NFL Referees Lock-Out – What Should We Do?

You didn’t have to watch Monday Night football to see/hear about the “call” last night. I think I even heard about it on the piped-in music on the elevator this morning. People are UPSET is a nice way of putting it. What should we do? GreensboroSports has a new poll at the bottom left of the screen. Vote your choice.


  1. I could really see the players or the NFLPA going on strike until the real refs return. I think Gruden put it best last night when he said these guys work too hard to have it taken away like that at the end. I also heard on the radio this morning that two of the officials from last night’s game used to be PAC 12 officials, but they were so bad that they got fired.

  2. Good poll question and if they don’t so something soon, somebody is gonna get hurt bad, real bad….Part of one player’s ear has already been left laying on the field and the players say they are going to run all over these refs and take every thing to the limit cause a fine from the league don’t mean nothing to them….If they replacement refs don’t know the rules, then how can they say the players are breaking them….Tommy Young could call a better game than these guys…..Stevie Wonder too for that matter….

    The regular refs have some real bargaining power right now and the League needs to listen to them…..

  3. The Green Bay O-Line gave up 8 sacks in the first half I guess you are going to blame that on the refs also,it was a bad call but GB didn’t play well the whole game.

  4. This was the lead story on the WFMY NEWS 2 at 5pm and it was probably the same thing on all the stations…

    Craziest ending in NFL history is what they are saying and didn’t they have a real wild ending with the field goal in the Sunday Night Game….Maybe they should do like Don was saying and send Al Michaels, Chris Collingsworth, Mike Tirico, John Gruden and Ron Jaworski down to the field and let them call the game…..Some of the ESPN, FOX, CBS and NBC analysts are former NFL referees….

    Wildest ending in NFL history and that is what Frank Mickens and Tonya Rivera said…..Wonder what Cameron Kent and Fred Blackmon were saying…

  5. I have been hearing that many fans are calling for the return of Ed Houckalee and maybe we should send Wayne Butler out there…He ought to be able to do just as good as the guys that they have calling the games now….

  6. @ Bill Smith: You obviously went to bed at half time. Green Bay owned Seattle in the 2nd half until the refs blew 4 calls on the last drive.

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