing about reports….We have to support our coaches, they are the background of our programs….

    What are the top impact games for next week???

    1)Ragsdale(5-0) at East Forsyth(5-0)
    2)Eastern Alamance(5-0) at Northern Guilford(4-0)
    3)Grimsley(2-2) at Western Guilford(1-4)…..Grimsley has a chance to get to (3-2) going into the Page game….

  11. Congrats to Ragsdale on 5-0. With a 29-0 score, looks like both offense and defense did very well. I agree about the other Friday postings…Friday football seemed to take a backseat to everything today…Grasshoppers, Elon, volleyball, etc.

  12. We’ve got a program we can start running where it will send a particular post to the top and repeatedly keep it at the top for an extended period of time and that is what we are going to have to do wth the Friday Night Scoreboard……We will work on this and try and put in place for next week….Good input and work to get it better….

    We were in a fullboat tonight things should be settling down now……Thanks for following us…..

  13. Key to the SE Grimsley game was TO’s Grimsley forced 3 with 2 picks by linebacker #9 Will Edwards the last of which sealed victory. Grimsley looked really good on Offense tonight. Great game by QB Jake simpson and the entire Offensive Line. And Grimselys D shut SE out in the second half.

  14. If LM and Andy are talking about my comment I in know way am second guessing our coach’s decision. It was the right call and ended up putting the game away for us. I was just responding to Damon’s comment that SEG had more chances to score. So did we on the final drive but we chose to go for 3 instead of 7. Either would have clinched the game for us but we chose not to run up the score.

    If you are talking about Fritz putting Petty in then I also would have done the same thing if the game was on the line and he was well enough to go in.

  15. A Burlington Williams player was hurt and carried off the field on a stretcher and taken by ambulance to the hospital last night. Very scary helmet to helmet hit and it looked very serious, right after the 2nd half started. It was a long delay – as medical staff seemed to take all necessary precautions – such that both teams needed to warm up again before resuming play. I know everyone on both sides of the field was concerned, praying and hopeful that everything was ok for this young man and his family. The “football game” left everyone’s minds for a while and it was certainly a reality check as the ambulance exited the stadium. If there are any reports, please pass them along. Sometimes we all forget how dangerous this game can be – and consequently, we all hate to see anyone on any team get hurt.

  16. Andy, there are some websites that reboot and send the threads that get the most comments back to the top. This way the topics getting the most conversation stay on the first page. I realize all the other topics are important to someone and should be reported. Just doesn’t appear to be a lot of conversation on those topics. Just a thought. Thanks for having the site.

  17. Gfan,

    He’s not referring to anything you said. The comment was deleted by Admin, but he had to make reference to it so the offending party would know why their comment was delete. Also, by missed opportunity, I meant the game, not chances to score. 4 turnovers won’t get done against anyone, especially a good team that wants to win. SEG has a good enough team to win last night, but did play like. It’s a different game with Petty on the field. The kid doesn’t turn the ball over. I’m sure the Jones (?) kid would help the Grimsley lineup also. I think it would be nice to see a rematch with both him and Jones (?) on the field in the playoffs.

  18. Don Moore has us going with the high school post back up to the top….Excellent work by Don….

    Comment was on the Dudley-Smith game which I did not think was appropriate…..As Eddie Rabbit used to say, “If you’re gonna make a move you better make it now” and sometimes you have to get on in early and catch it before the fire spreads…..

    Thanks to all who leave comments with us and we apprciate your posts….

    Very big games coming up next week with:
    Ragsdale at East Forsyth
    Eastern Alamance at Northern Guilford
    Grimsley at Western Guilford….

    Big shout out to our Northern Guilford fans that we see every Friday night up at McDonalds on Westridge Road…..They are following the site and we appreciate that…

    Thanks also to Rod McCoullough(Smith AD) and to Coach Rodney Brewington for helping us get in the booth over at Smith last night….It was great to be there again and it was a SUPER crowd…Must have been close to 5,000 fans there…..Tolly Carr and Desmond Johnson from BTN, Walter Johnson from the ‘Friday Night Lights’, Jason Wolf from the N&R…Great turnout and a fun game to be around……Dennis White was on the money with his input and commentary last night too….

    Another fun football Friday….They are not always fun when you don’t when, but I do believe when you look back at it the next day, you can find something positive coming out of your Friday…..

    Only two unbeatens left now in Northern(4-0) and Ragsdale(5-0)….

  19. I had t miss the Page-Western game but I am glad to see that Page got their first win of the season. Congrats to the team and to the coaches.

  20. Gottcha Damon and Andy.

    I wonder why SEG did not keep in on the ground more. They we beating us up in the first quarter on the gound even with Petty out but then threw the first interception. I understand the second interception late in the game since they just had to get it down the field in a hurry. For sure not a passing team but I agree having Petty in would have probably openned up more options for SEG. The way he was running before the injury I’m sure the composure of the game would have been different.

    De’Shawn is a fine RB for Grimsley. I agree with you Damon it would be nice to see those teams match up again with both teams healthy. Injuries happen and it is a big part of the game.

    Jake no doubt has put this team on his shoulders. What a leader he has become. Grimsley has become a tight team and that student section has for sure made a difference. Lots of fans and lots of noise.

    Looking ahead to some good ole Western burgers next week. Hornet get that grill going….I’m comin’ back.

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