Memories of Alex Karras(Former Detroit Lion gone at age 77)

I would think lots of people would have to have lots of memories of Alex Karras, the former Detroit Lion, from the NFL….


Former All-Pro Detroit Lions defensive tackle Alex Karras passed away this morning in Los Angeles at the age of 77.

Karras had been given just days to live after recently experiencing kidney failure. In recent years, Karras had been bravely battling kidney disease, heart disease, stomach cancer and dementia.

Some of the key memories of Alex Karras including his days with the Detriot Lions as one of those big NFL linemen….

Karras being a part of the book ‘Paper Lion’ by George Plimpton….Plimpton went to the Lions’ training camp back in the late 60’s and put on a uniform and did a study of the team for his book, which was later made into a movie….I think Karras made it to that movie….

Alex Karras was involved in some type of gambling controversy, that was going on with the Lions, back in the 60’s….

Alex Karras from Monday Night Football, where he served as an analyst for a period of time…

Karras from the movie ‘Blazing Saddles’, where I think he played the part of Mongo and in one scene in the movie, he tackles a horse or blocks a horse, like he was a wild cowboy or an NFL lineman….

Karras in the TV show Webster….He was like a TV sports man, or something down at the TV station, in the Webster show and he would always come home to help his adopted son, the real neat little kid with the catchy kid-voice, Webster…..Very nice man in this show with his kid and his wife and I think this one ran on ABC…..

We have quite a few memories of Alex Karras and you may have some of the same ones, or you may have some different ones and I can still him in image with his black horned-rim glasses on and he was just acting like a crazy, but non-dangerous character……

*****At times you almost want to call Alex Karras, Alex Webster, since was an Alex and he was in the Webster show, but Alex Webster was with the New York Giants…..*****

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  1. Alex Karras had a very diverse show business career and also made a little known pro-wrestling movie in the 1970s called “Mad Bull.” I’m from the generation that probably will remember him best for his role in Webster, but from all the NFL footage I’ve watched, it was clear he was also a tremendous football talent. RIP, Mr. Karras. You will be missed.

  2. I had never seen the movie, but I had always heard something about him knocking out a horse in that movie and also something about all the cowboys sitting around the campfire eating beans and going a bit crazy afterwards…..If I remember correctly, Clevon Little had a big part in that movie and for somebody that never saw it, I sure seem to remember a lot about it….Good work and a good word travels fast and deep and from all we gather, ‘Blazing Saddles’ was a great comedy movie….

    I was wondering about Alex Karras being involved in wrestling or boxing and checked the PW Torch site the the Pro Wrestling.Net sites earlier and they didn’t have anything…Good extra points and a good video clip….

  3. If they did that today with the horse, PETA would be up in arms and on the farms when they saw that scene…Good clip…..

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