Concerns growing as delays on the High Point Central gymnasium renovation continue:Bison on the road again this season?

from….(High Point Enterprise)

HIGH POINT – School officials are worried again that the $5 million renovation of the gymnasium at High Point Central High School is falling behind.

Officials say just 50 percent of the work is finished, despite the original projected Nov. 13 completion date.

KMD Construction of Salisbury has not responded to inquires with enough information to give school officials confidence that the project will be finished in time for home Bison basketball games, according to the Guilford County Board of Education.

Meanwhile, school officials are discussing alternative home basketball game plans.

“This is not fair to the school,” said school board member Darlene Garrett, who suggested that the contractor may be in breach of contract. “This is not right. They are not responding to us.”

Just falling behind on a construction schedule may not be a contract breach, said Jill Wilson, school board attorney.

“It is complicated,” she said.
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  1. Often taking the lowest bid can save money but it sometimes comes with an unexpected cost – cannot do the job and using the cheapest equipment and people that you can find. Sometimes (actually most often) you are better off taken the middle of the road contractor that has the resolves, does not cut corners, has the proper staffing and the best equipment and material to do the job. If these projects were “our” personal homes and projects for our family, then we would only select the very best when the funds are available. Why does the school system and county government continue to select subpar contractors using low end material and contractors.

  2. Why come Guilford County is having so many problems with work projects being completed???

    You got this disaster at High Point Central, you have the nowhere near to be completed McNair Elementary School and all of the other football field and gym renovations around the county….Lots of the tracks have been resurfaced and work remains undone on those too….

    Is there not one universal contractor that the County can count on???

    This is becoming a real mess that the schools in need have on their hands…..

  3. Suppliers our bidding to get the materieals for these jobs and I can assure you they are giving away their products to turn even a 2% profit. These contractors get so behind that the suppliers are forced to shut them down b/c of payments due. Therefore these contractors are not able to access their materials….There is no SUPER CONRACTOR out there…. more than likely these contractors are coming from out of town and underbidding and getting in way over their heads.

    Vegas MIke

  4. I wish they would have contacted my old pal Sammy Sandoval…..Sammy and his crew could fininsh that job in 2-3 weeks and they would head back to Suarez for the weekend and be back here again in time for the opening of the basketball season at HP Central in their newly renovated gymnasium……

    The man to call, Sammy Sandoval….Sandoval can do it all…..

  5. Based on my dealings with the purchasing group at GCS, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, nd believe this or not, they end up with so many small projects at the end of the fiscal year because they are falling all over themselves to spend money or their budgets will be cut–then all the little projects take up time that will be better spent following up o the contractors that are in way over their heads like we are seeing at HPC. The icily, county, and state all do the same thing—-It’s absolutely ridiculous!!!

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