South Davidson HS loses their football and wrestling coach:Mike Crowell of Denton has died

Good source of info on this story when you CLICK HERE for Mike Duprez with the Lexington Dispatch….According to the article, Coach Crowell graduated from Denton High School in 1978…..Coach Crowell was right at retirement age(52) for teachers/coaches, although many choose to stay on longer and continue their journey….

Have not been able to get a lot of definitive information on this story as of yet….Need more details in writing….Nothing at High Point Enterprise and Thomasville Times sites, nothing at the News and Record, nothing at, News2 has a video with Mr. Phillipi, but that does you no good in mute settings and we need some written details on the coach, his age, records at South Davidson High School, where he had been coaching for 25 years….25 years as the wrestling coach and 5 years as the head football coach….Coach Mike Crowell was a Denton High School-grad. so he must have been among the last classes to attend the old Denton High School, before the new South Davidson High School opened up out on Highway 109, just outside of Thomasville….

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the familey of Mike Crowell and to his friends and the students at South Davidson High School….

Mike Crowell, the head football coach and the wrestling coach at South Davidson High School has passed away….We will be trying to get you more details….NEWS 2 had video to open the news last night, but it was quick and the lead story….Got the best report today on Coach Crowell’s death from WXII TV 12 on-line…

CLICK HERE to go to WXII TV 12 on-line for more…..


  1. Was able to capture the Patrick Phillipi(WFMY NEWS 2) video on Coach Crowell and here it is CLICK HERE…..

    South Davidson had some pretty good wrestling teams over the years and not much on the football side, but very good wrestling…..

  2. Very solid work by Phillip Jones of WFMY NEWS 2 at 6pm with his report on Coach Crowell….The coach did a super job with that South Davidson wrestling team and Phillip Jones was at Rick’s Restaurant in Denton with LIVE comments from former friends and players and this was a very good piece of reporting by Mr. Jones….I would still like to know what years Coach Crowell coached at South Davidson and what his wrestling and football coaching records were…..Good work by NEWS 2 at 6…..

    Coach Crowell will be missed…To do what he did at South Davidson/Denton is amazing…..They won a State Championship in wrestling and Denton/South Davidson has never been known for much of anything, with the exception of women’s basketball and they have a strong history of success in that arena…..

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